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    A month or two ago we visited the Gawler Ranges NP in the far North of SA’s Eyre Peninsula. We are back again, although not in the national park itself. This area is blessed with granite outcrops known as Inselbergs, similar to those in WA. Where we are camped is at Pildappa Rock, not far from Minnipa. Pildappa is very similar to Wave Rock near Hayden WA. It has the same characteristic “flare” which distinguishes the rock feature. And the weather is wonderful!
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    And these photos are from nearby Polda Rock. It was an incredibly windy day, but the views were worth the climb.
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    Thank you Tony, I guess it is a wise choice in these crazy times. I am just sorry it had to happen, especially knowing you and the huge amount of work you and the committee would have put into staging this event. But in the words once spoken by a very wise man ............................... "Shit happens". Cheers Steve & Kerry
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    It is a shame indeed that the event has had to be cancelled this year. Tony puts in a lot of work into preparing the presenters and activities, and it’s disappointing that it won’t be possible to hold the AGM in this format this year. But next year is sure to be better!
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    Hi Tony With the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation and with the changing border restrictions, we certainly agree with Management Committee decision to cancel the AGM and the November gathering. We were to travel to South Australia for a Beccy Cole tour with her Aussie Road Crew, and we have had to cancel that. We live with uncertain times ahead, but “we’ll meet again some sunny day”. Cheers from Pete.
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    Hi fellow Kedronners. I have been in touch with Kim Greenwood ("Kimbo") who is seriously ill. Kimbo is one of the founding fathers of the forum, and long time members will remember him well. The history is way back in time (I don't have any idea what year!) a group of three Kedron owners with a passion for the brand, got together over a few drinks and had the brilliant idea to create this group. They were Sue Hoile (Webby), Darryl Darben (Dazmit) and Kim Greenwood (Kimbo). Ann Lynch was present too, I believe... All were tireless in their energy to create the group and keep it running. Sue created the technical side of things for the forum and designed the platform on which it was. Kimbo was the inaugural President. I think that is how it happened... Edit: I have been advised Peter Flynn was the inaugural President. Kimbo no doubt gave a lot of advice in a separate capacity 😀 Since then he has been a very active and loud promoter of the Kedron brand and a valued member of the Kedron family. Kimbo has asked me to let his friends in the group know of his health issues and the battle he is having, and authorised this post being placed on the forum. He has not lost his characteristic sense of humour, and is dealing with this in a positive way. I am sure we will all send him and his family our thoughts, and wish him well with this battle.
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    From Mick , Kimbo's best mate who was having trouble posting to this site.
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    it would have been in 2004 we joined the group, I am guessing. And we all met at Milmerran Camp Oven Festival. It certainly was part of the Kedron “family”, which has developed even more tightly since. We all have much to thank you three for what you did back then!
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    SA is filled with natural beauty
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    Greetings all, I trust this finds you in good health & spirits. For the past couple of weeks I have delayed this announcement, really hoping that we (all of Australia & the rest of the world) could see an end to this wretched COVID-19 virus. With the continuing cases in Victoria & NSW, closed QLD borders and severe quarantine/travel restrictions, we (the executive) have agreed that the proposed gathering at Kilkivan cannot go ahead in a safe manner like it has over the past few years. It is with GREAT reluctance that I have to inform you that the proposed Kedron Owners Group (KOG) gathering @ Kilkivan in November 2020 has been cancelled. Attendance from interstate members, would be non existent & members from Qld would/could be hesitant to attend. That being said, with anticipated attendance being very marginal, we have decided that this years Christmas Gathering is not viable! Five top line presenters, had already committed to this gathering, I sincerely hope they will appreciate this decision & will consider attending at a later date. Re: The AGM, we (KOG) have been in communication Queensland Office of Fair Trading- about 'Tenure of members of the management committee' and the effect of COVID-19 affecting the operation/management of 'Social Clubs' such as ours. The correspondence we have received from the Office of Fair Trading, indicates the we have a six month 'grace' period to hold an AGM from the originally proposed November 2020 date. With that in mind, we will keep ALL financial members up date, with news on a date, venue and what style (yet to be decided) we will conduct the AGM. In closing, I would like to remind all members who have NOT paid their renewal subs, they are NOW DUE! If you could attend to this as a priority, it would be very much appreciated, renewal notices were sent out over a month ago. Please, stay safe! Looking forward to seeing you down the road. Regards, Tony Heat. (President)
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    We are also having trouble again with our 215. Apparently the RPD 218 is still available. Question that I have is the Vitrofrigo 2600 is about the same size and is also available. Would that be a better option than the 218. Does anyone have one of these fitted and has it been satisfactory. I believe this is the fridge fitted to the new Top Enders. thanks Doug
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    Unfortunately we won't be able to join you on your magical mystery tour, we have our grandson's 18th birthday party on Saturday 19th September. John and Karen
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