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    It was a cold morning today....minus 2 in the van before the diesel heater kicked in. I hope we can get the ice off the windscreen before heading to Rick and Lea’s....
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    Hi call into the Birdsville Lodge if you need anything.Brian and I are in Birdsville for a couple of months. Water will not be a bother.But if you are camping out by the river bring sturdy ground cover as the bindis are bad this year. The flies are out in millions( I am not joking) you will need cover. The nights cold but days beautiful.
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    Good Morning Geoff & Marion I did this some time ago by removing the tanks from the Van which gave me better access for cleaning, there was also a plastic plug in our tanks which I removed, then partially filled with water & was able to give them a good shake & roll them around then letting all the water drain out, repeated this several times until clean water running out then for the last time filled with clean water & added the required amount of MILTON which is a cleaner you can get from the Supermarket, [used for cleaning babies bottles I think] let this sit for awhile then drained & flushed & re fitted tanks to Van, re connected hoses & filled with water & all was good. Happy Travels Neville & Kay.
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    Hi Pepper, Never seen a warranty in writing but everyone was happy with there Kedrons when we were checking things out before purchase.. Since some of the other suppliers give you a written warranty and don't live up to it it seemed redundant. We have had things done after what would be the accepted period and they have always done there best for us. I realise this doesn't answer your exact question but hope it helps
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    Hi Chris & family, Welcome to the Kedron ‘family’. Looking forward to meeting you on the road one day or at a gathering! Travel safe and keep the shiney side up! Tony H
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    Thank you Tony for organising our ClearView mirrors - arrived today (quick delivery!) and great price. Really appreciate your help Tony 👍🏻
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    Hi All Got a call from one of my brothers on Monday asking if I was interested in going to The big Bash,since then everything has been booked but what I need from anybody who has been and done the bash before where can you top up water tanks and dump toilet before going into area. Brother is travelling from Brisbane and I am travelling from Melbourne and meeting at Lighting ridge for a couple of days then onto Charleville for a night,Windorah then to Birdsville on the Saturday before .WE are free camping at Birdsville before going in on Sunday,could not book into caravan park at Birdsville they don't take bookings for one night bookings. Kakadu
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    Just wanted to say a big "Thank-you" to Tony for the Clearview mirrors he supplied to me. Not only a great price, but they were here surprisingly quickly - only a couple of days. I fitted them to the Fortuner today and (apart from dropping a couple of screws into hard to retrieve places!) they are all solid and ready to go when the new van arrives.
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    We have finished our first month here in Tasmania and have only just travelled more than a 150km radius from our landing point at Devonport! We do tend to stay in one place and do day trips out and around a region. We dithered trying to decide whether to go West or East but decided West was more sensible given it would be colder there sooner than elsewhere. We have met a few other Kedrons which has been great, including staying with Rick and Lea for a few days, and meeting up with both Tony and Annie Heat and Rob and Jewel. This trip report comes from Stanley, which will feature in the next report. Stage 1 March to April 2018 Tasmania.pdf
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    I could spend time writing all the after sales service I have received from Kedron too, but it would just take too long. I can can sum it up by saying - A Gall Boys' handshake is his word and rock solid. You will not meet a more honorable and honest family. Welcome me to the "Kedron Family".
