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    Hi all, Trusting this finds you all safe & happy (as happy as you can be in these troubling times) Just a suggestion......check with you van insurers to see if they will offer 'lay up' cover.....as we I'm sure as hell, won't be using our vans for at least the next six months....might save you a few $'s Cheers & stay safe Tony
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    This was sent to me. I hope you take it in the vein it was intended in todays social distancing. My first thought...some people just have to much time on their hands at present. What do you call a gathering of 30 people? Four weddings and a Funeral. gathering
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    Margaret and I just want to wish all our KEDRON friends all the best as Australia (and the World), battle the Covid-19 virus. During these uncertain times, we won’t be caravanning anytime soon, we’re just going to stay around home. Might be time to clean out the shed!!!! Wherever you are, look after yourselves, and stay safe and well. Cheers from Pete.
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    Just stay safe!
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    How silly is Robert. Although the sound is annoying my main beef was that I could not get any program information (EPG). I discovered that the date was wrong, set at Jan 2010, no wonder it could not find any EPG. Made a change in settings to automatically update the time and all is now well.
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    Hi Morribm. There certainly is a disparity in the posted prices for servicing the suspension. It is related to what components need to be replaced, rather that just having the wheel bearing greased and a general inspection. Late 2019 we had the suspension serviced on our ATV for two. Having done the Plenty Highway, the Tanami and the Gibb River Road in 2018, and the Cape in 2019, the suspension really needed a service. In addition to greasing etc, 2 bushes were replaced, all the brake pads, and the magnets, plus a wheel alignment. The cost of the service, including parts, labour etc, was about over $3000. In early 2018 we had the suspension serviced before we did our long trip, only $440 as Havago has stated. As with anything mechanical, servicing costs depend on what needs to be done and the time it takes. Cheers from Pete.
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    Just not sure how much longer they will allow us free movement so finding a place to stay and work out from there until things are more clearer
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    Hi Robert, That is called a senior moment.....happy to hear your sorted! Travel safe....there are idiots out there (in NO way referencing to you.....lol) Tony
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    I have used this recipe for years! It was first made for me by my now departed sister in law. It is simple and delicious. Thanks for sharing it!
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    thankyou for the recipe
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    Our 11 year old van has done some serious off-road work. Who knows if it is comparable with what others have done, but it includes the Oodnadatta Track 10 times, the full Savannah Way, the Strzelecki eight times, the Gary Junction Road twice, the Plenty from QLd to WA twice, the Flinders numerous times, the Gibb River Road etc. I once estimated it had done a conservative 100,000 kms of corrugations...and has held up beautifully. Except for the four springs which went after the last Plenty Crossing, and Val had to replace them one by one 😁 But we now have a new suspension which will last us out I reckon. Val services the bearings himself as he doesn’t fully trust others to do it properly. And I would hate to suggest ATV42 doesn’t look after his van meticulously. That bloke is obsessive about looking after his van!
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    I believe NRMA Insurance have this “lay up” option. My sister had it on their van but said it was a bit painful as they had to notify them every time they decided to use the van. This current period of insurance they opted to have it fully covered again.
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    I'd be considering doing a couple more laps of that beautiful island....there'd have to be many places you haven't been! I reckon there would be worse places to be stuck! Stay safe
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    Welcome to the group. Hoping when all this COVID-19 business is over, we will all be back out in our vans. Keep watching the gathering section, I’m sure there will be some posted for the future, and hopefully you maybe able to attend. Good luck.
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    Hi all, Rob and Kaz here, new members who hope to pick their XC5 20.6 up in July. with so many add on options could we please get some advise on disc brakes,rhino coating and anything else you think is worth or not worth getting. We live Melbourne and hope to meet many of you when we start our travels. stay safe, Rob and Kaz.
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    Our trip to Tassie has had a strange twist. We have been here since Early November and were to go home Early May. Now that the boarders are locked we can't go to Qld or WA as we are considered non essential travel and would require 14 day isolation in at least NSW and QLD or SA and WA (not Vic yet I don't think). Some states do not consider isolation in your caravan good enough. Possibly because you would be in a caravan park or free camp where people are to close not sure. This is just how at stands as at 12 noon today. At this point we are leaving our options open and have left the sailing date stand in case things change for the better!!! Hope everyone stays well and we shall see how this pans out
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    Hi John. As far as layup cover is concerned, I really don’t know. I might look into the situation in the coming weeks. Cheers from Pete.
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    Hi Pete As a matter of interest is your van insured by an insurer that offers layup cover at a reduced rate from standard road use cover for extended periods? Cheers John
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    Any recommendations for a 12 volt TV? In Mid-2015 we purchased a Teac (LEV24A1FHD) TV and have never been happy with it. Can’t get any program information, and the sound is terrible. Time to change.
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    Hi, I have been using Kogan for a while now, whilst not really top shelf quality they work well and the sound is acceptable considering the small speakers. Very limited range in 12 volt TV's (regardless of who's name is stuck on the case) https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-24-led-tv-series-5-dh5000/ https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-24-smart-led-tv-series-7-eh7500/ https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-24-led-tv-dvd-combo-series-6-eh6000/ ***this is the one I have*** Cheers & good viewing Travel safe. Tony
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    OK so I have found a supposed fix from another forum which I am probably going to try it includes nicking out the rubber seal in 2 places per door to line up with the door drain holes on the bottom edge attached are the photos the writer provided
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    If you mean the very front boots (where the batteries are kept) we are also experiencing this problem after all the rain. We presume that because they lean that the channels get full and overflow into this area. Just pulled out 3 very soggy towels. Anyone come up with a solution we are all ears???
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    Hi i seem to be getting water into my front storage locker / boot through the locks on my 2014 XC3. Has anyone had any experience on how to fix this problem ? thank you
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    Hi Chris Yes, I am obsessive about looking after our ATV for two. This is our second KEDRON, having done over 250,000 km since 2003. Before we head off on a major trip through a remote area (once a year), we have the suspension serviced. My background of 38 years as an aircraft engineer in the aviation industry, is that ‘near enough is not good enough’. Factory standard or better is what I want to achieve, and I’m prepared to pay for it. In the long term, I believe that preventative maintenance is cheaper in the long run. Imagine the cost of having a serious suspension problem in the middle of nowhere. There is no simple answer to this question. It’s really up to what each KEDRON owner wants. We are all individuals and our needs differ in what we want to achieve. No more comments from me on this subject. It’s a never ending conundrum. Cheers from Pete.
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    Thanks for the clarification Pete. I realise some suspensions will need more done than others but I guess the question I was asking is given that we have done pretty much the same amount of off-road travel, why is it that some suspensions appear to have need of more being done to them than others? I also suspect there isn't a single answer to the question and perhaps the best answer would be "because they just do!" 😊 Cheers Brian
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