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  1. Steve and Kez

    2019 Uluru & Alice Springs Trip

    Hi Guys, If you do happen to travel the Oodnadatta Track, There is a caravan park at Leigh Ck which is Ok and the pub has a great feed too. There is also another van park about 5 kms past Leigh Ck called Copley. It too has a van park and the pub there has a fantastic (country pub) feed and there is a good pie shop there too and is famous for their Quondong pies. I would recommend staying here over Leigh Ck. Make sure you plan a night at Farina Station. It is only about 70kms from Copley and there is 28 kms of dirt starting from Lyndhurst. There is not a lot to see around Lyndhurst. (Lyndhurst is actually in the middle of Farina Station). Faria Stn would be one of the best camping areas is SA Outback Donkey showers and flushing loos and grassed camp sites. If you don't have timber, you can buy sleepers from the owners Once at Farina Stn head to the camp ground and set up as to can walk to all the sites of interest (the ruins, cemetery,old railway bridge). The owners are Kevin and Anne Dawes …………… say G'day if you see them as they are really great people. You may even find that the bakery is open. If it is, it has the best cream buns in the world. The next stop to think about is Coward Springs is a great overnight stop or you can detour at Maree and head out to Mulcoorina Station. It is a beautiful spot but you will have to backtrack (but worth it if time permits). Turn right about 2kms west of Maree and travel 50 kms (all good dirt roads) It is beautiful. It has a large waterway and plenty of bird life. When you get there you will come to the small toilet block, look to your right and you will see a single date palm in the distance. Just past there is a beautiful camp spot at the very end of the road and has plenty of room to turn the van around. You have to take your own wood for the fire. You will have to back track for this spot too. The next spot along the Oodnadatta track is Coward Springs …………….. a must. It has a thermal bore pool and is wonderful. You can have fires there also On the way to William Creek there are a few things to see along the way if you choose.William Creek Hotel is a must for lunch and then onto Oodnadatta. Oodnadatta to the hwy is the Painted desert and it is spectacular. We also lived in Alice Springs and travelled it extensively and know of a lot of beautiful locations that are "not so well known" and very worthy of a visit. Guys I hope this helps and if you need any additional info , give us a call as we have extensively travelled and worked in the whole area you are looking to travel in and have a lot more info if required Hope it can help you Steve
  2. Steve and Kez

    Tyre pressure

    Hi Ernst, I have attached a Tyre Pressure Chart which may or may not be of use to you. It was actually put together by someone on the KOG site some time ago but seems to have been lost in the transfer over to the new web site. I hope it helps you out Cheers Tyre-Pressure Calc.xls
  3. Steve and Kez

    Info Required

    Thanks Tony, Enjoy your visit to Fraser
  4. Hello Liz and Graham, Welcome to the KOG. To be honest, I am not that familiar with the CP5, but I am positive you will not notice too much of a difference from the previous trailer in regards to towing. The 100 series should do it with ease. The boys at Kedron definantly know how to set a van up for towing and they will make sure everything is perfect before they send you on your way. As for the 'intelligent questions', I wouldn't worry to much about it. Looking back to when we bought ours................we were first time van buyers and i know we asked a lot of dumb questions and the guys were more than helpful. If you have a question or a concern.................just ask regardless. Hell, .......if you have watched any of their DVD's you will soon realise that they are not that intelligent themselves at certain times. Good luck with it all
  5. Steve and Kez

    Info Required

    Thank you Sandra, Yes we will have to catch up when you get back
  6. Steve and Kez

    Info Required

    Hello All, Kerry and I are going to Cania Gorge and Carnarvon Gorge in early September for a 2 week short trip (From Hervey Bay). We are considering coming home via Augathella, St George, Cunnamulla, Toowoomba etc. So I would like to know if: There is anything interesting to see in theses towns Is there any decent free camps that you could recommend Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  7. Steve and Kez

    Tanami track

    That's another vote for Mary Pools and Lake Ellendale. Also make sure you visit Wolfe Creek Creator and Old Halls Creek. If you require any info on the Kimberley, let me know as we lived in the region for 18 months.................. we also lived in the Alice region for over 2 years, so we can probably help you out there too. Enjoy your trip
  8. Steve and Kez

    Cleaning out water tanks

    If they are the grey plastic (Kedron) tanks, they will be baffled as that is how they promote them............................... that should sort your baffle-ing problem
  9. Steve and Kez

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Hi Tony, Mine are the STZ which has now been replaced by the ATZ. they are a 50/50 pattern. I have just put Toyo Open Country AT on the Patrol and I an very happy with them so far. But I have only done 7,000kms on them. They are a very quiet tyre also (but compared to the Cooper ST Maxx.......... A D9 Dozer would be quiet) and have been fantastic in the wet. Look forward to catching up when your back Safe travels
  10. Steve and Kez

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Hi Leon/Tony, Be careful of the BFG's as the new pattern is no where as good as the old. This information has come from two BF dealers who are customers of mine. Both are getting poor performance and niggling issues with them and both have stopped recommending them. I have Mickys on my GM but they are 18". They have only done about 12,000k but I really do like them so far. Very quiet and have an excellent load rating.
  11. Steve and Kez

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Did they throw in a set of ear muffs? ...........................you will need them as they are just as noisy as a full on MT tyre after about 10,000kms. Plus they are not a good wet weather tyre
  12. Steve and Kez

    Towing with Toyota Cab Chassis

    Hi Jaap Don't forget you still have to add all the extras to the weight of the C/Chas ...... Air con, B/Bar, Tow bar, radios and all the other crap we all seem to carry and forget about. I tend to agree with Merv........................I don't think there is much difference . Certainly not 350Kg. P.S: Trust me, You don't need to be a millionaire to have have a Chev/GMC or F Truck as I have a GMC and I am so poor that I can't pay attention ................................But I guess it would help. By the time to buy a new cruiser and then spend all the money setting up with beefed up suspension, elec brakes and all the other stuff, you are not far off the price of a good second hand Chev/GMC or F Truck or even a new one as they don't require all the beefed up suspension, elec brakes etc.
  13. Steve and Kez

    In Tasmania!

    What a rough looking mob........................ Just as well that you are in Tassie...............you will fit in. That big bloke in the front looks like a 6 fingered banjo player if ever I saw one, but at least he seems to have all his teeth.
  14. Steve and Kez

    In Tasmania!

    Geezzz, The quality of people is starting to decline rapidly. Say g'day to Rick and Lea for us please
  15. Steve and Kez

    Eyres Rock proper

    LOL ........................ "Queenslanders can be a bit different" ......................... That is an understated comment if ever I have heard one