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    We hope everyone is able to enjoy the New Year out and about travelling with their vans. Travel safely and make wonderful memories.
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    Just back home in Victoria from getting the ATV 2 serviced in Brendale. The Kedron family go above and beyond in their service. Well worth the trip from Victoria besides it is a good excuse to have a couple of weeks break. A big endorsement to Kedron
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    Hi All, long time since I posted on this site. The reason for todays post is that I have finally after 10 years of trying fixed the dust Ingres problem that I have had with our van. The answer was that the pressure on the inside had to begetter than the pressure on the outside. This has been achieved by installing a CaraFan in place of the exisiting Fantastic Fan. The CaraFan was created by Lyons Air-conditioning in Perth. It provides high volume filters air into the caravan cabin keeping the inside pressure above that of the outside pressure. I had it fitted by the Kedron people at the factory. I have just completed 250Km of gravel, with lots of dust, and not one drop of dust inside the van. Happy wife happy life. This has been one of the best bits of kit that I have added to the van and we are very happy. You can have a look at the product at carafan.com.au. I have attached a photo.
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    I know I have posted on this subject previously. I have just had a few things done at the KEDRON factory and once again the service has been superb. From Robyn in the office to Ashley and his team they were great. Thank you KEDRON. Much appreciated. Colin @ Gayleen
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    Hi Andrea & Gary, Welcome to the KOG, we are a group of like minded people who enjoy the use of their Kedron product & caravanning generally. There is lots of information on this site referring to Kedron ownership, should you have a question and can't find the answer you're looking for, don't be afraid to ask! I don't know the area that you're from but if you are from SE Qld we have two gatherings coming up that you would be more than welcome to attend....... even consider coming for a day visit! Looking forward to meeting you guys one day soon. Best wishes & welcome again to the Kedron family! Tony H Kingsley Grove Estate, Goodger - Kingaroy QLD 06 September 2019 Until 08 September 2019 0 KOG Christmas Gathering & AGM - Kilkivan Bush Camp 06 November 2019 Until 10 November 2019
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    Cannot thank Tony and committee enought for organising a top gathering. What a great group of people. Pity had to leave a day early and didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone. Hopefully will do over the following years.
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    I have received acknowledgment from the RFDS of our donation to them in accord with the terms of our constitution; " funds in excess of $6,000 at the end of the financial year ". I attach a scanned copy of our cheque and donation form together with their response dated 10 March received 4 days ago. Cheers to all and travel safe Mike RFDS Thank You - April 2017.pdf RFDS Cheque n Donation Form 24 Feb 17.pdf
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    The onerous rego renewal just arrived for our TE this day and to all of my shock and horror the total was $55.50. Thanks Vic Roads.... Cheers Merv
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    Our most sincere thanks go out to President Tony and his band of Helpers for organising such a great program of events over the six days of the KOG Christmas Gathering and AGM - quality presenters with lots of valuable info for us all. Also, thanks for the openness of new acquaintances in the Group - it’s refreshing to find people from such diverse backgrounds so open, friendly and helpful to each other. Travel safely 😻🐾
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    Are you going for a Guinness book of records or something with the number of people attending this gathering. Still jealous and hope to make it next year.
