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    *******This years Christmas Gathering is open to non KOG members.....lets make this years gathering the biggest gathering of Kedrons ever!******* The more the merrier!!! 2018 Kedron Owners Group AGM & Christmas Gathering. The dates of this years AGM & Christmas gathering are November Thurs 15th - Sun18th (leave Monday 19th..... yes four days) The venue is Kilkivan Bush Camping & Caravan Park, Rossmore Rd, Kilkivan. (07) 54841340 (w) bushcamping.com.au (e) admin@bushcamping.com.au PLEASE take note of these dates and venue! This years AGM & Christmas gathering is going to be a whole new experience....nothing like any past AGM. A lot of work has/is going into making this a wonderful & memorable occasion! and we are hoping that you will be attending! Proposed timetable for this gathering (subject to change), Thursday, Arrival & set up, casual afternoon, meet and greet new and old friends, happy hour around the camp kitchen. Sponsored by Kedron, come and hear Glen & Barry Gall tell us about the future direction of caravan building and design. Friday, Morning free or ...for those who would like to, there will be (numbers dependent) the opportunity to go on a full day wine tour of the South Burnett wineries. Straight after lunch.....in the function area we will be having presentations from leading suppliers and manufactures....they will be informing us of the latest trends, product developments & maybe a few secrets all relating to our Kedron product. There are also going to be 'trade tables' where the suppliers & manufacturers will have products & literature on display....ever keen & willing to answer any questions you may have! Confirmed 'exhibitors' at this stage, in no particular order. Enerdrive driving your energy needs. At this stage we are still waiting on confirmation on attendance from several other possible exhibitors, these will be acknowledged & displayed in due course, the likes of a major after market vehicle accessories manufacturer, a national tyre retailer & a suspension service supplier. Happy Hour around the camp kitchen (sponsored hopefully?) Saturday, Pancake breakfast (courtesy KBC) 10:00am AGM to be held in the function area. 2:00pm Secret Santa in the function area ($15 gift value per van) 6:30pm Three course sit down dinner, $30ph 'licensed' function area (sensible alcohol pricing) Entertainment TBA? Sunday, 10:00am Morning tea....... presentations from Overland Touring Solutions & Blaze Aid .....also maybe a good time to clear the cobwebs from the night before, or a great time to explore the South Burnett area. Monday, Pack up....... say our farewells, then wishing you a safe journey to your next Kedron destination! OK, have we wet your appetite for a great gathering!! Now is the time to register and confirm your attendance. Step 1. Please reply to this post and indicate your arrival & departure date, attendance wine tour (at cost & number dependent), Sat night dinner. Step 2. VERY IMPORTANT. Please contact Ralph or Antonia @ Kilkivan Bush Camp 07 54841340 to pay your deposit (and registration fee $15) your call may go to a message machine but just leave your contact details and you will receive a return phone call.....Tell them your with the Kedron group, indicate if you wish to have a powered or non powered site. If attending Sat night please advise of any dietary requirements to Ralph or Antonia! Step 3. Check back here every 7 to 10 days for updates & info and check on who else is attending. The organisers of this gathering have been working hard (in the background) to make this the best gathering in recent history, we are hoping you will support us.... as we are supporting you! Step 4. Don't forget your Secret Santa $15 value per van/couple! Pets are welcome.....usual conditions .....on leads and clean up after. No mobile coverage (at the camp) Name. Arrival date. Departure Date. Power Y/N. Wine Tour Y/N. Sat Night. Financial member Y/N Tony & Annie HEAT 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Rod & Mavis KYD 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Nev & Penny MARSHALL 15/11 19/11 Y 1 2 Y Clive & Sandra SAUNDERS 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y John & Maureen MAY 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Doug & Jean MILLER 15/11 20/11 Y 1 2 Y Peter & Margaret FLYNN 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Stuart & Jean ROBERTS 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Grahame & Wendy ROBERTS 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Lionel & Margaret SMITH 15/11 19/11 Y 1 2 Y Geoff & Lorraine McKEENA 15/11 19/11 Y 1 2 Y Gordon & Chris CARTER 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Rod & Sue LEE 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Terry & Carol HEIDEMANN 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Doug & Lis BALLANTYNE 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Laurie & Helen ASHE 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Rob & Wendy NELSON 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Geoff & Joy BURGESS 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 Y Graham ANDERSEN & Sandra WILLIAMS 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 N Tony & Irene RUSSELL 15/11 18/11 Y N 2 N Phill & Karyn RAYWARD 15/11 19/11 N N 2 N Nick PIERCE & Gail FISHER 15/11 19/11 Y N 2 N
