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    Hi Tony Linda and myself (Steve) Edwards Would like to register for the upcoming KOG at kilkivan arriving 6th out on 10 th Also book in for the dinner for two looking forward to meeting you all. Will ring Bush camp now to book site Regards Steve & Linda Edwards
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    I would like to thank Tony, and the committee members for a great weekend. I have no doubt it took a huge amount of planning, but the result was certainly worth it. It was fantastic to see the large turn out from the members. What a fantastic location and wonderful owners, who made it their mission to please everyone. Well done guys and thank you Steve & Kez
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    Our most sincere thanks go out to President Tony and his band of Helpers for organising such a great program of events over the six days of the KOG Christmas Gathering and AGM - quality presenters with lots of valuable info for us all. Also, thanks for the openness of new acquaintances in the Group - it’s refreshing to find people from such diverse backgrounds so open, friendly and helpful to each other. Travel safely 😻🐾
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    Are you going for a Guinness book of records or something with the number of people attending this gathering. Still jealous and hope to make it next year.
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    Thank you all for your kind words, yes it took a lot of organisation, but hey I believe it all came together OK and everyone had a great informative experience. Seeing as no one put their hand up for ‘my job’, I’m happy to do it again. Planning has already started for next years gathering, it will be back again at Kilkivan Bush Camp & Caravan Park. Proposed dates 2nd - 8th November 2020 please make a note of these dates in your diary! More news, about this gathering March/April 2020. Wishing all members the safest and happiest Christmas period. Travel safe, Tony & Annie H.
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    Sandra and Clive, thank you for encouraging us to be part of this wonderful group of people. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Kilkivan and are looking forward to the gathering at Kenilworth. Travel safely 💕😻🐾
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    Could not agree more with Steve and Kez. What a great event! Tony and exec crew and some new exec members need a big thank you for the event that was a great experience for all that were there. Also to the Amazing Monckton Family, Ralph, Antonija, Alicia, Isabelle, Jesse, Charlotte, Heath, Sophia, Luca, Felicity and Tiffany What an amazing family that live at and run this exceptional camp area! The Saturday night xmas dinner was great. How the Monckton's organised the appearance of a Koala just behind our outside dining area and supplying a great feast is beyond me. Tony and the Moncktons, Very well done. P.S. A huge welcome to the new members that joined at this great event. Cheers from the Kyd's
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    Just had some excellent service from two companies in Perth , both at the caravan park so mobile. 1: Terrsat Pty Ltd ( Mile) repaired our Auto sat which was not behaving as it should have, basically some worn parts after 10 years and serviced the motor like new now . 2 Nexus 1 Caravan Plumbing and gas (Steve ) repaired and serviced the Suburban Hot Water system . I can recommend both guys, both professionals in there field AND arrived at the caravan park on time . No connection to either just recommend them John
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    Hi All Has there been a gathering for keddie owners the southern states?, if so when is the the next one I'd be keen to arrange a gathering in central Victoria or on the fluerieu in South Australia Suggest a date of the 9th of March, being Adelaide cup could just do the weekend Ideas of cheese and wine and share your experiences We are a family of 4 with 2 young boys We are #Laketouringaustralia.com I'll put it up on facebook and see how we go Regards Anthony
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    Hi Anthony, In recent times the most ‘southern’ gatherings have been held in the NSW Shoalhaven area (Bendeela). Members Noel & Bev Everingham have been leading this gathering for a few years now and doing a great job. Unfortunately I can’t recall in recent history a gathering being held any further south on the eastern or central part of the mainland. WA members Karen & Paul Slater did hold a gathering in country WA earlier this year. To hold a Kedron Owners Group gathering, you have to be a 'financial member of the group’ ....to hold the gathering under the KOG ‘banner’. Doing this entitles you to Public Liability cover. We would welcome you to the group, subject to very modest requirements (Kedron Caravan ownership) then you could hold a gathering in your desired area, it could be promoted on the Trips & Gatherings page of this website. Whilst we, KOG are trying to increase our following and membership, we acknowledge the presence of the Facebook page ‘Kedron Caravan Owners’ (KCO). Kedron Owners Group (KOG) & the Kedron Caravan Owners (KCO) have NO direct affiliation in ANY way other than we do have the common goal of the promotion of the Kedron Caravans product. I do believe that KOG & KCO have a healthy working relationship, whilst remaining two very separate groups. I am currently organising the upcoming KOG, AGM & Christmas Gathering to be held at Kilkivan 6 - 10 November. With the relationship KOG has with KCO, I have been able to promote this gathering to non KOG members on the Facebook KCO page, which has been successful. Anthony, not knowing where you reside, I’m assuming you are in SA or Vic? this definitely does not stop you applying for membership to KOG, then you could/can hold gatherings (under the KOG banner) anywhere you wish to and having the ‘security’ of Public Liability Insurance. I appreciate and understand that you may be geographically hampered to attend gatherings which.....yes, unfortunately are mainly held in the eastern states. BUT, I welcome your enthusiasm with your enquiry! Hopefully you will join KOG and be an active member, holding gatherings in your geographic area. Looking forward to meeting you on the road one day or at a KOG gathering! Our Vice President, Chris Martins lives in the Barossa area, Im very confident see will see this post and make contact with you! Travel safe, Tony H President KOG
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    Every now and then you find a nice camp. This one has loads of space and great views but absolutely no facilities. Right now we are camped here with only one other van, a motorhome. (I am told it gets busy on public holidays and long weekends...). Based on the shores of Lake Alexandrina, there is a lot of birdlife to see, and fisherpeople seem to come out ea day to try their luck. I think the only fish are carp. the nearest town is Milang, about 40 kms, or Goolwa which is the same distance. Anyway, you can see it is lovely.