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    And the winner of the most ergonomic and also most eccentric dump point goes to - Coolalinga CP, in Darwin! Complete with hand washing facilities and paper towels Just installed 😀😀
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    A truckie walks into an outback cafe with a full-grown emu behind him. The waitress asks them for their orders. The truckie says, 'A hamburger, chips and a coke,' and turns to the emu, 'What's yours?' - 'Sounds great, the same,' says the emu. A short time later the waitress returns with the order 'That will be $9.40 please,' and he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the exact change and pays. The next day, the man and the emu come again and he says, 'A burger, chips and a coke.' - 'Sounds great, I'll have the same,' says the emu. Again the truckie reaches into his pocket and pays with exact change. This becomes routine until the two enter again. 'The usual?' asks the waitress. 'No, it's Friday night, so I'll have a steak, baked potato and a salad,' says the man. 'Brilliant idea, same for me,' says the emu. Shortly the waitress brings the order and says, 'That will be $32.60'. Once again the man pulls the exact change out of his pocket and places it on the table. The waitress cannot hold back any longer. 'Excuse me mate, how do you manage to always pull the exact change from your pocket every time?' 'Well, love' says the truckie, 'a few years ago, I was cleaning out the back shed, and found an old lamp. When I cleaned it, a Genie appeared and offered me two wishes. My first wish was that if I ever had to pay for anything, I would just put my hand in my pocket and the right amount of money would always be there.' 'That's brilliant!' says the waitress. 'Most people would ask for a million dollars or something, but you'll always be as rich as you want, for as long as you live!' 'That's right. Whether it's a carton of milk or a new car, the exact money is always there,' says the man. Still curious the waitress asks, 'What's with the bloody emu? The truckie pauses, sighs, and answers, 'My second wish was for a tall bird with a big bum and long legs, who agrees with everything I say.
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    We had such a great time. Thanks Tony and the committee for all their hard work. At one of the Happy hours Graham and I were talking about caravan safety checks in Queensland and he gave me his email so I could send him the information. Unfortunately, email information and red wine did not work very well and I have been unable to contact him. So, for Graham and anyone else that may be interested, this is the link to the safety check website. I see that they only have a wait list for Toowoomba left this year but the dates for 2019 will be released in January. Nick and I found the experience really worthwhile and we were given a copy of all our weights. There are no fines given for being overweight or anything else that might not be right. https://www.caravanqld.com.au/free-safety-check-days/
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    A big thank you to Tony and the executive plus all the helpers for putting on this weekend. The presentations were fantastic and very much appreciated. A big thanks to Kedron for the support. Merry Christmas and safe travels to everyone. Cheers Stu and Jean
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    We are sitting behind the Wiseman Ferry Bowls Club tonight. Last night we stayed behind the Wollombi Tavern, what a great little town. When we arrived the local markets were on, of course we went for a walk around them. Route 33 is a favourite for motor bike riders and the tavern is a popular stop along with the classic vehicles that call in. It was a people and vehicle watching day for us. Left there this morning and while we didn’t have any bike traffic (actually we had no traffic) I can understand why they like the road, hilly and winding, but very pretty drive. We boarded the oldest operational vehicle Ferry in Australia to cross the Hawkesbury River. Tomorrow we will be in a caravan park to do the washing and resupply before we head off to Bendeela, Kangaroo Valley for the KOG gathering. Wollombi Tavern campingWollombi Tavern
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    Happy Australia day! and happy birthday for the next 10 years to our family as we took delivery of our new XC3 (bunks) in December 2017, Yes, bit of a luxury to have a kedron as your first Van, they say it takes 3 vans to get it right but I can’t see us improving on what we have already, we're planning our trip around Aus this coming October with the 2 little one (6 &7) and getting a tad excited on the planning etc. so good to read positive comments and experience operators helping out with their advice (unlike others sites) My biggest mistake whilst traveling home to Cairns (3 weeks) from Brisbane was telling all the old buggers that I was new to caravanning!!! (only joking though) I'll leave the rest up to your imagination.... once again, Happy Australian long weekend and all the best Craig, Nina & kids
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    The Kedron Handbook is very heavy (3 kilos) and bulky! Because we're newbies we didn't want to leave it behind on our next trip. So we downloaded a pdf version of all the manuals. Those we couldn't find we scanned. There were only 4 or 5 we couldn't either download or scan, so we popped them into a new folder along with a memory stick of our downloaded/scanned pdf's. Our Kedron Bible is now a slim and light 0.7 kilos! If you want a copy of the pdfs, here is the Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/…/nvg883…/AADfmJRYCXEFSfjbv4O9TfqEa…. Obviously, these are specific to our van and setup, but you're welcome to a copy if they are of any use to you.