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    We have arrived at Gem Tree NT this morning, after crossing the Plenty Track from Boulia. We enjoyed great weather, and mostly good conditions. There was a rough patch which slowed us down. Here is the summary of the road condition. There is 216 kms between Boulia to Tobermory. Mostly flat and relatively barren country. The first stretch of about 60 kms was bitumen, with small sections of good gravel. We let down the tyres about 50 kms from Tobermory. Last 15 kms before NT border is mostly bitumised with short stretches of gravel in between . About 40 kms from Tobermory was roadworks being done, for about 20 kms or so. From Tobermory to 380 kms from SH was very rough, with corrugations and swales of bulldust. This was slow going and generally we sat on 50 kms an hour for almost all that stretch. At the 380 from the Stuart Highway point there was a good graded section. The bitumen started about 80 kms from the Stuart Highway and then continued all the way to Gem Tree.. About 60 kms West Of Tobermory we came across a Kimberly Karavan on its side and skewed across the road. A single axle van, and driven at a bit of speed (it was going pretty fast when it overtook us and the driver later told us he was now aware he was going too fast), it had hit a bump, pivoted in the air and collapsed on its side. As he had a swivelling hitch, the towing vehicle was stable and unaffected. The driver was remarkably adept and seemed unaffected by the accident. Together with a couple of others who arrived on the scene shortly after us, the driver unhitched it, winched the van back upright with a huge ‘crunch’ and then rehitched it. It was drivable, which is a testament to the van’s strength I guess. He said he would return to Tobermory and then assess his options. I took a number of photos of the van in case he needed it for insurance purposes. One of the photos shows big rocks all embedded into the side of the van wall! Apart from that little incident our trip was unremarkable; oh, we did get a flat tyre which Val will repair in Alice.
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    A Public servant dies in a car accident on his 40th birthday and finds himself at the Pearly Gates. A brass band is playing, the Angels are singing a beautiful hymn, there is a huge crowd cheering and shouting his name and absolutely everyone wants to shake his hand. Just when he thinks things can't possibly get any better, Saint Peter himself runs over, apologises for not greeting him personally at the Pearly Gates, shakes his hand and says 'Congratulations son, we've been waiting a long time for you. Totally confused and a little embarrassed, the Public servant sheepishly looks at Saint Peter and says 'Saint Peter, I tried to lead a God-fearing life, I loved my family, I tried to obey the 10 Commandments, but congratulations for what? I honestly don't remember doing anything really special when I was alive.' 'Congratulations for what?' says Saint Peter, totally amazed at the man's modesty. 'We're celebrating the fact that you lived to be 160 years old! God himself wants to see you!' The Public servant is awe-struck and can only look at Saint Peter with his mouth agape. When he regains his power of speech, he looks up at Saint Peter and says, 'Saint Peter, I lived my life in the eternal hope that when I died I would be judged by God and be found to be worthy, but I only lived to be forty.' 'That's simply impossible son,' says Saint Peter. 'We've added up your time sheets......'
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    Here is the trip report for the crossing of the Plenty. I am almost ready to post the report for the Great Central Road! Stage 3 August 2018 Plenty Highway.pdf
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    Thanks Tony n Irene. I’m sure we will. We were initially concerned about the lack of bench space, but after looking at the Compact, we came to the view that it would be fine. Overall, it’s amazing how much they pack into a small van.
