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    We are at a lovely bush camp about 3 hours East of Perth, WA. It has flushing toilets, a free gas barbecue and stove top and water. Lovely spot. And we were joined by our wonderful friends Karen and Paul Slater from nearby Merredin. Karen is our forum’s hardworking Webmaster...
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    Hi Barry and Ruth. it is great to see you join the Kedron family. Isn’t it exciting, a new caravan and adventures ahead! Chris
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    Getting excited, van is up next to the house and almost packed. Have packed the Christmas decorations and wine. Now all we need is good weather. No heatwaves and no rain please. see you all Thursday 🎅🤶🎄🥂🍾
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    Hi everyone, so proud to now be the owner of a Kedron and becoming a member of this group. Looking forward to exploring this great country. Barry & Ruth
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    Guaranteed ..........political promise free!
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    Hi, Due to recent upgrade of original toilet I have for sale a Thetford C200 cassette (green with yellow cap & button....for ID purposes) Recently had a new blade seal fitted.....would make a great spare unit. New replacement unit $200 $50 plus postage. We are leaving here (home) on the 14th Nov for 4 months.....would like it gone by then, or you will have to wait for our return March/April.
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    Hi Tony. Hope you empty it first.... You might save on postage. LOL Pete
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    We also cooked a battery very early in the year. I always keep the batteries above 70% soc so it was a surprise. I found the charger was overcharging the batteries by keeping them in absorption mode for way too long. It was a pwm type charger. When I replaced the batteries I also replaced the charger with an mppt type charger with a more battery friendly charge algorithm. All good now. Cheers Stu
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    Hi Barry & Ruth and welcome. Enjoy your van and meet you at Kilkivan. Tony & Irene
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    Hi, Considering upgrading my current Thetford C200 (plastic bowl) to a Thetford C263 (ceramic bowl) Suppose I'm looking for feedback from people who done this and also looking for feedback from people who already have a C263 fitted from new. I am aware that the exterior access door can be reused, but has to be turned 90 degrees (hinge down) which will leave some side panel modification work to be done.....would really like to see some 'after' photos. Interior wise I have been told a C263 will fit,....the unit is approx 60mm wider and 10kg's heavier which I can accept. Any feedback appreciated....thanking you. https://www.thetford-europe.com/au/product-category/toilets-au/cassette-toilets-toilets-au/
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    Hi Tony Should look at these https://www.natureshead.com.au/solutions/rvs-campers/ I have just installed one in my van yet to try it but composting only needs the poos empting ever 2-3 weeks no more stinky cartridge
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    Hi Tony Thank you for adding us to the list going to the Kilkivan AGM/Xmas party. We also joined as a financial member earlier this week and are waiting for the confirmation. Looking forward to meeting the 'Kedron family'. Barry & Ruth
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    Hi Tony will be attending arrive 15/11/18. Leave 19/11/18 Powered site wine tasting yes for 1 Saturday Dinner yes for 1 Financial Associate Member #33 Look forward to catching up with everyone. Cheers Lynn Astill
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    Welcome Barry & Ruth.....to the Kedron 'family' Are we going to meet you both at Kilkivan?? Cheers and safe travels Tony H
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    So jealous I can't come. Don't forget to send me pictures so I can put on the banner - Have fun
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    LINK to Caravan Saleshttps://seller.carsalesnetwork.com.au/my-ads?advertId=5738735 Link for Silverado https://seller.carsalesnetwork.com.au/my-ads?advertId=5738937
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    We are sorry to hear that Leon. But to help you sell the rig, it may help if you put up a link to the Carsales/Caravan sales site.... Alternatively put a few details here, including photos. Photos are always a great help in selling a van. good luck with the sale!
