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    Usual disclaimer....I have NO affiliation or financial interest in the company/product below. After hearing about and viewing the news footage...... https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/national/caravan-rollover-when-overtaking-goes-wrong/video/586f7067428749ec875843bdc9266a87 and after an exciting experience, myself, getting a 'sway' up (a few years ago with the 200 series) I came across an ad from a supplier who I occasionally purchase chassis & running gear from....Couplemate (they are in Brisbane). The ad/link..... https://www.couplemate.com.au/caravan-electrical/sway-control/tuson-sway-control/ Tuson are a well respected USA manufacturer of trailer & braking components. A sway controller is something I've had in the back of my mind for some time now and seeing the 'Tuson' name clicked my brain and I purchased one. The sale was made easier as they are on special at the moment, using the coupon discount code SPRING saving 15%. The product arrived in a couple of days, upon inspection it was well packaged, a quality looking product with clear & easy to understand installation/operating instructions. I had a couple of questions re fitment (before installing) I spoke to a rep from Couplemate who answered my questions without hesitation....potentially making the installation process a little easier. Installation (on a lazy sat arvo) was very easy and hassle free.....especially with the original Kedron factory (elec brake) wiring which I was able to use, negating the need of running extra or new wiring to the brake assemblies. (just a couple of reworks to the original and all good) Photos below will 'say' a thousand words......I did deviate slightly from the instructions re positioning of the telltale/diagnostic light for the unit....I mounted it on top of the draw bar away from potential impact damage (see photo) but clearly visible (indicating correct operation) when connecting electrics from van to tug. Instructions suggested fitting light assembly to the front of the van (drivers side) I imagine so it can be seen in the driver's rear view mirror......the green LED is not bright enough to be seen at that distance in daylight, and how often do we tow at night......so were I mounted mine will work for me! I haven't actually towed the van with this unit fitted yet, but with static testing all appears OK.......guess the real test will be if I get the van in a sway condition again....here's hoping I don't, but at least I have this unit to assist me in correcting the situation. Fitting this aid DOES NOT relieve the driver of ANY of his/her obligations to SAFE Driving! Again, I have NO affiliation or financial interest in the company/product. Cheers Tony
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