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    Here for the long weekend in Tassie to avoid the ‘hordes’ Second shot, later in the arvo after a short sharp storm ☔️
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    The Guys at Kedron will fix your problems. They always do. One of the reasons we ordered our second van from them was their commitment to their customers.
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    OK, right now we are at another special spot. It is called Lake Ratzcastle, 12 kms South of the small (as in very small) town of Goroke, Victoria. This is the Wimmera which is full of lakes and water reserves. Of course, in dry years they are not all full of water. But this is a good year and our Lake is full to the brim. S36 48 42 E141 27 55 It is a lovely quiet spot, with flushing toilets, a tap and a hot shower. Donation is requested. And it would be very bad form not to pay a fee for such special surroundings. Here we are.
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