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    Hi Pete , we have, since this post started purchased a new 200 Sahara and had both GVM and the 4 t tow kit installed by Lovells and couldn’t be happier with the vehicle. Handles very well towing and on its own. No or little body roll is felt .We also have installed torque converter and a chip . Towing around 3.6 t we are getting around 19 lt per 100 sitting on 100 klm per hour. But around town 15 so not much different. That’s the only downside I recon . John
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    Hi all We are a Newcastle couple and have just completed our specifications meeting up at Kedron last week for our XC5 20.6 Think we have covered off in most aspects but keen to hear of any mods / features which members consider a must have or one they wish in hindsight they had included or excluded Thanks in advance and hope to meet you on the road one day Wr are scheduled for Mat 2021 pick up Cheers
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    G’day Richard & Tracey,, Caravan design and features is very much an individual choice. One of the great things in choosing a Kedron is the ability to personalise it. Can I suggest you let us know what you have put on your list of ‘wants’ for this build, so other readers of this post can contribute & possibly add to your ‘list’ advising you of their reasons. There are the basic essentials of course, but design & budget limits the final choice. Once you have taken delivery and used your ‘new baby’ over extended periods you will want to fine tune it with little extras....no risk! Cheers & looking forward to meeting you down the road one day soon. Tony H. PS.....as mentioned above a diesel heater is a MUST!
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    Currently completing specifications for our XC5 build we are unsure of our choice of full rhino protection over composite for the side panels can forum members please comment / recommend from your experience
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    This page applies to the following group of people: · Current financial members who wish to renew (assuming that you still own, or are buying, a Kedron Caravan) How to apply for a membership renewal: Electronically · You should have received an email membership reminder together with an electronic version of the Membership Application form. Simply reply to this email, following the instructions given in the email and send off the appropriate payment. Manually · Click on the Membership Application link at the bottom of the page · Print the form, complete all details on the form, sign and date the form. The completed form, together with a cheque, or details of Direct Deposit, shall be posted to: The Secretary Kedron Owners Group Inc. 82-84 Panitz Drive Jimboomba Qld 4290 If you have a scanner, you can scan and email the form and payment details to kedronownersgroup@gmail.com. Payment Methods Payment for membership may be made by Personal or Bank Cheque, by Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit BSB 064 164 Account Number 1051 9832 KOG Application for Membership v 3.71 - Jan 2020.pdf
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    Have a similar issue with my 2017 76 series wagon and hayman reece bar. 12 bolts secure the bar to the 4x4, 5 on each side, 2 underneath and 3 to the side, and 2 attached to a bracket in the middle. Twice now the 6 side mounted bolts have sheered off both sides and the 4 others underneath on the sides have all-but shaken loose. Same problem trying to fix the issue, the welds holding the nuts in place have let go and it is impossible to get new ones in there without removing panels. Had to weld a piece of wire to the nuts to hold them in place while we put new bolts in last time. Couldn't get any spring washers in there so the nuts ended up coming loose and couldn't tighten them much. What a rubbish design. Tried going back to Toyota but since the bar isn't Toyota branded they wouldn't help. So now stuck in Mt Isa waiting for a new towbar to be delivered since the old one is now cracked and broken from the stress of not having properly tighten side supporting bolts. Not sure how the boys at TJM Mt Isa are going to fix this one but at least they are willing to have a go.
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