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    As we live in SA, where are (theoretically) no COVID-19 cases, we are free to travel intrastate. So we headed first to the Flinders a few weeks ago. And then we travelled to the Gawler Ranges NP. We came out from the park earlier today. What spectacular country! I didn’t imagine it could be so special. Gorgeous goldS and reds In the Ranges, and interesting foliage. We had the best camp site in the best campground in the whole park, I think. We camped at Yandinga campground. It can accommodate up to 9 camp groups, according to the booking website. The sites are large and well separated. Ours could take two or three vans if in a group. The only facilities are a drop toilet and fireplace at most sites. Given there were freezing nights, a fire was nice for cooking or sitting around. When we got up yesterday, the Weber BBQ was covered in ice. But days were sunny and warm. Perfect. The road out there was fine, although that changes on a regular basis, depending on when last graded. The short track into Yandinga was very corrugated. There is so much to see and do in the park that we didn’t get to see or do it all. Another trip! We left this morning as previous weather reports said rain was due in a day’s time. Now of course, that has changed and rain is not due at all. Sigh. Anyway, here are several photos.
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    Christmas has come early 3 new lithium batteries landed on my front door Itechword 120x looking to put them to the test
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    We are camped at the Wudinna Showgrounds prior to heading into the Gawler Ranges on Monday (after the long weekenders have all gone home), the Showgrounds are quite lovely, and very quiet. Apart from a late arrival, another caravan, we are the only ones here. $15 for power and water. And a magic meal at the local hotel.
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    Hi Ken, if you decide on an inverter, a 300 watt pure sine wave inverter would be needed for the MacBook Pro. I don’t think a modified sine wave inverter will charge the MacBook. cheers, Peter
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    Getting ready for lithium batteries in my Kedron 2013 AV2 3x300 solar Panels on the roof 60W Morningstar controller MPPT 60amp Enerdrive battery charger DC2DC Enerdrive 40+ charger all wired in 35mm cable Thanks to Tony’s great advice 35mm Cable is the go 1000W Redarc inverter as well so I think I am ready to go lithium batteries soon just need to convince the wife cheers Rod
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    Hi Has anyone had and experience with remote purpleline Caravan Movers? Cheers Bryan
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    Hi all- the awning is beginning to leak at the stitching where it meets the caravan sail track. Has anybody resealed this area successfully and what have they used? cheers
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    Greetings one & all, Wow, what a crazy start to this year, it has been. Fires, COVID-19 & other silly stuff going on around most of the world. Planning is underway for this years Christmas Gathering & AGM. It will be held again at the popular Kilkivan Bush & Caravan Park! Dates to put in your diary are 2nd - 8th November 2020. Presentations from informative & caravan related speakers are being secured & locked into a full on fun programme. At this stage there isn't a 'theme' for this years gathering......who would like to suggest a theme? Do you have any suggestions on speakers or demonstrations you would like to see or hear about at this years gathering?? I have (some) speakers secured already......but have a couple of spots to fill.....I need suggestions please!!! This is your gathering make it fun & informative, for yourself & every other Kedron owner! Registrations & programme details will be announced mid July. Last year we had 54 vans in attendance, NO reason we cant have MORE this year. Lock in those dates 2nd - 8th November 2020. Cheers & travel safe Tony. PS. Remember there are no strangers in the 'Kedron' family....only friends you haven't met yet!
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    c/w brackets to mount on the Kedron rear bars Suit 12 foot boat. Galvanised and assembles in minutes. Paid $1226 Sell $950 Excellant condition Tony 04399736141
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    Hi all, Can you help me check the best way to charge, while bush camping with no power, my Ipad Pro (USB C) and my MacBook Pro. I have a 120Ah AGM deep cycle battery. I have 2 cigarette lighter type ports in van. So I am considering with 12v connector with USB, and also maybe a 240v inverter with PPT plugs. Thanks. Ken.
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    As intrastate travel is now allowed within South Australia, we have already done one trip (to the Flinders Ranges) and are now ready to again go to another nice SA national park campground. Well, we hope its nice, as we have never been there before... The trouble is, we have to book and pay before going, and there is no phone reception up there. The Gawler ranges are in the Northern area of the Eyre Peninsula, near Wudinna. First we are going to the little town of Laura, where the Golden North ice cream is made (no that is NOT why we are going there). We want to see a few things around there, and although a caravan park is usually anathema to me, apparently this one is lovely. If anyone else is meandering around out that way, and see us, yell out. We are the greeny coloured van and golden LC. This is us on a previous trip (on the Strzelecki Track).
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    Thanks for this advice Tolley. (You all understand this further advice comes from Val...I am a technical twit). Val says he does a full lube and check of all the nuts and bolts in the suspension and adjusts the brakes. Then about every 10,000 kms he does a lube job (greasing things) and again checks tightness in all the bolts. He does regular checks of hoses and connections under and around the van. It is valuable to discuss these issues, especially for newer members and van owners who may not realise what is needed or how often.
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    I am with Tony on the size of the inverter. The beauty of lithium is the ability to use an electric kettle or coffee machine etc. A 1000watt inverter will be very limiting. I love being able to use the electric items while off grid, all powered free by the sun.
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    All good and thanks for the good advice on the cable size I was very low cash 💰 so a new 2600W inverter was out of the picture I had the 1000W Redarc in the shed from my old van when I go lithium batteries I am thinking of 3x120 itech world batteries have you got any info on them good or bad cheers rod
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    Looks like a very neat installation Rod, good to see those ‘fat’ cables! Going to lithium are you planning on fitting a bigger inverter? With a 1000w unit you will only be able to use a VERY small toaster or VERY small electric jug & NOT together! But then you may only want to run a CPAP machine which that inverter will do with ease. Sorry to rain on your parade. Cheers Tony
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