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  1. Hi Alan I have relocated the tank and pump to the rear of the van, I had a new aluminium tank made, the tank is protected by a rear bar. I fitted the pump under the back of the van and fitted a ali stone guard to protect it. I have tried wrapping the pump, rubber mounting it, nothing else worked but relocating. Cheers Phil
  2. Hi There I bought a 2500 Silverado from Victorian American Imports in november, Picked it up in Late December and to date we have travelled 14,000 km (currently in Tassie) This truck is amazing, we are towing a 4.5 t van up and down mountains with ease, I have a mate in Perth who bought one through Performance West in Perth (they buy them from Performax add there bit and sell it on) The conversion is almost identical apart from the placement of the seat heater switches. I think one company makes all the dash assemblies as they look the same (all Fibreglass). Feel free to call if you want any info Cheers Phil 0417885151
  3. Hi David and Anyone else interested. i drove our truck from South Melbourne to Port Augusta and got 13.4lt /per 100km traveling about 110km p/hr, From Pt Augusta to Norseman we got about 15.7 lt/ per 100km travelling about 20-25km p/hr faster. Towed my van (aprox 4.3t ) around the south west got between 21-25 lt per 100km up hill down dale. It has an engine brake and a tow haul mode, I bearly need to use the brakes. I have only had it three weeks and have travelled nearly 8000km and don't get tied of driving it. If anyone would like any other info feel free to call. Cheers Phil 0417 885 151
  4. Hi All I also bought a 2500 Silverado, I had the gvm lowered 50kg by an engineer so it can be driven on a car licence, The dealer organised the gvm decrease, it cost $400.00 to do it. The Chevy is the nicest car/truck I have ever driven.. Cheers Phil
  5. Hi Neville My wiring was much better, I fixed it up when I fitted the twilight switch. (pictured) Good luck Phil
  6. Hi Neville Your setup sounds great. Do you have any pic's of your car ? Where did you get it done ? We are in WA and can not yet chop them, I also asked about upgrading the GVM and was told that it was set by the manufacturer and couldn't be increased ? maybe I was speaking to a goose... Cheers Phil
  7. Hi Rod and Mavis When are you guys leaving WA ? We may cross paths as we go to pick up our ORSUM NEW VAN. We leave Perth on the 12 Sept and hopefully leave Brisbane about 18.19.20 Sept for the long trip home. Maybe we could have a cleansing ale somewhere.... Thanks for the opportunity to see your van last week. See you on the road somewhere. Cheers Phil
  8. Hi Mark and Simone We have a Topender at the moment and have not seen that problem you have before. We tow with an F250 and upgraded our tow bar to the 4.5 t version. I weighed our van at easter time this year on our way to Ningaloo and it was 4.3t. I would be very careful on loading up your van !!!, Not telling you to suck eggs, they are just HEAVY... Your tow bar proves that.. Good luck PHIL
  9. Hi Debbie

    can you please take my topender of the for sale page. thank you


  10. Hi John & Ann

    Nice to have the van sorted, I Still have to organise a couple of things, they say they cant get 4 gas burner stoves or programable timer for diesel heater. They just change so much and for no good reason, am worried that will give "me she'll be right mate" when i go to pick it up. cross that bridge in 3 months.

    Sounds like you guys are having a good time...

  11. Hi Rob & Doris Good on you !! Great van worth the wait.. We had a combined toilet shower in another van and did not like it !!!!. We found if you went into the loo after a shower you would get wet feet !!!. Did not like wiping down wet area. We are in Brisbane to see Stan on Monday to pick colours and so forth, Exciting times Good luck to you Phil & Darlene
  12. Hope you and Darlene have a blast in Brissy and you enjoy putting your own spin on your new van. Cheers John & Ann

  13. Cheers Phil,

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. We are currently in Broome. Off to Kununurra on Saturday after Staircase to the Moon Friday night.

    Today we did beagle Bay, Cape Leveque and Horizontal Water Falls by 4wd bus and float plane, wow what a day and the sights we amazing, a must do. Add it to your bucket list.

    Good luck in Brisbane, say hi to Stan, I hope ...

  14. Does any body have cruisemaster air suspension ? any comments ? Is the ride any better than cruisemaster leaf ?. I have read that it is handy to level up the van on uneven ground. Thanks in advance cheers Phil
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