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    We are camped at the Western end of the GCR, about 50 kms from Laverton, and have Internet! I think that is due to what looks like a mine down the valley....Anyway, here is a rough report on the condition of the road.GCR Left Alice 8.30am, arrived Yulara about 1pm...filled up with fuel, thru the entry pay station to Uluru and onto the GCR. Let down tyres at start of bitumen, just past Olgas.The Road was mostly quite good we felt, with some patches of corrugations every now and then. There were several stretches of 20 or 30 kms of bitumen and road crews are working on extending the bitumen at the Western end.Passed or had pass us about a dozen vehicles each day on the first three days. On the fourth and fifth days we found there was more traffic, which increased the closer we got to Laverton. Bitumen was 20 kms just to West Of Warburton and again starts 132 kms West Of Warburton for 32 kms.Each of the communities of Docker River, Warakurna and Warburton now have phone reception. And the hamburgers at Warakurna are just as good as I remember. New staff are working at Tjukayirla and appear full of enthusiasm (although the door opens on the dot of 9am and not one minute earlier. A police van was waiting for over half an hour but couldn’t get fuel any earlier either The area was dry but there is still good grass cover on the land. Interestingly, apart from two camels, and one dingo, we saw literally no other wildlife. I don’t recall seeing a single kangaroo. At night we heard no dingoes.I am working on a full report. With photos. We like photos.
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    Hi Graeme, Recived your kit recently and fitted easily and no more ticking heard inside the van. I can now sleep peacefully and be warm. Recomend this mod
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    Thanks for all advice both in this general forum and also in the new member section. We visited Kedron yesterday, and have now placed our order for the CP5 Compact. Very excited, but now have to be patient for a year or so......!
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    We are now headed for the WA wildflowers region near Geraldton. Right now we are at Karalee Rocks and headed for Merredin then North to Mingenew. I understand the flowers are the best they have been for many years, and we need to see them before the end of the month, when it starts to get hotter. Anyone else around where we are at the same time?
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    I think they are up at the wildflowers right now! But we will be seeing them at a Kedron gathering at Mangowine, early October.
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    I think Karen & Paul Slater are at Merreden, do you plan on seeing them?
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    Very funny...but Alice Springs had cream buns. I had some there, does that count?
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    Another great report Chris.......no mention of cream buns!
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    ATV 2 Kedron in very good condition All the usual Kedron features, queen size bed, Rear un-suite, Waeco 215 lt compressor fridge, Dometic Diesel heater with 2 outlets, Dometic front load washing machine, 6 ton auto McHitch, 200 series matching rims 17", flick mixer, Gas bayonet, Outside drop down table, timber pelmets, reverse camera, Marine mount next 3 G aerial, 2200 watt to all power points, 19"TV, 40 amp float charger, 3 x 130 watt solar panels, 3 x 120 AGM batteries, 12 V jockey wheel fitted, 2 jerry can holders (1 relocated on the rear of the van, Stone guard, Front storage box, Van has always been garaged when not in use. $86,000. Reasonable offers will be considered. Phone John, zero four one eight 331 286
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    Phill & Karyn Rayward, arrive the 15th leave 19th. Non power site, No to wine tour. 2 for dinner. Looking forward to meeting everyone. And thanks for organising
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    You will love it - we love our XC3 compact. Tony & Irene
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    Well we finally bit the bullet and bought the CP5, including the following options: Dual windows on offside bedroom Truma Aqua Plus hot water system Pocket spring mattress and bolster Diesel heater 3 x Sirocco fans Drawers & linen tray under bed Bike rack Euro annex & ESC Delivery due October 2019, well in time for summer holidays. Now looking at the car. Tossing up between increasing the tow ball rating of our Pajero to 300kgs (relatively cheap) to buying a new (or near new) LC200 (relatively expensive). Oh well, we have plenty of time to decide.
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    Graham Andersen & Sandra Williams arriving 15th departing 19th. Power Yes. Wine Tour No. Saturday Night Yes 2. Financial Member No
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    After years of research (or procrastination) we have finally purchased a 2015 XC3. We are now looking forward to many outback trips.
