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    Hi Pepper, Never seen a warranty in writing but everyone was happy with there Kedrons when we were checking things out before purchase.. Since some of the other suppliers give you a written warranty and don't live up to it it seemed redundant. We have had things done after what would be the accepted period and they have always done there best for us. I realise this doesn't answer your exact question but hope it helps
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    After ordering or triple bunk XC3 in November, we are glad to have taken delivery two weeks ago! We just had our first shakedown trip and van life is a lot easier than the 15 years of tenting we've been doing prior!! Keen to learn and share experiences in this forum Chris
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    Hello we are looking to purchase a used kedron from the manufacturer. They advertise that used vans are backed by 3 months manufacturers warrenty. When asked for a copy of warrenty terms ,conditions etc i was advised the warrenty is verbal only nothing in writing !!!! Is this other peoples experience ? Has any one got a written copy of the eartenty they could share ?? Thankyou Pepper
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    We are on our second Kedron and the support from the Gall Boys has been fantastic. They really do stand by their product. Cheers Stu
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    Laurie & Webby have said it all.....NO more to say.... The Gall's are fantastic with product support & backup. I don't know about Qld consumer laws, but I would like to think that any paperwork you receive from Kedron with the purchase of your van would reflect some warranty period.....BUT rest assured if your buying a van either new or second hand (from Kedron), the support and help will be there....well after the statutory warranty period. 'Pepper' re your post from yesterday afternoon, when I purchased my new van in October 07 the paperwork at the time stated a twelve month warranty period, nine years YES nine years later Kedron will look at ANY 'fair wear and tear' problem/concern that I have with my van.....if the problem/concern is anyway related to the build of the van it is fixed (properly) in no time with a minimum of fuss, usually FREE OF CHARGE or for a very minimal charge, if you have a concern/problem with a part or component supplied to Kedron that they fitted to your van at the original build or fitted by them (Kedron) post build.....they seem to know the right strings to pull to get you concern/problem FIXED even when well out of the suppliers warranty period. Enjoy your van & welcome to the Kedron family. CU down the road....
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    I could spend time writing all the after sales service I have received from Kedron too, but it would just take too long. I can can sum it up by saying - A Gall Boys' handshake is his word and rock solid. You will not meet a more honorable and honest family. Welcome me to the "Kedron Family".
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    Hi Pepper From our personal experience, I have dealt with the Gall Boys at Kedron for about 16 or so years now, and will continue to do so. In a couple of instances I have offered to pay for fixing some little things that we have 'buggered up' and they have refused to accept my money. They are just great guys to deal with. However, as with any business we deal with in the the long term, we have forged a good, friendly working relationship with them. I'm quite sure many of Kedron's customers have done the same. So, I agree with what others have said in response to your question. Cheers Peter
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    Hello Pepper, I can assure you that you won't have an issue with Kedron. I reason I say this is because Kedron replaced our air cond while in Broome (No charge) when the van was 4 years out of warranty. I had a leaky sink tap while in Lawn Hill and Kedron sent us a new one ........No charge and the van is 6 years out of warranty. I broke the neck off my diesel heater tank (My fault) and they sent me a new tank ........ you guessed it .......no charge. I broke the flap of the outside power point and .............yes .............. Kedron sent me a new power point to Alice Springs ........... No charge. We met a couple on the Birdsville Track who had just purchased a 10 year old ATV from a private sale and travelled with them to Lawn Hill and along the way the rocks from the road smashed the plumbing couplings and he could not buy new ones easily, so I told him to give Kedron a call ........... and guess what........... they sent him new ones .........No Charge. They where in total disbelief. Pepper, I have never dealt with a company like them. They just want you to enjoy their product and go out of their way to "Do the right thing" ............ very rare these days.
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