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    We have just completed the Gibb with my 'new' guards in place. We travelled about 1100km in total including trips to Mornington and other stations off the Gibb. I must say I'm very impressed indeed! The van front is almost clean and the A-Frame behind the flaps is virtually untouched. The red dust staining usually seen on the A-Frame after off-road travel is evident in front of the flaps and non-existent behind them. When travelling, my Clear View mirrors enabled me to see stones and gravel hitting the flaps and being deflected sideways. The combination of the extra forward tilt I applied to the stone guard together with the flaps resulted in no new dings to the back of the 'Cruiser. All in all, I'm very pleased with the result. Cheers Brian
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    Hi. A great summary of where I should start with tyre pressures. We are about to hit the Gibb River Rd for the next 10days. Question for me is tyre pressures for a single axle Cross Country Kedron. From what I can see most of the posts are from owners with larger dual axle Kedrons. My concern is load carrying capacity of the tyres being affected by dropping the pressures. We are running Toyo Open Country 265/75/16 rated at 1550kg.
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