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    Hi Pepper From our personal experience, I have dealt with the Gall Boys at Kedron for about 16 or so years now, and will continue to do so. In a couple of instances I have offered to pay for fixing some little things that we have 'buggered up' and they have refused to accept my money. They are just great guys to deal with. However, as with any business we deal with in the the long term, we have forged a good, friendly working relationship with them. I'm quite sure many of Kedron's customers have done the same. So, I agree with what others have said in response to your question. Cheers Peter
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    Hi All, we're new to this (KOG & caravanning), so apologies if we don't get the procedure correct. We are thinking of heading (next couple of weeks) to the Kimberley area via Alice Springs , and the Tanami track & wonder if anyone has done it with a (modified) 100 series T/D Landcruiser towing a 20ft ATV, & if so ANY thoughts, ideas, suggestions ? Would love to catch up with KOG members along the way if anyone is interested (happy to provide mobile /contact info). Cheers, Robin & Jenni (Adelaide)
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    If they are the grey plastic (Kedron) tanks, they will be baffled as that is how they promote them............................... that should sort your baffle-ing problem
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    Need to remove twelve years accumulated sediment in two 80l and one 60l black poly water tanks in ATV. Problem caused by half inch drain point not at lowest point.Any suggestions ?? Only access is via filling/drain point.Camec recommend tank clean.
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    I reackon the locals know a thing or two about alpine fuel and it’s additives! We do usually put some kerosene in the tank every now and again but not in a cold climate where the fuel comes already treated.
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    We have this to lookforwd to. Heading over on Friday for 5 weeks. David & Karen
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    Welcome Chris, Congratulations and I’m sure you will have a lot of lovely adventures with your new van. Cheers, Sandra and Clive
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    After ordering or triple bunk XC3 in November, we are glad to have taken delivery two weeks ago! We just had our first shakedown trip and van life is a lot easier than the 15 years of tenting we've been doing prior!! Keen to learn and share experiences in this forum Chris
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    Hello we are looking to purchase a used kedron from the manufacturer. They advertise that used vans are backed by 3 months manufacturers warrenty. When asked for a copy of warrenty terms ,conditions etc i was advised the warrenty is verbal only nothing in writing !!!! Is this other peoples experience ? Has any one got a written copy of the eartenty they could share ?? Thankyou Pepper
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    We are on our second Kedron and the support from the Gall Boys has been fantastic. They really do stand by their product. Cheers Stu
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    Have never had a problem with the Gall Boys and Kedron Caravans. They have always been helpful and we purchased our pop top from them when it was 5 years old and was being re-sold due to ill health back in 2005. It has been a great van and we have always been treated as if we have just purchased the latest model. Our van is for sale again as health issues cause us to give our touring holidays away.
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    Hi I am about to upgrade the tyres on the Silverado currently running 265/60/R20. Looking to move to 285/55/R20 All Terrain. Looking at Mickey Thompson ATZP3, Toyo AT2, Toyo RTs. What are you running and if anyone has had any experience with Mickey Thompsons ATZ. Any other recommendation welcome. I would be 60/70 blacktop 30/40 gravel etc Many Thanks Leon
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    Hi Tony I started with ATZs and the almost identical tyre is now known as All Terrain Deegan 38. Deegan is/was an off-road racer who used MT tyres. The Cruiser has ATZs on the front and 38s on the rear, all with similar mileage/wear of course, and the ATV has ATZs all round. I have heard the claim about MTs and Coopers and it appears MT is one of the Cooper Tyre company's many brands. Bas
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    Just about to bite the bullet myself, down to two......BFG AT’s or Toyo Opat’s Used both of these, in my Toyota days very happy with the performance and wear. Never bought a Cooper tyre.....just something about them that doesn’t ‘fit’ right with me.....their warranty is one thing tyres must be rotated every 5k and only to be used in suburbia.....lol
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    Hi All Fass Pump filters and other bits fitted. Happy with the end result. Bryan
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    I am glad that you are happy with the rims Tony and yes, we just cannot get away from the Grand Parents duties no matter what. Merv
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    Thanks Merv did not have trip planed had to forgo grand parents duties to make it happen but they will forgive me. your 20ins GMC rims are going good. Kakadu
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    Hi Tony There are two dump points in Birdsville, one either end of town and water is freely available last time I was up there. They had a water line ran out to the River (Race Course side) on the northern side of the road from town. As far as remember it is also available at the town bore, right turn after the Pub. Enjoy your trip Merv
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    Hi Leon Not that his might help you but I dropped back to 18's mainly for the ease of availability and am now on the second set of Cooper ST MAXX's LT275/70R18. These tyres have not missed a beat, we got nearly 75000ks's out of the first set. I run them at 60psi all round and drop back when off road. You must rotate them for maximum life. The current set cost me $475.00 each at Tyre Power. Cheers Merv
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    Hi John & Jo, Suppose in some way, I’m waving the ‘KT flag’.....not that I’m getting ANYTHING from it and I truely respect your choice, BUT can I suggest you really compare apples with apples! Do alternate insurers cover you fully for dirt roads and recovery.......return of caravan after repair.....accomodation in the event of a mishap? There is a lot more.....to be checked when comparing apples with apples 🍎 I’m happy to ‘maybe’ (after checking) pay sometimes...... a premium for (hopefully) peace of mind. Stay safe!
