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    We are currently in Melbourne, and I would like to sing the praises of a company here that I have had indirect and direct contact with, BTA Towing Equipment @ Knoxfield. Approx 18 months ago I started doing research on the Air Safe Hitch to put on the back of my GMC/Chev. During my research I had communication with a Daryl at BTA and also another supplier of the same product in the Caboolture area, I supplied all the vehicle/van details along with informing them of my choice of coupling (McHitch Auto Glide) and both parties came up the the same conclusion as I had, that I should consider the Class 6 Air Hitch. Pricing was discussed and both companies offered similar pricing, due to geographical positioning I decided to purchase a Class 6 Hitch from the company at Caboolture. (I should state that this crowd are resellers of the Air Safe and BTA are the importers) I had no problem with supply from the Caboolture company, the hitch arrived on time and all was good, quoted price was the charged price and the tongue supplied was ‘suitable/adequate’ for for the job intended. Several weeks later, I used the hitch for the first time, a three hundred k blacktop trip from Maryborough to Cecil Plains (for the KOG, AGM) try and imagine my dismay when I got out of the vehicle at Cecil Plains to find the tongue and coupling bent at a rather peculiar angle. I was able to unhitch safely with no dramas, I tried to contact the supplier to inform them of my woes (of course it was a Friday afternoon just before 5pm) and they didn’t answer the phone. With the assistance of locals I managed to contact a metal worker/fabricator at Millmerran who would have a look at the ‘bent tongue’ the next morning. Arriving at Millmerran the next morning, the tongue was repaired and suitably strengthened and a lot stronger than the original supplied unit. The tongue was refitted to the hitch and we returned back home to Maryborough without incident. I contacted the crowd in Caboolture, supplied them with photos and a copy of the receipt for the repairs at Millmerran, after that I contacted Daryl at BTA to inform him of my ‘dramas’. From the moment I told him of what had transpired he ‘owned’ the problem, although BTA had not directly sold me the hitch and tongue, BTA had supplied it to the Caboolture company. Dartl, that afternoon dispatched a new ‘heavier/improved’ tongue to me at Maryborough which arrived in due course and I fitted it up. I have recently been in touch with BTA, re a query about the ‘new’ tongue, but to my dismay Daryl has left BTA, my communications at BTA are now with John who is just a pleasant and helpful as Daryl. Today, I called into BTA’s factory (unannounced) and introduced myself to John. He was just as keen and interested in my concerns as Daryl! John asked if I could bring my vehicle into the workshop and it was there that I was introduced to Anthony (Tony) Pendock the proprietor of BTA. Tony, listened to my comments and suggestions and then produced an even heavier version of the tongue that Daryl had supplied. I spoke to Tony & John about ‘possible’ improvements that could be done to the newer version, to which they agreed. Tony did suggest the problems they are having with the Auto Glide Mchitchs fitted to the BTA tongue are related to the load pivot point being ‘so far back’ from the mounting point onto the hitch. Tony, personally did the requested/suggested improvements to the new tongue, I was able to watch on, not that I was of much assistance....... but to be able to have direct contact with the manufacturer of this great product.....to me is fantastic & the service is second to none! Thank you BTA Towing Equipment for your outstanding service and seemingly endless customer support. I now have a hitch assembly that I feel (if needed) could tow the Spirit of Tasmania across the Bass Strait! In closing....it took two emails and about four weeks but I did get the requested refund from the Caboolture company. I have NO association with BTA Towing Equipment other than being an EXTREMELY SATISFIED CUSTOMER Tony H
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    Alex The ball weight on your car should be between 9% and 11 % of the total weight of the van when loaded, the factory reading means little. It is your responsibility to balance your van and car so it will tow correctly. In our case our topender weighs in at 3500kg loaded which meant we have around 350kg on the ball. We had to upgrade our car with a lovells GVM and Tow pack to be compliant. Our 200series is now plated with a GCM(gross combined mass) of 7800kg that is a GVM of 3800kg for the car and a tow capacity of 4000kg. The ball height is also important the car and van should be level when loaded ready to go. When you have it right you will feel it, the car drives well and the van does not wander over the road. Use a weigh bridge to weigh the car when connected to the van, then car and van when connected, then van when connected. Disconnect the car and weigh it seperatley you will now have all the info you need to get it right. It is worth taking the time to do this as you can then travel with confidence knowing you have it right. Regards Steve