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    Hi Vulcan, Have you taken delivery of your van yet? If not there is a camping area available there is also bunkhouse (basic) accommodation ....... have a look at www.bushcamping.com.au Be great to finally meet you! Cheers Tony
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    Hi Bas. Thank you for following this up. I'm certainly glad we got our 2017 Landcruiser 200 series GVM and BTC upgraded by Lovell's prior to registration. It's nice to be completely legal and also underweight. Cheers. Peter
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    Hi Graham & Liz, We have a compact that we only picked up in March this year. Before that we towed a 1 tonne 33 year old Millard Micro. Yes the van is heavier and we have noticed a weight difference but our compact is easy to tow and we are getting used to it. It's first trip was a four week adventure north to Cooktown and via the Bloomfield track. Our 79 series cruiser towed it without a concern. We love our compact - we have the combined shower/ toilet model and have found that very workable, great kitchen and heaps of storage. We put bike racks on the front box and love that. We would recommend the compact and we think you will love it also. Oh and no question is stupid as I think we asked heaps!! Tony & Irene
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    Hi Neville, Our microwave too is retained by the powder coated brackets from the side rather than through the bottom as you described earlier versions. The side brackets don't provide any support to the power pack as this is by design some 12mm clear of the shelf or recess floor the microwave sits on to provide additional ventatilation. In a normal domestic situation this wouldn't be a problem, however, in a caravan it far from ideal. In talking to other travelers of late this seems a very common problem. Regards John
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    I received this from a friend. The ***SUMMARY FROM MYSELF*** is apparently from a person at Lovells. Cheers, Bas ***STATEMENT FROM LOVELLS AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS 22/08/2018 8:43AM*** On the 21st August 2018, the QLD Government over turned QLD TMR’s decision to release new vehicle modification codes (LS11 and LS15), which were due for release to the industry on the 4th September 2018. Changes in these Modification codes included the banning of Towing Capacity Upgrades on in-service vehicles, banning of axle capacity increases on in-service vehicles, banning of GVM Upgrades on in-service vehicles which had previously been upgraded by another jurisdiction/State and/or brand and banning of GVM Upgrades on in-service vehicles which had previously had active SSM Approvals, which are no longer manufactured (eg. Nissan Patrol Y61 and Toyota Hilux KUN125/126). The Government will now not introduce planned regulation changes on 4 September, but is not backing down from its position of re-instating GCM (Gross Combined Mass) revision on in-service vehicles. While GCM revision is still legally available on brand new vehicles in QLD (and all States) and legal/recognised on in-service vehicles for all other States except NT, towing upgrades will remain of virtually no use in QLD because the Government will not allow an increase in the GCM (combined weight of the vehicle and its trailer). Despite the Premier’s assurances on the morning of 21st August that the Government would absolutely reject any changes that disadvantage Queensland drivers, they are already enforcing a disadvantage. TMR QLD have advised that their stance on GCM revision will be discussed and reviewed in due course. Meantime, at a Federal level, Lovells wish to confirm the following which was uploaded to the RVCS website (Federal Dept of Transport and Infrastructure) on 3rd August 2018. Of note in this, which is listed at the following (infrastructure.gov.au/…/rvcu-2018-August-issue-3.as…) Administrator's Circular 0-4-6 (Issue 4 June 2018) Administrator's Circular 0-4-6 (Certification of vehicles which have undergone a second stage of manufacture) was amended in June 2018 following industry consultation. The circular was amended to include arrangements for Second Stage Manufacture (SSM) Light Vehicles that have been subject to a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) upgrade under Clause 10—and formalise current business practice for GVM upgrades to light vehicles. Of note: • The guidance provided by the Circular 0-4-6 applies to NA (GVM up to 3.5 tonnes) and NB1 (GVM over 3.5 tonnes and up to 4.5 tonnes) category vehicles. • The revised circular only applies to new applications and new amendments to existing Identification Plate Approvals (IPAs). • The Circular will not affect the existing IPAs held by the second stage manufacturers. Existing IPA holders can continue to supply (to the market) vehicles covered by the approved Road Vehicle Descriptors (RVDs). This includes vehicles where the approved RVD has variants that exceed the first stage manufacturer's Gross Combination Mass (GCM) rating or Rated Towing Capacity or Maximum Braked Towing Mass rating. The second stage manufacturers need to ensure that the current approved RVDs refer to the current approved RVDs for the first stage manufacturer. • The option of GCM or towing capacity upgrade may be available to consumers in some state and territory jurisdictions, after the vehicle is supplied to the market. In conclusion, we confirm that there is no change