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  1. Hi Chris Thanks for your info have just ordered new lenses for mine Kakadu
  2. Thanks Merv did not have trip planed had to forgo grand parents duties to make it happen but they will forgive me. your 20ins GMC rims are going good. Kakadu
  3. Hi All Got a call from one of my brothers on Monday asking if I was interested in going to The big Bash,since then everything has been booked but what I need from anybody who has been and done the bash before where can you top up water tanks and dump toilet before going into area. Brother is travelling from Brisbane and I am travelling from Melbourne and meeting at Lighting ridge for a couple of days then onto Charleville for a night,Windorah then to Birdsville on the Saturday before .WE are free camping at Birdsville before going in on Sunday,could not book into caravan park at Birdsville they don't take bookings for one night bookings. Kakadu
  4. I agree wholeheartedly Steve after posting the pic and checking it out I cleaned it up the next day I must have been very lazy at the time because I always keep the truck clean inside and out. Kakadu
  5. Make sure you visit Maldon which is just outside of Castlemaine if you have time, It is a beautiful place. I spend a lot of weekends free camping at the Butts camp ground there .I was born in Maldon and love going back there Kakadu
  6. I agree with everything Merv has said, we went there in 2014 and left our van at Drysdale station for 3 nights, went to Mitchell falls and Kalumburu and just used the awning on side of chev with a mossie screen clipped on to it and a self inflating mattress, was a good experience but because of how rough the road was I am glad we left the TE there. They are a tough van but some times a little common sense can help. Kakadu
  7. