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    Hi all, joined group a few months ago but been busy enjoying our XC5. Picked up in March 2019 and off we went. Up to Lawn Hill, Kakadu, and back to beautiful Sunshine Coast (SSC) after 2 months. Then went to Innamincka along the Adventure Way, through Walkers Crossing track to Birdsville track to Birdsville and back to SSC. Planning our next trip now. Hoping to make the Kilkivan Gathering in November. Our Van XC5, KRS Airbag, Twin Vanity bathroom, club lounge. Tow vehicle is LC200 Sahara. Cheers David & Kerry.......
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    Rod and Sue will be attending , and a yes for the dinner. Will be expecting Nev to be the new secret Santa with his full white beard unless Clive still has his. Will contact Kilkivan to book. Regards Rod and Sue. p.s. Hope all our repairs will be completed
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    Hi Andrea & Gary, Welcome to the KOG, we are a group of like minded people who enjoy the use of their Kedron product & caravanning generally. There is lots of information on this site referring to Kedron ownership, should you have a question and can't find the answer you're looking for, don't be afraid to ask! I don't know the area that you're from but if you are from SE Qld we have two gatherings coming up that you would be more than welcome to attend....... even consider coming for a day visit! Looking forward to meeting you guys one day soon. Best wishes & welcome again to the Kedron family! Tony H Kingsley Grove Estate, Goodger - Kingaroy QLD 06 September 2019 Until 08 September 2019 0 KOG Christmas Gathering & AGM - Kilkivan Bush Camp 06 November 2019 Until 10 November 2019
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    After having sold the Pajero, we have picked up the LC200. Had the Lovell’s GVM upgrade and 2” lift before it was registered, have also had the ARB Summit bar fitted, UHF installed and will soon get the brake controller and wiring done. The Jayco just sold so we will be van-less until the CP5 arrives, hopefully late October. In relation to the CP5, we have chosen the colours, added some more options (including a second spare and the new pressure hatch) and now it’s just a matter of waiting and watching the videos of other vans being delivered to their new owners. October can’t come quickly enough😀
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    Let's see how this version goes! CHEAP POWERED SITES - Copy.pdf
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    I am going to replace the brake drums, plates etc on my Top Ender. I was planning to book into Cruisemaster (Vehicle Components) in Brisbane. On their website I discovered that they have a network of agents across the nation, including Cairns. Yesterday I visited Torque Tyres and Trailer Spares, one of the two agents in Cairns. To my surprise and delight I discovered that they have all the gear in stock and plenty of it. I have a booking there next Tuesday and I will report on the job they do. I thought that this info might be useful for anyone venturing up this way. Torque Tyres and Trailer Spares 180 Lyons Street CAIRNS QLD 4870 07 4230 0715 admin@etrailer.com.au
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    Welcome to KOG David & Kerry, You certainly have been giving your new van a good run, trusting it is delivering all that you both expected. The inclusions (of your van) you have briefly described sound great, be great to it off at Kilkivan......hoping you can make it, promises to be a great gathering. Travel safe, Tony
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    Thanks Sandra & Clive, We are practicing the 'Keddy Wave'! Why are people looking at us as if we are from another planet! lol
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    Hi all, Just joined up to this forum. We have ordered a TE5 for delivery pencilled in for December this year. We are heading up to the factory next week to finalise colours and some details. Starting to get excited now after first ordering this Van at the end of last year. Our first Van was a 21 footer from a manufacturer in Melbourne. It wasn't a bad Van but this Keddy will be our 'dream Van' and we have spent quite a bit of time researching various options. Looking forward to exploring this forum and to pick some brains. Look forward to meeting you up the track next year! Cheers, Andrea and Gary
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    And the winner of the most ergonomic and also most eccentric dump point goes to - Coolalinga CP, in Darwin! Complete with hand washing facilities and paper towels Just installed 😀😀
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    Thanks @TonyH I have thought of that and in fact have asked Graham if there was any chance we could coordinate handover with the Christmas gathering. Delivery hasn’t been scheduled yet so he couldn’t commit. If at all possible, you’ll see me there.
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    2019 Kedron Owners Group Inc Christmas Gathering & AGM Wednesday 6th – Sunday 10th November 2019. This years theme Travel Safely Kilkivan Bush Camping & Caravan Park, Rossmore Rd, Kilkivan. Qld. (07) 54841340 (w) bushcamping.com.au (e) admin@bushcamping.com.au PLEASE take note of these dates and venue! This year's AGM & Christmas gathering is going to be a great experience.... A lot of work has/is going into making this a wonderful & memorable occasion and we are hoping that you will be attending! Proposed timetable for this gathering (subject to change), Wednesday 6th November. Arrival & set up. Happy hour @ camp kitchen. Thursday 7th. Morning free.....maybe explore the beautiful South Burnett area. Returning just after lunch for the first of our confirmed informative presentations Telstra, will be our first presenter..... remote communications (satellite phones & mobile repeater systems) Queensland Ambulance.....emergency response & first aid in the bush. (TBC) Happy hour @ camp kitchen sponsored by Kedron Caravans, come & hear Glen Gall talk the about the future direction of caravan building & design. Friday 8th. Morning free..... Returning just after lunch for our second session of presentations..... Queensland Transport Main Roads (TMR)..... getting a real grip on weights. Roadcraft.....Driver education. Hypodrive.....Healthy driving. Happy hour @ camp kitchen. Saturday 9th. Starting the day with Ralphies famous complimentary pancake breakfast....not to be missed! Morning tea....followed by the AGM. Returning after lunch for the Secret Santa ($15 gift value per van) Returning again..... Three course sit down dinner, $30ph 'licensed' function area (sensible alcohol pricing) Entertainment TBA? Sunday 10th. Morning free....clear the cobwebs.....maybe a 'locker tour'.....a swim in the pool...explore the local area.....sit back & relax talking with new & old friends. Pack up....... say our farewells, then wishing you a safe journey to your next Kedron destination! OK, ..............have we whet your appetite for a great gathering!! Now is the time to register and confirm your attendance. Step 1. Please reply to this post and indicate your arrival & departure date & Sat night dinner. Step 2. VERY IMPORTANT. For KOG & KCO Facebook members...... Please contact Ralph or Antonia @ Kilkivan Bush Camp 07 54841340 to pay your deposit of $50.00. If your call goes to a message machine please just leave your contact details and you will receive a return phone call in due course. Tell them you're with the Kedron group, and indicate if you wish to have a powered or non powered site. If attending Saturday night please advise of any dietary requirements to Ralph or Antonia! Step 3. Check back here every 7 to 10 days for updates & info and check on who else is attending. The organisers of this gathering have been working hard to make this the best gathering in recent history. We are hoping you will support us.... as we are supporting you! Step 4. Don't forget your Secret Santa $15 value per van/couple! ***Pricing guide for Kedron Owners Group (KOG) members..... Accommodation package (4 nights) for 2 (including morning tea Saturday) $100.00 Saturday night function $33 (approx) per head x 2 66.00 $166.00 (Accom package is for 1 or 2 people) ***Pricing guide for Kedron Caravan Owners Facebook Group..... Accommodation package (4 nights) for 2 (including morning tea Saturday) $130.00 Saturday night function $33 (approx) per head x 2 66.00 $196.00 (Accom package is for 1 or 2 people) Pets are welcome.....usual conditions .....on leads and clean up after. NOTE.....No mobile coverage (at the camp) Name Sat Dinner Arrival Depart Heat Tony & Annie Y 5th 11th Lee Rod & Sue Y 5th 10th Saunders Clive & Sandra Y 5th 11th Broadbent/Berry Madden & Trish N 6th 7th Bonson Ian & Jacqui Y 6th 10th Sommerlad Barry & Carolyn Y 6th 10th May John & Maureen Y 6th 10th Clayton Steve & Kerry Y 8th 10th Hines Greg & Heather Y 6th 10th Flynn Peter & Margaret Y 6th 11th Smith Lionel & Margaret Y 6th 11th Marshall Nev & Penny Y 6th 11th Carter Mike & Robin Y 5th 11th Fisher Nick & Gail Y 7th 11th Pullen Allen & Kerry Y 7th 10th Hyde Phillip & Gaye Y 6th 11th Miller Doug & Jean Y 6th 11th
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    Just a 'heads up' for you, if you do your own servicing...... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/x4-12-TRAILER-CARAVAN-ELECTRIC-BRAKES-BACKING-PLATES-QUALITY-STRONG-MAGNETS/192832366955?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D57481%26meid%3D948c0af19a69417e94259925e5d1b6b6%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D190702438279%26itm%3D192832366955%26pg%3D2047675&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
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    Good Evening We would like to join you for the Kedron Owners Xmas Party event. We will be attending the Saturday night dinner for 2. We will be arriving on Wednesday 06/11/19 departing on Sunday 10/11/19 Thanks Greg & Heather Hines 0416 009 048
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    Thank you Chris, you have done well. We have stayed in quite a few these sites, especially the WA last year. very much appreciated.
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    G'Day Tony, I have been using these aftermarket brake assemblies on my van & also vans that I service for many years with NO trouble from the std magnets. I am aware of the 'off road' magnets but could not justify the added cost. That's my experience anyway.....your call. So important to adjust the brakes correctly (bendix electric) screw adjuster up till wheel locks then back off 'twelve clicks' ! Cheers Tony
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    Ha ha......just got to understand to be a ‘Leader’ you have to be in a ‘Kedron!’ Travel safe and enjoy your diesel heater! Cheers Tony
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    I priced the Dometic / Ebersparcher diesel tank cap at $30 and was not prepared to pay that price for a cap that cost less than 10 cents to produce. I found two items at Bunnings that do the job perfectly and the cap is much better than the original cap. You need to buy a 40mm DWV PVC male fitting adaptor from the plumbing department. (see photos below) It has a thread on one end and is smooth on the other end. The smooth end fits perfectly into the inside of the fuel tank filler. About 3 metres from the adaptor in the same aisle is a one and a half inch black plastic cap with a Philmac brand on it, it has a hex shaped base to make it easy to unscrew the cap. You need to put a little plumbing primer and the blue plumbing glue on to the white fitting before slipping it into the fuel tank filler. Clean the inner of the fuel tank filler thoroughly to remove any diesel and rough it up slightly to allow the glue to grip the inner side of the filler tube. Any fuel resistant sealant or glue will do if you don't have plumbing primer an plumbing glue. Drill a tiny hole through the white plastic plumbing fitting at the base of the thread before gluing it in place so the tank can vent and does not form a vacuum whilst fuel is drawn from it . Glue the white fitting with the vent hole down to keep moisture out of the tank. The vent hole is probably not necessary as the cap does not have a sealing ring and will probably let a small amount of air past the thread but I can't guarantee it. Total price for both fittings is under $6.50! If you lose the cap again a replacement costs under $3.00
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    Hi Andrea and Gary. Welcome to the Group, and congratulations on ordering KEDRON caravan. Before you visit the factory, compose a list of questions. You might find many of those will be answered when to go there. I suggest the main thing is to get a firm understanding of the specifications and any extra things you want. Also, ask Graham to send you some photos of the various build stages. Other than that, enjoy the experience and comradeship the Group can offer. All the best. Cheers from Pete
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    You have made a great decision to join the Kedron ‘family’ and you will enjoy travelling in a wonderful van. Let us know which area you live in and perhaps join up with other Kedron owners. chris
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    Welcome to the group Andrea and Gary. Looking forward to catching up with you somewhere on the road. Ditto what Tony has said above. Sandra and Clive
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    Looks great looking forward to the KOG group in November
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    These guys come highly recommended ......if you have trouble in Darwin. Not mobile you have to go to them.
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    Thank you Chris, very helpful trip report. It gives me something to think about for when we reschedule our Alice trip. I had planned on arriving and leaving Alice from the south, but doing a loop where we leave Sydney and first go north / west to Boulia, then visit Alice, Uluru and the surrounds and then come home via Oodnadatta sounds like a better option. This year’s trip was designed around having a Jayco which we wanted to sell as soon as we returned home. The Jayco is now retired (for us at least), detailed and up for sale. We pick up the CP5 in October opening up a new world of route options.
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    For our wedding anniversary I bought a map of the world, put it on the wall. I gave my beloved a dart and said “wherever the dart lands we will holiday for 2 weeks!”. Well, now we are camped out near the skirting board in the laundry for a fortnight....
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    Last night we stayed at the Kilkivan Bush Camp. It was so lovely. Update, the pool is open. Remember to bring your swimmers. Also they are in the process of adding a coffee shop and kiosk next to the office.
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    Can't believe we are going to miss this again. Have fun
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