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    Photos of the 2019 KOG Gathering Who says a President can’t eat and talk at the same time?
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    We would like to thank everyone who attended to help make this a great time. Looking forward to next year.. Cheers, Sandra and Clive
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    We will be attending Christmas gathering. Have bookd in with kilkivan Bush camp from the 6th to the 10th and for dinner. Looking forward to meeting all. Mark & June Rowlands.
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    Hi Katrina, Welcome to KOG. I'm sure you will find lots of info on these pages, any questions don't hesitate to ask! Cheers Tony
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    Hello Anthony, It would be great to see a gathering down south. If it happens, please let us know early, give us plenty of time to plan the journey. I know that some are heading south next year to see the silo art. Good luck. Cheers, Sandra and Clive
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    Hi Jodie & Matthew, Very reluctantly withdrawing your names from the list of attendees @ Kilkivan. We can fully understand the plight you are in, and the stresses you must be going through, if only it was as simple as doing a rain dance. Stay strong, stay safe & may rain fall soon & steadily! Wishing you and your family all the best for Christmas 🎄 Tony H
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    I will be in touch with Tony separately. Coincidentally, I had been about to make a separate suggestion on this forum about such a gathering. The last time I asked (a few years ago now, admittedly) there was no interest. But I personally know four other Kedrons all near where I live in SA. It would be great to arrange a get together. Chris Vice President KOG and Moderator
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    Hey Brian ..... have you recovered your van yet? Sorry you missed a great gathering at Kilkivan but hope to see you next year, probably with a “brand new Kedron”. Cheers ..... Richard & Liz
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    Hello fellow kedronites. Glad you all enjoyed the AGM and Gathering at Kilkivan. Looking for photos for the banner. Vans, people, dinner etc Thanks
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    Can only add our congratulations to President Tony and his team for a great gathering at Kilkivan. Appreciate the work behind the scenes to make it all happen! Good to see such a big turnout of owners and once again a big thank you to Ralph and his team for making us so welcome!
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    Hi Tony, Hope you are travelling well. Have marked the calendar for next year’s gathering. Melbourne cup is on the Tuesday so another party perhaps!!! Should be fun. cheers, Sandra
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    Penciled it in already, not missing out again when we will be over on the East Coast this time
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    We ARE interested! When you have time, whack it into a suitably padded box and mail it to us. I will PM you our email and contact details. This is very good timing.🤗
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    Ha, you are right Tony, it is a first world problem for sure. And we will easily survive the loss of TV for a week. Mind you, where we are has ABC and that’s our go to channel anyway. Not sure about Penola, our next destination but I am sure it will be fine too.
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    LOL 1st world problems. I believe Altech is a brand to stay away from....no first hand knowledge but hear say. https://www.ebay.com.au/i/264463358807?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-139619-5960-0&mkcid=2&itemid=264463358807&targetid=468509324789&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1000383&poi=&campaignid=6472417655&mkgroupid=79014238073&rlsatarget=aud-692203741102:pla-468509324789&abcId=1141716&merchantid=119070265&gclid=CjwKCAjw9L_tBRBXEiwAOWVVCQl8ohTXgdyF9xNYkCzq8oH6Ze9aIFQtXPakH4sPQm95BzoiebbHXBoCaq8QAvD_BwE Shop around you should get one for around $260
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    Hi Katrina, While it is a long wait, it does start to get very exciting when the time is close. We’re now counting down the final weeks. Our pickup should be on December 10. What configuration did you order?
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    Hi Gayle, Your on the list now.....looking forward to meeting you both! Cheers & travel safe, Tony.
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    Exciting! We still have a long wait ahead, but enjoying hearing about others adventures.
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    Hi Tony We are attending, Darryl and Gayle Barns, arriving Wednesday and leaving Sunday. We have contacted Kilkiven Park and paid deposit but our names are not yet showing on the list. Is there any other registation forms to complete. Cheers Gayle Barns
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    oh we can organise something later on as well! Except we will be heading North I nearly May....
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    Hi Tony, I registered a month or two ago with yourself & booked our site, however, due to the ongoing drought, feeding stock & lack of staff to cover us, unfortunately we will have to pull out of the Christmas party. I have notified Kilkivan. Hopefully we will see you all either on the road or at next year’s Christmas gathering! Regards, Jodie & Matthew Fauchon
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    we will be heading for SA but not until May which is probably not really a good time but just so you know. In tassie from nov to May
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    Hi and welcome Brian & Raelene, The more the merrier. I will add your names to the attendees list shortly, all I ask is that you contact Kilkivan Bush Camp & advise of your dietary requirements. Looking forward to meeting you both. Cheers & travel safe Tony
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    Our new van is well under way. After such a long wait, it's hard to believe that it's finally happening.
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    So sad. After quite a few years of solid service the sat TV set top box is broken. Sob. We are in Kingston SE, on the SA Limestone Coast and no one has a new one here (it’s a small town). So for this week’s trip we will have to either access whatever can be seen on local reception or do without. Ah well, we are only away for a week....
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