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    Hi Everyone, Happy New Year to all of you I just wanted to introduce myself, I have just received my KOG membership and I am very happy to be part of this organisation, hope to meet as many of you as possible. I will travel to Melbourne as of the 13th of January and will reach Melbourne on the 4th of February. on the 10th of Feb I will ferry to Tasmania for 4 weeks, after returning to Melbourne I will travel to Adeleide, Coober Pedy, Alice Springs and back to Brisbane. I do hope to meet as many of you as possible. best regards and save travels Ernst
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    Welcome Ernest, I’m sure you will have a great time in Tasmania, there will certainly be plenty of Kedron vans there at the same time. There will still be a few of us remaining on the mainland. Look forward to meeting you either on the road or at one of the gatherings. cheers, Clive and Sandra
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    Hi Ernst, and welcome to the Kedron family.... I hope we meet up somewhere on the road! In the meantime, have a look at the section of the forum where details are provided of Kedron gatherings and events. See here. And post trip reports as we love trip reports! Chris
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    To all members of the Kedron Owners Group, Annie and I would like to wish you all the best for Christmas. May it be a safe joyous time for you and your families. If you are travelling, look out for the other silly buggers on the road. Stay safe, cu on the other side of ‘the silly season’! Tony H Wishing you all..........At this time of the year it’s difficult to know what to say without offending someone. So I’ve checked with my legal adviser and on his advice I wish to say the following to all friends and colleagues. Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral celebration of the seasonal holiday, practised with the most enjoyable traditions of religious persuasion or secular practices of your choice with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practise religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2018, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make our country great (not to imply that Australia is necessarily greater than any other country) and without regard to the race, creed, colour, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.
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    fMy lawyer said I can respond with a similarl expression of goodwill, defined as wishing positive outcomes but not limited to festive seasons exclusively. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Summer Solstice.
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    Hey Chris, Tassie’s better......it is an absolute pearler of a day here! Cheers Tony PS enjoy ‘ cassil mayne’
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    Thanks from Trish and Madden. We have been Kedron owners since 2014 and have completed a few extensive trips. The year long lap was completed in 2014, and since then we have travelled throughout Qld, and most recently Birdsville, the Birdsville Track and the Murray River. We tend to travel now for a couple of months at a time. Would like to meet up with other members for trips, or parts of trips.
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    Top Ender, fully loaded, 300 litres of H2O, full gas bottles, 325kg ball weight.
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    Hello Koggers, For about 6 weeks late September to early November we have a need for house sitters on our 17 acre property. We could leave the property vacant but we have two pups, both loving toy poodles, who need to be looked after. Oh! And two wild magpies who look to be fed a bit of mince twice a day and return for their singing to you through the window! Very comfortable house and well set up property. No stock other than the poodles, kangaroos, and a variety of birds. Toys include tractor, ride on mower, Triton tipper and so on. We are in NSW but very close to Canberra, Queanbeyan and Bungendore. If you have any interest please PM me. Regards Colin
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    Hi, thank you for letting us be part of your community. My wife and I started off with tenting then moved to a Camper trailer (Skamper Kamper Dingo ) and now after a few adventures we think we are ready for caravanning. Im aware there are many manufacturers out there and some not so reputable but Kedron seem to run their business like I’ve run mine over the past 32 years.