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    OK, I finally sat and just pushed buttons until it worked and changed the front banner. Now that I know how to do it I think changing the front will add some interest to the site and we could possibly get others to enter photos to be more involved. Ideas? Cheers Happy webmaster that it worked
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    Hi All, Just joined the Kedron group today. My wife and I are expecting our KedronXC3 20' to be ready in February 2017. We have been travelling [ caravans] since 1974, our first being a 16' Millard. We like the life style and the freedom it gives us. Also the people that you meet, swapping ideas , travel info etc. We live in FNQ, doing frequent trips to Cape York and surrounding place's. We are looking forward to meeting people with Kedron vans, swapping yarns and ideas ?? Thank you Allan
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    We are currently camped at a beach site in Lincoln National Park SA. A beautiful spot and all by ourselves with a view to die for. Our van faces the bay and our view is of a great sweep of sky and water. So last night when a storm rolled in over that beautiful bay, we got the full brunt of the 90km + winds. It was so gusty the door was being tugged open! But because we had the van pointed into the wind, the buffeting was minimised, and the stabiliser legs were down which stopped any rocking. The van sat stable as could be. the last time we were here and experienced similar winds (we must be slow learners!) the stabilisers were up, and there was much more rocking motion as a result. And despite driving rain there were no leaks. What a great van.
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    Camped at at a lovely spot called garden island at the mouth of the tamar river in tassie . 1 metre from the water. Watching a ship coming inn. After meeting a local and having a chat.He said that there was a fair chance that a boom gate would be placed across road to stop people going to garden island . As far to much Rubbish was being left. As we have stayed at this spot quite a few times ,I told him that its not people in vans leaving rubbish ,as free sites are getting fewer. ( I know some do.) We have seen locals leaving beer bottle and dirty baby naps, on the ground when they leave . I would hate to see this spot closed . Or any spot closed due to rubbish .
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    Greetings fellow nomads. A not a plug yet again for a great component supplier. Regressing a little, in 2013 on our run towards the Cape we stopped over in the Isa to visit friends that live there. One morning during a walk around of the tug, I noticed that the left hand side was down. A pressure check revealed a flat airbag. Application of the compressor didn't help,so a call to Airbag man to find their agent in the Isa guided us to the ARB agent. A look at the bag revealed a hole in it. A few calls to airbag man by ARB and both bags were changed no charge. Bear in mind the bags were 6 years old, how good is that! Our latest Airbag experience was just as satisfactory. In February 2015 I fitted bags to our new F truck. From day one I was disappointed with the resultant ride as Airbagman had suggested that they would improve the trucky ride, this never happened. I also had problems achieving the stated height measurement for the bags within the stated maximum pressure. I used to get very close to the measurement but at a very low pressure and max pressure (60psi) made no difference. We have been staying at Lawnton show ground waiting to take the van to the factory for a few mods and a new stove (another story). Crawling under the truck revealed that the bottom brackets on the bag installation were loose and bent. Called Airbag man and were referred to their approved fitter Auto Giant in Brendale. Tony at Auto Giant (what a legend) did a full assessment of the problem and sent us around the corner to Airbag man for their engineers to have a gander. Many pictures and phone calls later we were sent back to Auto Giant with all new fit kit to re install the bags. I did insist on new bolts and they agreed. The original bags were then installed correctly and must say the difference in ride now is amazing , the ride in very nearly car like,love it and again no charge(lucky them )! Yet another satisfied consumer Rod and Mavis
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    We had our van serviced today and once again what a fantastic response to our needs and extras. i knew there was a reason we bought a Kedron. Product is exceptional. service is exceptional. What more could you ask for. Thanks Ash and team. Regards Vicki & Ian Lovegreen
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    Our new van is well under way. After such a long wait, it's hard to believe that it's finally happening.
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    I am going to replace the brake drums, plates etc on my Top Ender. I was planning to book into Cruisemaster (Vehicle Components) in Brisbane. On their website I discovered that they have a network of agents across the nation, including Cairns. Yesterday I visited Torque Tyres and Trailer Spares, one of the two agents in Cairns. To my surprise and delight I discovered that they have all the gear in stock and plenty of it. I have a booking there next Tuesday and I will report on the job they do. I thought that this info might be useful for anyone venturing up this way. Torque Tyres and Trailer Spares 180 Lyons Street CAIRNS QLD 4870 07 4230 0715 admin@etrailer.com.au
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    At the AGM in November 2019, we will be seeking nominations to fill the important role of Secretary/Treasurer of the Kedron Owners Group INC. Mike has published information re the position in the Financial Members section. So don't be shy, have a look and help your club stay active and relevant.
