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    Hi guys, I'm a new member to the forum and was wondering whether there were many Kedron owners in their 30's on here. We are in our early 30's with 2 daughters and we are looking at purchasing a new XC3 to do a long term (12-18 months) trip around Aus so look forward to meeting some of you!
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    Hi Pepper From our personal experience, I have dealt with the Gall Boys at Kedron for about 16 or so years now, and will continue to do so. In a couple of instances I have offered to pay for fixing some little things that we have 'buggered up' and they have refused to accept my money. They are just great guys to deal with. However, as with any business we deal with in the the long term, we have forged a good, friendly working relationship with them. I'm quite sure many of Kedron's customers have done the same. So, I agree with what others have said in response to your question. Cheers Peter
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    Hello Pepper, I can assure you that you won't have an issue with Kedron. I reason I say this is because Kedron replaced our air cond while in Broome (No charge) when the van was 4 years out of warranty. I had a leaky sink tap while in Lawn Hill and Kedron sent us a new one ........No charge and the van is 6 years out of warranty. I broke the neck off my diesel heater tank (My fault) and they sent me a new tank ........ you guessed it .......no charge. I broke the flap of the outside power point and .............yes .............. Kedron sent me a new power point to Alice Springs ........... No charge. We met a couple on the Birdsville Track who had just purchased a 10 year old ATV from a private sale and travelled with them to Lawn Hill and along the way the rocks from the road smashed the plumbing couplings and he could not buy new ones easily, so I told him to give Kedron a call ........... and guess what........... they sent him new ones .........No Charge. They where in total disbelief. Pepper, I have never dealt with a company like them. They just want you to enjoy their product and go out of their way to "Do the right thing" ............ very rare these days.