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    Hi Pauly,Just a short email to welcome you to the Kedron Owners Group (KOG)I believe you will find that we are a friendly group who enjoy the Kedron product and caravanning generally!There is lots of information on this website, if there is something you would like to know or can’t find.....please ask.Looking forward to meeting you at a gathering or on the road somewhere one day.Regards and travel safe,Tony H (president) PS.....Do consider joining as a financial member✅..... there is a lot more information available for ‘full’ members!Sent from my iPad
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    We are now at Mount Gambier in South Australia’s Limestone Coast. You understand, Mt G is not actually on the coast, but that is the name of the region. It is so hot and windy today that we moved to a powered site at the Showgrounds this morning. It is a great spot; power and water on nice green grass, for $22 a night. We have been camping at a national park for a few nights (42 Mile Crossing on the Coorong) and then two nights camping at the Kingston RV park which is $10 for two nights. Kingston obviously recognises the value of visitors. It was busy there as you would expect in the Summer school holidays, but not too bad. We got that lovely spot down the back behind the shady tree.... Our plan is to stay at Mt Gambier until Monday when we move over to Lower Glenelg National Park to a riverside campground.
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    Ernst, Welcome to the KOG. I along with many other Kedron Owners are going to be in Tasmania at the same time as you. With Tasmania being so......small........ I’m sure you will cross paths with many other Kedron owners. With only four weeks in Tasmania can I respectfully suggest that it will not be long enough for you to enjoy the delights that await you.....can you extend your stay there? Looking forward to meeting you on the road .....some where Tony
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    A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all hope you all have a safe Christmas & a lot of Wonder full trips in the New Year & I am a Proud Australian & it is our COUNTRY so Please if you do not like our way leave as some have stuffed their Country & now want to do it to AUSTRALIA. MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO ALL. Neville.
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    Annie you really have to send the big fella back to work as he has too much time on his hands. Having said that, we have to admit to having a good laugh from Tony's message. We will be more daring and just wish everyone a safe and happy festive season. May your time be spent enjoying wonderful company and beautiful scenery. Best regards to all. Paul and Karen
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    You may be aware that the Kedron Owners Group makes yearly donations to the RFDS. It is great to know that we are helping such a worthy cause and that if there was trouble while we are travelling this great country the RFDS would be there to assist. Wishing you all safe travels over the upcoming festive season.🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
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    We are now at Castlemaine, at a caravan park which charges fiercely at $50 a night (peak season!). I didn’t realise the cost when booking, There is a story about the booking... Yesterday was an interesting day. Not for the right reasons. We had booked at a caravan park in Melbourne, for five nights. A Big4 we have stayed at several times before. Since our last visit, they have removed more van sites and put in more cabins, as they are wont to do. Our booking was made two months ago for a specific site which would fit our van, a 19 footer with a long drawbar. We arrived about 1.00pm after a fair drive, and entered a tension filled reception office. The staff were all frazzled, and it related to booking confusion. They said it had been a hard day. It looked like it, too. Anyway, we gave our name and booking reference. We were told someone else had been placed on that site but they would try very hard to find an alternative site we would fit. This took a looong time, with muttered referring to the computers by two staff. Eventually a site was found. We drove in to see it. It was among a pile of tents, next to a cabin and an impossible angle to get onto it. So we asked for our deposit back and left. It seems someone had before we arrived been accommodated at short notice, and took someone else’s site, who then took someone else’s site who then....you get the picture. All this was done by the park staff who probably just prayed we would fit the given site, or not turn up. Grrrr. So we rang Castlemaine and booked a site here. Another nearly two hours travel and we arrived. It is a delightful town and lovely park and we are now relaxing. The road detours due to closure of part of the Western Ring Road out of Melbourne did not assist either. Without a very good Hema navigator we would have been lost. As I said, it was an interesting day.
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    Hi Chris. The caravan park you originally booked in Melbourne, would that be the Discovery Parks one, I think it is also a Big 4. We are booked in there over Easter.........hope we have a better experience!!!!!!!!! Cheers for now. Pete.
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    We love it here. It is a fascinating area.
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    Hi thank you for letting me join.
