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    Generally, three way fridges are not more efficient in the tropics and high heat. There will be differing opinions on this but over the years I have seen too many informed comments from people on the topic indicating there to be a problem with the three way fridges - even the tropical rated fridges. Kedron will have made the decision to stick with the 12volt fridges for a reason.
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    New Bull On The Farm:I recently spent $2500 on a young Black Angus bull. I put him out with theherd but he just ate grass and wouldn't even look at a cow. I was beginning to suspect he was gay, if that's possible with a bull. Anyhow, I had the vet come have a look at him. He said the bull was very healthy, but possibly a little young, so he gave me some pills to feed him once per day.Holy Cr*p. The bull started to service the cows within two days. All of mycows! He even broke through the fence and bred all my neighbor's cows! He'sbeen breeding just about everything in sight. He's like a machine!"I don't know what the heck was in the pills the vet gave him, but theytaste kinda like peppermint.
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    I would not be concerned about a warranty expiring as the Kedron factory is exceedingly helpful regardless of the age of a van. Someone recently reported of buying a second hand 10 year old Kedron and it needed a problem to be addressed. The factory said they were more than willing to fix the issue; unfortunately the owner lived 1000kms or so away from the factory and was not too happy to drive that far. But we once lived in Darwin when our van had an issue and Kedron had a local repairer who was able to do the work at Kedron's expense. You will find the Galls to be very helpful, but of course you need to approach them in a friendly and agreeable manner, as I have no doubt you will.
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    Hi all Tried the purple and deoxidiser-magic!Thanks for the tip. John and Lynne
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    Hi Karen & Paul, Great to hear.....you know I wouldn’t give you a ‘bum’ steer!👍
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    Hi Paul and Belinda Given the option, I would go for the biggest system, ie the 400 amp system, you can afford. The reason we didn't go with EV Power is the distance from Brisbane. There is no use spending big money on a system that 'might do' compared to a lithium battery system what 'will do'. Considering your family of six, go for system more than what your current needs are (children grow and does their screen time) and what you can afford. I feel that if you go with a 300 amp system system, and with a family of 6, you maybe at the limits of the system, and that would defeat the object of want you want to achieve. The simple fact is, the more power you have, the more you use, and with a family of 6 you would more than the two of us. The Enerdrive people do put out a good system, that is why Kedron are using it. Why not contact Springers Solar at Capalaba for a quote, Cheers Peter
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    Hi Everyone. Thanks very much for your informative replies. To give you a little more information on our circumstances, we are a family of six, We only go to caravan parks when we have too and love free camping. Unfortunately it is a constant struggle with keeping our power up. My wife and I have discussed upgrading to Lithium. I know a bloke is not suppose to stress over the lack of power. But on numerous occasions we have just about walked away due to our frustration and disappointment. Well I bit the bullet and been given a quote from EV Power in WA for 400ah which I thought was reasonable. But my wife Belinda would like me to investigate into the Enerdrive system which is only 300ah. Living on the Gold Coast, Enerdrive are only up the road if anything goes wrong. I would love to talk to Terry but sadly we won't be going down to SA in the near future. Kindest Regards Paul and Belinda
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    Hi there Paul We recently replaced our 5 year old AGM batteries in our ATV for two. I am writing this so you can compare lithium battery systems so that when the time comes you make an informed decision that suits your needs. We replaced our 3 AGM 120 watt batteries with 4 Victron 90 watt lithium batteries. We also replaced the original Kedron installed AC battery charger with a Enerdrive 60 watt charger suited for lithium batteries. We also replaced the original 25 amp Redarc DC to DC charger with a Victron buck boost 50 amp DC to DC charger. Plus some other components to link the whole thing together to form a 'system'. We kept the original roof mounted solar system (130 watt panels x 4, plus a 80 watt panel). Out of $10 grand, I had just enough change to buy a burger and coffee at Maccas!!!!!!!!!! Our usage I similar to what Chris has said. We opt for unpowered sites, and use our 1800 watt Zantrex pure sine wave inverter to supply 240 volt throughout the van. We use the toaster, electric jug etc. one night we even used our electric blankets all night. However, we do monitor our battery status daily or several times a day. The 50 amp DC to DC charger is the key to success because it charges the batteries with a quick regulated charge. And with 600 watts of solar, we never seem to run out of power. We used Springer Solar here in Brisbane to do the work, and are very happy with the work they did. From what I see on different forums and from comments others have made, Terry at T1 has a very good reputation. Paul, whatever lithium battery system you choose, if it has the capacity you need and has a bit in reserve, caravanning is so much easier. Good luck Peter
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    As John and Jo have commented, the price will depend on what you currently have in place. Terry was able to set the system up with our current charger and Inverter, as well as some other minor items. It took a few days but he would not have been working on it all the time....I think he rests a bit between bouts of work! This is not cheap, you understand. You will probably be looking at over $7000, depending on the size of system. BUT you save money by having this system installed. For example: We don’t elect to use powered sites at parks very often, choosing cheaper non-powered. We can freecamp indefinitely if we choose, topping up water in various ways away from caravan parks We use less gas as we are using the electric kettle, toaster and coffee machine rather than the gas cooktop. One 9kg gas bottle last about five months. We only stay at a caravan park if we are sightseeing for a few days or visiting nearby friends. I much prefer the freedom of a spot on a river or up a gorge somewhere than crammed into caravan parks.
