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  1. Thanks John, I will give you a call when getting closer should be around the end of October early November. Leaving Townsville Sunday morning hopping to be in Birdsville Thursday afternoon.Regards Richard.
  2. Thanks all, for the suggestions and advice.
  3. Hi Tony.I had to drill out the bottom to holes in the doors. Took it to TJM here in Townsville to get them fitted they done a great job. Have not had the van on the back as yet but I think by just looking at them they will be fine. They look good no vibration and I will let you know after our 14 week trip south. Once again thanks for your service with clearview mirrors.Richard.
  4. Hi all.We are heading off on a 14 week trip.Leaving Townsville on the 1st of September across to Boulia down to Bedourie into Birdsville for the races, down the Birdsville track to Maree across to Coober Pedy then to the flinders rangers, Hope to do most of S.A then into Victoria, Jindabyne,and back up the East coast back to Townsville. Any suggestion what to see, where not to go, places to visit.Richard.
  5. Hi Sue what is the polish that you used on the checherplate.Was it shower power alone.I have used the diggers rust and stain remover on the chassis but game to use it on the aluminium. Richard.
  6. Hi Barry and Shirley, congratution on your new van. We have a 21foot topender and we tow it with a 79 series 2011 model gxl ute. I'm more than happy with it's performance and it's fuel cosumption.In September last year we did a trip from Townsville, Burktown, Savannha way out to Gapuwiyak in Arnhem land across the Gibb river road to Broome back to Borroloola king fisher camp lawn hill and back to Townsville -11000kms. We averaged 18.6 litres per 100 kms over all. At Easter time we towed it up to Atherton on the tablelands and averaged 18.2 litre per 100 kms. We tow the van to the road conditions and on the highway I try to tow it around 95/100 kms per hour so we don't hold up the traffic. I love the power and the talk that it has. My ute is stock standard motor wise and has a set of polly air bags at the back. Our van weighs in around 3600 kgs and my ute comes in around 2900kgs when we are doing a long trip. Good luck with your new van and safe travels. Richard.
  7. Hi Rob, sounds like you have weighed it right but like Danny I would be surprised if you only have 220 kg on your tow ball. I put mine over the weigh bridge every time we do a long trip and my tow ball weight is around 320kg give or take 10 kg either way. Rob, when I weigh mine I always separate and weigh the van on it's own and it comes in at around 3620kg with three water tanks full.Have a safe trip down and back. Richard.
  8. Thanks John for that info. Richard
  9. Hi John. I have been looking around to see what is out there. I have been told that tyredog were not suitable for dust and corrigation. Is this brand suitable for traverling on these kinds of roads. Could you let me know the cost of them and does the monitor needs to be hard wired to the vehicle. Thanks Richard
  10. Thanks Ian & Carol for your reply. I have been looking at them here at TJM Townsville but they did not know if new holes had to be drilled into the door. Ian are the standard mirrors hole covered my by the clearview mirrors.How hard are they to fit? Thanks Richard.
  11. Hi Tony.My LC79 series built date was 09/2011.And I'm interested in the chrome. I was wondering if Clearview mirror had a template or the measurments that they could send to check against the mirror that came standard on my Toyota Landcruiser ute, Once again thanks for your help.Richard.
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