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    Hi I have finally got a result Dometic are now going to replace it with an RPD218. It is a much better design as the cooling plate(evaporator) is almost the hole length of the back wall. They said that you have to be careful leaving anything against the plate as it could freeze. Also the condenser has been fitted in a different position. Hopefully all my fridge problems will be over.
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    It is great to see you deciding to join the Kedron ‘family’. The product is second to none, with beautifully constructed vans, and the Gall family, who own the product, are great to deal with. They produce a product which represents their family, and their pride shows. As Tony says, consider becoming a financial member, especially once you have a van on order. There is additional information in a section of the forum available only to financial members. Chris
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    Alex I think if you read through the GVM & TOW UPGRADES you will see plenty on the TRUE weights of Vans not what is written on Compliance Plates, as has been suggested many times. One should weigh Van yourself from new then weigh when you have loaded for a Trip, maybe you will get a shock at weight and remember when travelling you are generally picking up other stuff and this will increase your weight. Have safe travels and enjoy. Neville.
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    Alex I would SUGGEST that you check what YOUR ACTUAL ball weight is with nothing in the Van on a weigh bridge and then check when it is loaded and maybe you will be shocked . I think if you look back through the threads as Tony suggested you will find plenty of reading on this. Neville.
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    Hi John, regarding the Kedron Compact We have being on the road for 4 months now. Love the full ensuite, we have the front load washing machine and it gets plenty of use, but at $1500.00 it’s not cheap. I would also consider the sliding draw in the front boot, don’t have it but I think it would be handy. Have 2 spares but I think one would do unless you’re doing a lot of dirt & off road. The lift up leg extensions would be handy. Our van goes back to Kedron in late January for new roof and side we got hit by a storm in Grafton before Xmas. Love the van it won’t disappoint you. Regards Andrea & Kevin.
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    Thanks Tony that was funny but somewhere near the way things are heading. We would like to wish you and other Kedron owners a belated Merry Christmas and may we all have a great year ahead of us with many days spent in our wonderful caravans . This year we tried to concentrate on the real meaning of Christmas. We had a great Time at Church/dinner with all our children and grandkids/dinner with the brother and a family bbq at the beach . Need to diet now . Just as well the cricket is on, time to relax in front of the box . Greetings John and Jo
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    Hi, Kevin & Andrea. Interested in how you go with the Compact in your travels. We've got on one order for May 18, so keen to hear what you need and what you don't need in the small van. Cheers, John
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    HI FELLOW Koggers we have placed our van in the "For Sale" section in the hope word of mouth will help it sell. We've modified the van internally so it look even better now. Hope you're all well.
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    For Sale this neat and tidy ATV. Recently been modified internally with new cafe seating, laminex bench tops, pantry cupboard, new vinyl floor and curtains, 4/120amp AGM batteries, 3/120w solar panels, 25 amp charger, 240lt compressor fridge just serviced, new hot water system, new external shower, 4/60lt water tanks, extended drawbar, Large storage boxes front and back, Hyland hitch, good tyres, full annex. Roadworthy / Gas certificate available. Reg. till 11/18 Price $42,500 o.n.o Call Kingston on 0466 889626
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    This special spot is where we are camped right now. It is on a volcanic crater, now used as a local camping, swimming, fishing and water sports area. What a view! And although it is a bit isolated, we have a flushing toilet nearby, a tap, telephone and Internet, and terrestrial TV! it is in the Mount Gambier region.
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    Loving the calendar. Hope people notice the additions.
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    The Kedron Handbook is very heavy (3 kilos) and bulky! Because we're newbies we didn't want to leave it behind on our next trip. So we downloaded a pdf version of all the manuals. Those we couldn't find we scanned. There were only 4 or 5 we couldn't either download or scan, so we popped them into a new folder along with a memory stick of our downloaded/scanned pdf's. Our Kedron Bible is now a slim and light 0.7 kilos! If you want a copy of the pdfs, here is the Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/…/nvg883…/AADfmJRYCXEFSfjbv4O9TfqEa…. Obviously, these are specific to our van and setup, but you're welcome to a copy if they are of any use to you.
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