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    Our experience is with Enerdrive batteries so I hope the following advice is relevant. We have a 520ah set up, installed here in SA by T1Lithium, a national 'guru' of Lithium. It is nothing short of a miracle. Previously we had an array of 4 x 120ah AGM batteries, and our solar is 4 x 120 watts on top of the van, a 100watt portable panel and two x 100 ahs on the roof of the car. The car panels run the Engel in the car through a dedicated AGM battery. You can opt for a 'drop in' system or a system such as ours which has the capability of being tweaked if a cell dies or any other problem occurs. The drop in system will not allow for any tweaking by a novice. Well, that is my limited understanding of the situation. The advantage of lithium is that it re-charges much more efficiently than AGMs and can be discharged toa much lower level. Ours is set to discharge to no more than 15% of the total capacity. If we took so much out of the batteries that only 15% remained, the system cuts itself off to prevent any damage to the batteries. The other advantage is the weight saving. We saved 70kgs of weight. Feel free to ask further questions. Chris
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    Hi 'Kev' You say you put this in your vehicle.....I presume you mean van ??? You say you purchased this unit second hand....is it faulty? My van is a 2007 ATV and Im on my third charger, 1st Centaur 2nd Zantrax (both were 40 amp) I have just upgraded to a 60amp Enerdrive....it is FANTASTIC!!! So quiet, compared to the original two.....the originals were that noisey I would turn the power OFF (at the circuit breaker) at night as the charger was only inches away from my head making it hard to sleep. My understanding with fan operation is, the higher the load, the more heat is created, and fans will come on. Ambient temp of 4 degrees.....would have some bearing on fan op, buit I suspect original owner of your 'new' charger gave it the flick because it was annoying him also. I would suggest a trip to a competent solar electrician. Sorry I cant be of more help.....please let us know how you get on! Cheers Tony H.
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    Hi Maureen & Brian, I also would like to echo Chris's comments above, it is disappointing that you have experienced 'failures/shortcomings' with your new Kedron van. I honestly believe you will find that Kedron will sort out your concerns , promptly and with a smile....albeit you probablyay have a frown on your face now......soon it will be smile....yes it would have been better to have a smile from day one. Looking forward to meet you at a gathering or somewhere on the road in this beautiful country. Regards Tony H PS......PM sent
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    We had similar problems with our RPD215. It just wouldn't perform and was chewing up too much power. We bit the bullet and replaced it with the RPD-218 which is a way better design. Many thanks Nev for the advice on getting the changeover done hassle free. cheers Stu
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    I had same problem and I would turn the fridge off for 30 seconds every month, this worked until 5 days ago , woke up in morning and 14c . We had problems from the start , fridge whisper twice . He tells us working fine , yes it works for about a month. I believe this RPD 215 are not made to use continuously . I know of other vans with same problem . Best fix take it to the dump where they should all be and buy a RPD218 which is made for our climate. All you need to do is cut the opening 20mm higher. Nev
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    I have refrained from being negative towards Kedron but at this stage I have to agree with the quotes above. In November last year we collected our Compact from Brendale and we have had continual problems since. Pump broken down ,it has been replaced,Fridge replaced,Lamanite peeling off cupboard surrounds,has now all been reglued by Kedron. external connection for TV not even fitted.Hole there but no connection. I could keep going.especially they last one we are trying to solve at this time. My concern is that the warranty expires soon and where will we stand after that?