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    Fully self contained caravan already and set to go for your free camping adventures. In very good condition and has been meticulously maintained by a fussy owner since purchased new from the Kedron factory. Outside: Extended draw bar with outboard motor slide and flip and easy boat trailer Stone guard 2x9 KG Gas bottles Toyota Landcruiser Alloy 17 inch rims (6) with new tyres New heavy duty offroad brake drums and pads McHitch Uniglide hitch and weight distribution system External (hot) shower 3X 130 amp Solar panels with 3X120 amp batteries with management system and gauges 3X100 litre water tanks with one dedicated to drinking water with filter 1X100 litre grey water tank 1 Generator box with slide, 3/4 width tunnel boot storage Front boot width of van housing batteries and other camping materials Drop down exterior table, outdoor 24/12 volt power points with outside TV point Fuel box on rear bumper to carry 25litre outboard fuel tank Traveller rollout awning with full annex (never been used) Gas Baynot for BBQ Reversing Camera Opitec Caravan mover (valued at $2000) Inside: Leather cafe style dining table that converts to a bed Queen size bed with inner spring mattress Under bed storage Sirocco fan in bedroom Reverse cycle Air conditioning Diesel heater Combined shower toilet/wash basin Full stove(Oven,Grill) with 3 gas burners and 1 electric plate Front loader washing machine 230 litre fridge/freezer Cupboards galore Mircowave oven TV. Also have Chev Silverado fully set up for ATV - Registered valuation held for $135,000 but will consider offers near that price, Now listed for $132499 . Can sell as a package
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    Informatio PERFECT FOR A CARAVANNER/HOLIDAY MAKER Whistle while you work knowing that you have 2013 model MY 2014 registered Chevrolet Silverado in your hands. 61000 km on the clock only. It is exceptional value at $132499 This vehicle has been especially created for the caravanning enthusiast with a 6.6 litre turbo Duramax diesel motor with a 6 speed allison auto gearbox. Key features: 4X4 Polished Alloy Bull Bar and driving lights Tow bar with 12 pin wiring system Caravan electric brake monitor Build Electric brake controller 20 inch alloy rims New Cooper AT3 tyres Long range fuel tank holding 218 litres of diesel Fully electronic Custom Boat loader Full leather interior Many electronic vehicle management tools come standard Customised Metalink canopy containing : Redac Battery management system which can charge from 240 volt,12 volt car, or Solar panels 2X 120 amp batteries Fridge Slide 3 storage draws Drop down spare tyre carrier on rear as well as spare under truck Electronic Rust Protection Licensed Valuation Held dated 30/1/2018 $135000 ( Obtained for insurance purposes) Ph 0401003114 Sale Price 132499
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    Our batteries are 7 years old , I don’t worry about percentages of battery use . I don’t let them go below 12.2 volts . When the batteries were new 12.2 volts was 50% used . Now that the batteries are 7 years older 12.2 volts is 30% used . Nev
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    Yes Kevin, agree with Grahame, time to get two new batteries. We had to replace the two batteries (3yrs and 2mths use) in our van earlier this year. They were working fine, pulled up for an overnight camp on the Plenty highway and had no power at all. Couldn’t pump water, flush the toilet, light the stove and of course no lights. Had to revert to manual mode. I might also add the ALL the batteries in the van died that day, ie smoke detector, torches, blood glucose monitor and hearing aid batteries. We laugh about it and said the Min Min lights out of Boulia got us. When we arrived in Alice Springs we dropped the van off at the auto elects and we went went for new batteries. $$$ The joys of caravanning.
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    Two aliens landed in the Arizona desert near a gas station that was closed for the night. They approached one of the gas pumps and the younger alien addressed it saying . . ."Greetings, Earthling . . . we come in peace . . . . Take us to your leader"The gas pump of course didn't respond.The younger alien became angry at the lack of response. The older alien said, “I’d calm down if I was you"The younger alien ignored the warning and repeated his greeting, again there was no response . . .Miffed at the pumps haughty attitude, he drew his ray gun and said gruffly "Greeting Earthling . . . We come in peace . . . Take us to your leader or I will fire"The older alien again warned his comrade saying, "You probably don't want to do that, I think it will make him mad""Rubbish", replied the cocky young alienHe aimed his weapon and opened fire . . . . There was a huge explosion.A massive fire-ball roared towards him and blew the younger alien off his feet and threw him in a burnt smoking mass about 200 yards away into a cactus patch.Half an hour passed . . . .When he finally regained consciousness, he refocused his three eyes, straightened his antenna, and looked dazedly at the older, wiser alien who was standing over him shaking his big green head . . . ."What a ferocious creature!" exclaimed the young fried alien . . ."He damn near killed me!" "How did you know he was so dangerous?"The older alien leaned over, placed a friendly feeler on his crispy friend and replied . . ."If there is one thing I've learned during my intergalactic travels, you never mess with a guy who can loop his manhood over his shoulder twice and then stick it in his ear!
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    Hi all, Arrived here this afternoon, made to feel very welcome in this friendly town. There are thirty plus van and motor homes here, well set up area here at the showground. Lyn Astill is here in her motorhome, she is trying to get to Kilkivan if the planets align. A couple that Clive & Sandra Saunders meet on their recent WA trip John & Karen Siddle are here also in their TE, working on them to join, unfortunately due to geographic difficulties they won’t be able to attend Kilkivan this year. The organisers here have done a great job, barefoot bowls this arvo and dinner at the local bowls club, a local farm tour tomorrow, rodeo tomorrow night. Sunday local touring, entertainment at the pub on Sunday before the footy final and a camp oven dinner 🥘 The local area is very dry......maybe not as dry as some of the country Annie and I have seen in the last fortnight.....but believe me these people are doing it tough. Funds raised this weekend are being distributed to those in need by the local Lions Club. Photos of amazing trash, treasure, collectables, antiques and some really amazing rare stuff worth LOTS at this local property we visited this morning.....four shed’s of it and so much outside, lovely welcoming family.
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    Hi just testing my new membership, looking forward to meeting some like minded ppl at the xmas agm