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  1. Hi John , Sounds like you need a new computer board . Cheers Noel .
  2. Hi Alan, I shattered a panel on the Outback Way earlier this year,don't know exactly when but I also got a big star in the windscreen by a stone throughen up by an idiot going too fast in the oposite direction.I have been told hail will not brake them but sharp rocks will. Noel.
  3. Hi Pete&Tracey, I had a similar problem with mine.After trying a few different things including replaing the thermocouple I finally found the problem.The knob used to turn it on had slid too far onto the shaft so it was hitting onto the body of the BBQ when being held in to over ride the thermocouple so not allowing the thermocouple to do it's thing.The remedy was to pull the knob off and place about 10mm of 6mm round in it before replacing it.Have not had a problem since. A quick test is to remove the knob and use a pair of pliers to light the BBQ. Hope this helps. Noel.
  4. Evo

    The Outback Way

    Thanks Collin, I'm realy looking forward to this trip. Trust me I will be keeping watch. Noel.
  5. Evo

    The Outback Way

    Hello Collin, I also would love to do this trip with you.Not sure if the timing is right just yet. When will you need final numbers re.organising permits etc. Regards Noel.
  6. Evo

    Van Heating

    Hi Jacky Jacky and Glen & Debbie, Thanks for your replies.From Deb's comments and those from last year I'm thinking gas is the way to go. Thanks again Noel.
  7. Evo

    Van Heating

    Hi Tony, Thanks for the info.Much apppreciated.Hope someone can give me some info about the gas units. P.S. The mirrors are great,thanks again. Noel.
  8. Evo

    Van Heating

    Hi All I'm planning to install a heater in my 07 ATV but don't know weather to go diesel or gas?I'm leaning towards gas as I feal it may be easier to install.Any comments for or against either would be greatly appreciated. Noel.
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