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    This was a great weekend and it was nice to meet so many lovely people we will now regards as friends. Hope to see you all out and about soon. Tony & Irene
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    Hi all, Arrived here this afternoon, made to feel very welcome in this friendly town. There are thirty plus van and motor homes here, well set up area here at the showground. Lyn Astill is here in her motorhome, she is trying to get to Kilkivan if the planets align. A couple that Clive & Sandra Saunders meet on their recent WA trip John & Karen Siddle are here also in their TE, working on them to join, unfortunately due to geographic difficulties they won’t be able to attend Kilkivan this year. The organisers here have done a great job, barefoot bowls this arvo and dinner at the local bowls club, a local farm tour tomorrow, rodeo tomorrow night. Sunday local touring, entertainment at the pub on Sunday before the footy final and a camp oven dinner ? The local area is very dry......maybe not as dry as some of the country Annie and I have seen in the last fortnight.....but believe me these people are doing it tough. Funds raised this weekend are being distributed to those in need by the local Lions Club. Photos of amazing trash, treasure, collectables, antiques and some really amazing rare stuff worth LOTS at this local property we visited this morning.....four shed’s of it and so much outside, lovely welcoming family.
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    Our “ new” 2005 Ford F 250 coupled with our re calibrated 4 tonne TE at Eyres Rock. Ford now fully converted to Qld rego and Kedron has had it’s first “ Certificate of inspection” in Cairns. In the front battery hatch we have THREE vin plates.... BLACK. original rego Qld.....SILVER. after GTM upgrade in Perth......BLUE. when we come back home to Gordonvale from. Qld Transport so they can take ultimate control of the operation. Very ,very sorry to see our 100series Landcruiser go. Must admit the F Truck is probably more capable at towing the heavy Kedron on & off the road but back in suberbia it’s a different kettle of fish. Moving and parking around the city must be planned beforehand and there are numerous no go areas . A..n..y..w..a..y all for the best.
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    And Rick and Lea are joining us here tomorrow! How good is that?
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    Hi Kym and Kathryn! We met you at Streaky Bay, parked a few vans up from us. We arrived back to Queensland last week. Really enjoyed our time in South Australia and most particularly, the Eyre Peninsula. Our van was having the shake down trip, after having picked it up from the factory in November. So have booked in for it's first service next week after travelling more than 5000ks. I'm sure you will love your van and quickly get into the swing of things. Regards Terry and MaryLou
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    Hi Everyone, Happy New Year to all of you I just wanted to introduce myself, I have just received my KOG membership and I am very happy to be part of this organisation, hope to meet as many of you as possible. I will travel to Melbourne as of the 13th of January and will reach Melbourne on the 4th of February. on the 10th of Feb I will ferry to Tasmania for 4 weeks, after returning to Melbourne I will travel to Adeleide, Coober Pedy, Alice Springs and back to Brisbane. I do hope to meet as many of you as possible. best regards and save travels Ernst
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    Hi Ernst, and welcome to the Kedron family.... I hope we meet up somewhere on the road! In the meantime, have a look at the section of the forum where details are provided of Kedron gatherings and events. See here. And post trip reports as we love trip reports! Chris
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    This post will only be of interest to Silverado owners or potential owners. After one month I have the truck back and it is running beautifully. Mark at Tuggeranaong Transmissions did a great job. He started at the bottom of a steep Silverado learning curve but he enjoyed the challenge and he got it done. He was helped greatly by Heath Lawson from PID on the Sunshine Coast and by some of his own contacts in the US.For the technical readers we replaced the LT1000 internal wiring loom, the pressure /pad switch LT1000, and the TCU (programmed up by Heath). All good now. We a planning on departing on our delayed trip on Saturday. Regards Colin
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    Did the AB 2 months ago with camper. Wouldn't dream of taking the top Ender purely due to the narrow sections of track. Your van will really cop a hiding along sides, awnings etc. really rough road in patches ( other parts fine) but too narrow in parts ( mainly creek country) for van. Just my 2 bobs worth.