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    Hi, Just saw your post on Facebook, GREAT news the insurance company have reversed their decision. Just a suggestion, consider getting a quote from Ken Tame at renewal time! Stay safe
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    I will seek and find you. I shall take you to bed, and have my way with you. I will make you ache, shake and sweat until you moan and groan. I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop. I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you. And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days. All my love, The Flu P.S. Now, stop thinking about sex, all you senior citizens, and go get your flu shot!
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    Laurie & Webby have said it all.....NO more to say.... The Gall's are fantastic with product support & backup. I don't know about Qld consumer laws, but I would like to think that any paperwork you receive from Kedron with the purchase of your van would reflect some warranty period.....BUT rest assured if your buying a van either new or second hand (from Kedron), the support and help will be there....well after the statutory warranty period. 'Pepper' re your post from yesterday afternoon, when I purchased my new van in October 07 the paperwork at the time stated a twelve month warranty period, nine years YES nine years later Kedron will look at ANY 'fair wear and tear' problem/concern that I have with my van.....if the problem/concern is anyway related to the build of the van it is fixed (properly) in no time with a minimum of fuss, usually FREE OF CHARGE or for a very minimal charge, if you have a concern/problem with a part or component supplied to Kedron that they fitted to your van at the original build or fitted by them (Kedron) post build.....they seem to know the right strings to pull to get you concern/problem FIXED even when well out of the suppliers warranty period. Enjoy your van & welcome to the Kedron family. CU down the road....
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    Hi Pepper, We Bought our first KEDRON Pop Top XC used from the yard on Gympie Road. After a couple of years we upgraded to a 19'6" Top Ender in 2009. I have just one thing to say, as long as you are honest with what you do with the van and come across in a pleasant manner the support the Gall Boys give is second to none. My last warranty experience with Kedron was a couple of months ago but with a van nearly 6 years old than they stood behind the product as did the supplier who they deal with. I personally have never asked about warranty, somethings you expect to pay for and others are just fixed by honest people doing a bloody good job. Look at the blog in my signature and you will see some of the places we have taken our van without worry. Hope you enjoy the van. Safe travels Laurie
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    Hello Pepper, I can assure you that you won't have an issue with Kedron. I reason I say this is because Kedron replaced our air cond while in Broome (No charge) when the van was 4 years out of warranty. I had a leaky sink tap while in Lawn Hill and Kedron sent us a new one ........No charge and the van is 6 years out of warranty. I broke the neck off my diesel heater tank (My fault) and they sent me a new tank ........ you guessed it .......no charge. I broke the flap of the outside power point and .............yes .............. Kedron sent me a new power point to Alice Springs ........... No charge. We met a couple on the Birdsville Track who had just purchased a 10 year old ATV from a private sale and travelled with them to Lawn Hill and along the way the rocks from the road smashed the plumbing couplings and he could not buy new ones easily, so I told him to give Kedron a call ........... and guess what........... they sent him new ones .........No Charge. They where in total disbelief. Pepper, I have never dealt with a company like them. They just want you to enjoy their product and go out of their way to "Do the right thing" ............ very rare these days.