to existing SSM Approvals. Any vehicles (as stated in current SSM Approvals and as noted on current RVDs) can still be plated with GVM Upgrades and Towing Capacity Upgrades (BTC upgrades) under the approved RVD. Thus Lovells SSM Approved kits can continue to be supplied. The implementation of Administrator’s Circular 0-4-6 is effective for all future IPA Approvals. That is, any SSM Approvals applied for beyond the current valid and active SSM Approvals. Lovells GVM/GCM/Towing Capacity or variants of these modifications remain 100% legal in all States and Territories for all vehicles in service/previously modified. Lovells GVM/GCM/Towing Capacity or variants of these modifications remain 100% legal in all States and Territories for all vehicles when modified prior to first registration (Federal Compliance). Lovells GVM/GCM/Towing Capacity or variants of these modifications remain 100% legal in all States and Territories, other than Queensland and NT, for all vehicles when modified after first registration/in service vehicles (State Compliance). State based GCM modifications are governed by the State Authority and their individual Type Approvals or Modification Codes. Lovells GVM/GCM/Towing modifications have always been legal and we have always strived to ensure compliance with the Federal, State and Territory Regulators. The whole point of GVM/GCM/towing upgrades is to ensure the ongoing compliance and safety of vehicles and occupants when carrying/towing heavy loads and thus ensuring the safety of other road users. Despite false reports in some forums and competitor press releases, safety is not an issue. SSM Approval holders can attest to and advise categorically that there is no evidence of any safety issues, accidents or fatalities due to or related to any GVM/GCM/Towing Upgrade. In Summary • PRE REGO there is no change in plating vehicles with GVM & Towing Upgrades. GCM as defined by the SSM manufacturer • POST REGO vehicles can be plated with GVM upgrade. The Towing and GCM upgrade would be supported and approved via State Authorities and state based signatories. • The implementation of 0-4-6 is for all future SSM approvals ***SUMMARY FROM MYSELF*** The GCM and BTC upgrades have been brought into the market because 1. A vehicle will exceed its GVM with the ball mass of a large towing apparatus added – and/or 2. The GCM of a vehicle will be exceeded because not all vehicles GCM are calculated with GVM+BTC – and/or 3. The axle capacities of a vehicle will be exceeded with the ball mass of a large towing apparatus added. Additionally, another key reason why the towing upgrade was brought into the market is due to caravan manufactures producing a caravan that has (for example) an ATM of 3500kg but its tare weight may be up to 3400kg or often above the issued ATM itself – which is a huge problem for a vehicle rated to 3500kg towing capacity. The fact is vehicles have been legally impractical (from a payload point of view) since vehicles existed, we can all agree that the older generation willingly knew and towed illegally because that is the way that it has always been. Times have changed, society is much more focused on safety, and insurance companies will always look for a way out of paying out a claim (as they should). Now people seem to be aware of this issue due to the publicity around it – which is fair enough people want to be legal. Everyone seems to have forgotten about the most significant loser out of this is the end-user. The retired generation, tax paying citizen with their dream car and caravan that want to be legal. These people want their $100,000 motor vehicle and $100,000 caravan to be legal which now solely due to TMR is not possible. We are aware of many members of the public that have placed orders for 3.5tonne towing apparatuses and/or 4.0tonne towing apparatus with the intent of utilising their current vehicle to tow these applications. These individuals have purchased their new caravan builds based on the fact that the Lovells GVM, GCM and BTC upgrades exist and now as a result are unable to tow legally or locate a replacement vehicle that can tow legally. This will cause huge financial hardship for the people affected by this which clearly is directly caused by TMR QLD. We also can’t imagine the impact to the tourism industry in Queensland when this group of people from other states who may not completely understand the impacts of the proposed legislation and possibly start avoiding Queensland as a destination. The list of problematic vehicles is across the board. To name just a few of the more commonly known vehicles – VW Amarok V6, Isuzu D-Max, Holden Colorado, Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Prado, Toyota Landcruiser 76, 78 & 79 series. All of these vehicles state a maximum towing capacity of xxxx kg, however when attempting to use all of this towing capacity the vehicles GVM and/or GCM and/or axle capacities will be exceeded. The SSM accepts full liability and responsibility for all these modifications carried out and there is no evidence of an incident or fatality due to these upgrades. TMR QLD has been speaking of universalising State Legislation for over 20 years. The fact TMR are not allowing GCM upgrades post-registartion contradict practices in most other States and Territories where GCM upgrades are able to be carried out post-registration. They appear to be in direct contradiction to the Federal Government’s VSB14, which exists solely to allow GVM/GCM/towing upgrades to be undertaken safely.