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    Hi Graeme There is a guy who lives in Humpty Do on five acres just out of Darwin and a CMCA member who was offering storage to members. I have tried to find his details but unfortunately to no avail. If you can send the CMCA an email and they just might be able to help. I know there is storage at the airport but I don't know if it is short or long term or how secure it is. I will keep digging for you just in case I can find it. Found it.... ExploreOz forum member Darwin raveneten is his avatar so see if you can send him a message them. Cheers Merv
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    Well the day came and went!! Handover complete ... very very happy! Everything we had hoped for so far! Cheesy pic with Glen attached!! cheers John
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    I have decided to step down from my position as Moderator of the forum. It has been a privilege to undertake this role (as well as a stint as Vice President) and I have worked with some wonderful people from this group in that time. But it is time for me to resign. There are personal reasons for the decision. Of course I will continue to be a member of the Kedron Owners Group and hope to continue to make a contribution where I can. And as the AGM is fast approaching and a mostly new team will be in place thereafter, I wish them all well with their efforts on our behalf. The committee and Webmaster perform minor miracles behind the scenes of the forum, and I wish to thank Lea for her work especially, as the Webmaster. The Secretary (Sue), President (Tony) and Vice President (Cathy) perform such valuable work too, and I thank them for that contribution. Happy travels!
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    We have just arrived in Alice Springs after completing a crossing on the Gary Junction Road (GJR), from West to East. We enjoyed superb weather and pretty good road conditions. The road just after the turnoff from the Marble Bar-Nullagine Woody Woody road was rocky and we had a badly damaged tyre from a sharp rock; this was only 10 minutes after a tyre check so it must have happened very quickly. No other hassles mechanically or any other punctures. (That was our first puncture in years of travel). Up until Kunawarritji the road was wide and in great condition, but narrowed after that community. This was before the road narrowed - nice and wide and smooth Afterwards: After the NT border the road was much smoother and again wider, due to increased traffic between the communities at that end no doubt, and due to being recently graded. We think the NT spends more on road maintenance than WA.... The stores had a good selection of foodstuffs, if somewhat expensive but you expect that. I bought frozen croissants at Kunawarritji! Made a delicious breakfast. Fuel was readily available. Punmu was the cheapest at $3 a litre. Expect to pay about $3.40 at some communities. The pick of the camps is of course Jupiter Well. This is a lovely spot and we spent several days there in the company of a Caravaners Forum member, who actually had a printed copy of my last trip report for the GJR with her!
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    I think the 'ordinary' garden hose is your problem.... My two cents worth.
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    Guys, here is our 2 bob's worth Tyre pressure adjustment and slow down do help. We lined the bottom of all cupboards and draws with a good quality anti slip mat...... not the cheap, thin stuff as it still moves and rubs through. We do use the thin stuff in between the plates and wrap the cutlery in the thin anti slip mat also and put a elastic band around them, this stops the rubbing buff marks. We leave the glasses in the box they came in and/or put them in stubbie coolers. we also stack the cups upside down or big side down to stop over balancing. We only use the snap lock plastic containers. As for the fridge and bathroom cupboards, we purchased small cheap thin plastic storage trays with sides about 60-70 mm high which stops things falling over and falling out when you open doors. We also put a golf tee's in the holes to double lock the fridge doors If we are travelling over badly corrugated roads we tape any screw top lids and we have a supply of cask empty wine bladders that we blow up and pack in all the voids. (It was a big job accumulating the bladders but we were up for the challenge) The bladders are great as when they are not needed you let them down, roll them up and store away and take up far less room than extra towels and pillows. We have been travelling for the last 5 years into some of the most remote places and so far we have only lost 3 wine glasses which isn't a real issue as we learnt how to drink straight from the wine bladders when we attended a couple of KOG gatherings......... Nothing is fool proof but this all seems to work for us. Safe travels guys
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    As many of you may know, we like to head North from the cold of the Barossa Valley in Winter. It is fast approaching the time we plan to leave on the trip North. At the end of the month we intend heading across to the Eyre Peninsular, across the Nullarbor and up through the wheatfields of WA to Marble Bar. Then across the Gary Junction Road to Alice Springs. Our permits for the GJR are organised, and have us leaving Marble Bar/Carawine Gorge on 29 June. We will probably be in Alice Springs mid July, after camping out in the West MacDonnell Ranges. After Alice we may cross the Plenty Donohue Hwys to QLD but at this stage our plans are vague. If we see any of you we will stop and say hello. Anyone else going to be on the move around the same time in the same areas?
