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    Hi Everyone, I have just sold my 200 series Landcruiser and need to upgrade to another tow vehicle. I was thinking about another cruiser with a GVM and brake tow capacity upgrade to 4t through Lovells. However I am in another mind to buy a Chevy Silverado 2500. We tow a 2018 XC5 triple bunk van weighing 2980kg with a ATM of 3750kg. 5 in the family. Could any members here might be able to give some good advice on the pros and cons of both vehicles. Thanking you so much. Regards Paul
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    We have friends whose female partner cannot drive the bigger vehicle out shopping. Both admit that many times they have o park some distance away from where they want to go, just to fit a parking spot. Another member of a forum sold their almost new van and car because the vehicle could not be turned around in a parking area on the Great Ocean Road....the last straw, apparently. But if you are a very competent driver who does not mind the difficulties in finding parking, all would be well.
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    Hi Paul, After owning Toyota's for 26 years, the last three Toyotas were 200 series diesels.......I decided to go to the 'dark side' and purchase 2016 GMC Sierra (from Performax). My ATV just getting heavier, having a bride that wants to carry more & more, I knew even without weighing the combination, I was overweight. The Toyota is/was a fantastic tug and reasonable on fuel consumption as you'd be aware, the only negatives are quick/emergency stops with a fully loaded van wondering if your going to stop. I did not go with a GVM upgrade, but being a mechanic and service my own vehicles I did carry out a brake 'upgrade' slotted, dimpled rotors & performance/heavy duty pads......this did improve braking......at one stage I was considering fitting Tundra calipers front and rear but the cost was prohibitive. The time had come to upgrade..... After driving the F truck, RAM & Chev/GMC I decided on the GMC. I believe I have made the correct choice, fuel consumption (towing) is less than the Toyota (towing).The GMC is my daily drive, yes you have to be aware of its physical size but it doesn't take long to get the feel for its size and it constantly amazes my passengers where I can park/put it. I do miss some of the Toyota creature comforts......keyless entry, rain sensing wipers,Toyotas superior A/cond (Chev/GMG don't have air outlets for the rear passengers) When towing, that is when the American trucks 'shine' seemingly endless torque & KW's to spare, when in 'tow haul' mode the effect of the exhaust brakes is nothing short of mindblowing .....you have total control of the rig. Parts & accessories are readily available from an seemingly endless number of suppliers in the US, (freight can be costly though) delivery of ordered parts depending on freight option is about a week. Fast moving parts for vehicles are (my experience) are easily sourced here in Oz. Am I happy that I went to the dark side......YES! Travel safe PM me if you'd like to have a yarn
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    Hi Paul We have had our Silverado now for six years towing our 21' Top Ender and I would not tow with anything else. They are an incredible towing beast with a brilliant fuel economy, and one of the most relaxing feelings you will find towing a big heavy van. The exhaust brakes work a treat as does the tow haul mode. They are one of the best towing vehicles around. Now saying that, we only use ours as a tow vehicle because they can be a pain in the but in a shopping centre because of the size but we always park further away from the doors and take up four spots and I no longer care after all it is a truck. We are fortunate enough to have a shopping car, general run around when we are home. Have a look at all the Americans and you could also check out the new Nissan Titan with the new Cummins V8 Diesel that is made for it as a slightly cheaper option, but still with a 4.5t tow. There has been a few discussions on this forum about similar questions over the past few years so check them out also. Cheers Merv
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