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    Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all KOG members. Hope 2020 will bring you safe travels and a lot of fun. Life is too short to sit still. Clive and Sandra
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    Getting ready for lithium batteries in my Kedron 2013 AV2 3x300 solar Panels on the roof 60W Morningstar controller MPPT 60amp Enerdrive battery charger DC2DC Enerdrive 40+ charger all wired in 35mm cable Thanks to Tony’s great advice 35mm Cable is the go 1000W Redarc inverter as well so I think I am ready to go lithium batteries soon just need to convince the wife cheers Rod
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    We are camping at a campground called Wrights Bay, between Kingston and Robe, South Australia. Right now we are camped with fellow Kedronners Anthony and Keera, who thought they would like to check the place out for a later informal gathering. A nice spot, it’s near the beach and has green grass! And lots in the region to see and do!
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    jezzzz, you be carefull Sandra. I have been told that Kedron owners can be a bit dodgy
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    Thank you, we now have a house sitter organised. A fellow Kedron owner.
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    Very sorry you won't be able to make Kenilworth, look forward to catching up another time.
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