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    I guess it all boils down to whether you want to be legal or not. Insurance could be a problem if something serious happened. By the way the hitch is rated to 5500 kgs and ball weight of 545 kgs. End of the day we love the Chev and what it does for us. Lets face it if we all liked the same thing it would be a boring old world. The good thing about Aus (at the moment) is we do have a choice. Doug and Lis
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    Hi Nigel & Deb, Welcome to the KOG forum, here's hoping to meeting you on the road one day soon...enjoy your van, anything your not sure about do a search on the forum or just simply ask. Best wishes Tony & Annie
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    LOL ................. Rick, The guys at Kedron would say "Kedron & Toyota ,great combo". I would too if I had a sweet heart deal with Toyota. I find it very funny that after watching all their DVD's, I have never seen them towing a "Fully Loaded" 21 foot TE or any other 21 foot van. Actually I have never seen them tow any van "fully loaded". I know many people do and that is a personal choice..................... just keep it legal. P.S: Thanks Rick & Lea for you hospitality. It was fantastic to catch up with you guys. Have a great xmas and new year Steve & Kez
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    Great photos Dennis and Colleen. It was freezing overnight here as well. Cairns airport recorded only 14 degrees this morning. Not to worry, it is 26 degrees here now and sunny. Regards Colin
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    Seriously hope the diesel heater is working.....
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    Hello Everyone many of you will already know that Rod & I spent 4.5 months on the road in Qld last year. We took 6 wks to travel from Bris to Mossman. We spent 5 wks doing The Cape with not all areas visited there & stayed 8 days @ Loyalty Beach. After Atherton Tableland region, we headed out to The Gulf & then further west to Lawn Hill NP. We didn't spend much time doing inland / central or far west Qld - perhaps another time :-) We got home 1st week of Sept. I'm a mad keen bird watcher & this is why we took so long. (Rod probably read about 3 dozen books & went fishing where he could whilst I birded.) I have a blog that has taken me 6 mths to complete .....lol......(I'm still birding 3 days a week since getting home) There are 10 chapters starting from Oct 2014 & the last was finished last week. I do mention some camps, but my blog has loads of photos (perhaps 100 per chapter) with commentary about the area & what we saw. You can read it here http://www.ournomadicways.blogspot.com.au/ ( the last chapter will come up 1st, but look down on the right side to find the others under Blog Archive - starting mid October 2014.) I plan to add maybe 2 more chapters dedicated to birds only, but I've only just started no* 1 :-) Enjoy the read :-) If you want any info about where we went etc please don't hesitate to ask here or drop me a PM. cheers Sue
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    Wow Tassie, Your comment has made me so very sad My interpretation of the original post is a gentleman who just happens to be a Bushtracker owner has on his own initiative set up a facebook page for all off road van users to contribute and share experiences and ideas, not make comparisons of brands, what type of van you own appears immaterial to this facebook page. It may also be an attempt to dilute the fierce rivalry between off road brands. I had no idea that your thoughts were the ethos of the "Kedron Family" if this is so, I must be adopted, and will hand my membership back immediately and look for a new family. You ask "Why would we"? Well I would think there is a wealth of knowledge and experience amongst the members here that could be shared with other less experienced offroad van users. I also know that I for one don't know everything and there is much I could glean from the input and experiences of other offroad users. Knowledge is power Tassie. Am I really adopted? John
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