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    I will seek and find you. I shall take you to bed, and have my way with you. I will make you ache, shake and sweat until you moan and groan. I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop. I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you. And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days. All my love, The Flu P.S. Now, stop thinking about sex, all you senior citizens, and go get your flu shot!
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    In Product information and services I have just pined the national register we started. If anyone has someone to add please do so. Remember these are not people Kedron directly endorses just people Kedron Owners Group member have found reliable.
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    Very pretty ,don’t you think! The hitch is a D 045 and the tow bar is 4.5 tonnes. The shackles are are so big they have trouble fitting into the 20mm hole of the tow bar. I reckon we could pull a Sherman out of a bog. (probably even if it had one track missing). One thing for sure the Ford & the Kedron will never part no matter what(unless I choose of course).
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    Our “ new” 2005 Ford F 250 coupled with our re calibrated 4 tonne TE at Eyres Rock. Ford now fully converted to Qld rego and Kedron has had it’s first “ Certificate of inspection” in Cairns. In the front battery hatch we have THREE vin plates.... BLACK. original rego Qld.....SILVER. after GTM upgrade in Perth......BLUE. when we come back home to Gordonvale from. Qld Transport so they can take ultimate control of the operation. Very ,very sorry to see our 100series Landcruiser go. Must admit the F Truck is probably more capable at towing the heavy Kedron on & off the road but back in suberbia it’s a different kettle of fish. Moving and parking around the city must be planned beforehand and there are numerous no go areas . A..n..y..w..a..y all for the best.
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    In the morning, hopefully bright and early, we launch onto our latest trip. This time we plan to be away from home about five months, and we are including Tasmania for four months of that time. We will take nearly a week to travel from home in the Barossa Valley (SA) and reach Melbourne. Then we go over to Devonport on the ferry on 21 March. Although we have been to Tasmania before, we have never taken the van. It is a bit scary to consider getting the van down to that wharf but I am sure we will manage it OK. If any of you see us, please say hello!
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    When we ordered our van there was an option for a bamboo mattress which we have opted for. But wont know how it is until July
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    Hi there Geoff & Joy. We went for the Oyster system on our current and previous Kedrons. Never had any problems anywhere in Australia. When we stop for the night, the 1st thing I do is to put the dish up and get a picture. That way we ensure the dish has a clear view of the satellite and no trees etc are in the way. A few times we've had to move a few metres one way or the other. Cheers Peter
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    Hi all, being based in Vic it is a little hard to get to Kedron for servicing. I have just brought a 4 year old Van. Can anyone recommend a company in Vic for servicing that they are happy with. Thanks Paulg
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    State :NSW City / town :Terrey Hills (Sydney North shore) Business / Contact name :RVgo Address : 26-30 Tepko Road Terrey Hills NSW 2084 Ph: 02 9986 2952 Web site: http://rvgo.com.au/ Type of work : General maintenance Comments :Usuallty booked a couple of months ahead but appear honest and was happy with their work. Kedron was happy to liaise with them.
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    Just a better pic beside the Rock.
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    Kedron ATV 17 foot Ext, 2001 Poptop, ORIGINAL OWNERS (Non smokers) Never been Offroad Always shedded when not in use MINT CONDITION (This van has had very little use for its Age) Fully Galv chassis Aluminium frame Hyland Offroad Hitch Registered to September 2018 Tare 1500 kg ATM 1800 kg. Height 2400mm with top down. Van length 5200mm, Total Length 7m. Gas stove, Grill, Oven Gas hotwater Outside Shower (with shower tent) Double Island bed, innerspring mattress with memory foam Topper. Dining & Lounge seating have had covers since new, both can be seen in photos Air conditioner (Split system) Microwave LCD TV DVD Radio CD Player 103 litre 3way Fridge (Gas, 240 volt,12 volt) 3 x 60 litre water tanks (2 x Shower, 1 x Drinking water) 12 volt Power 110 amp AGM Battery, 1x 80 watt portable solar panel inc, DC to DC Charger, 7 amp CTek Charger Rear camera PortaPotti (Never used) 2 x 9 kg Gas Bottles 12 volt water pump Shade screen (privacy screen) on Offside 2 x Pole carriers 1 x 6 in, 1x 4 in Roll out Awning with Full canvas annexe walls (used once) New vinyl & Roll replaced last 2 years New GT Radial Adventuro AT2 tyres, 16 inch Landcruiser 6 stud wheels, 2 Spares, All (235/85 /R16) LT Rated Andersen plug connection to Car Front Mesh stone guard with mud flaps Rear mounted clothes line Hayman Reese WDH Hitch RWC & Gas Cert available Located @ Eungella, QLD. (Inland from Mackay.) $25,500 ono. Contact John 0749584577, Mob 0407763088 leave message as our mobile reception is ordinary.
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    Far too clean for the back door. Looks more like highway mode. AYERS rock.... Cheers Merv
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    Hi Chris and Val, Getting on and off the SOT is so easy, wishing you a smooth uneventful crossing! Check the SOT website re quarantine requirements and all will be good. Im still conducting cream bun research....for you, nothing really positive to tell you yet! Travel safe.....looking forward to finally putting a face to a name and voice.
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    Hi all We have just gone through the second set of Wranglers 265 75R16 made in all places, Indonesia, and both sets have worn out rapidly. There is no way known that I would fit them again. I spoke to Ashley about them late last year and he amazed that they were not the USA made ones. We are just about to fit a set of the new Falken AT3W Wildpeaks @$220.00 ea which makes them a great price and all the reviews have come in very positive. Cheers Merv
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    The Guys at Kedron will fix your problems. They always do. One of the reasons we ordered our second van from them was their commitment to their customers.
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    Apparently all I need now is to learn how to spell & get my new vehicle covered in dirt to be a true Kredoner . Then ,again , Queenslanders can be a bit different sometimes. Thought this attitude only happened on the Bushtracker site.😡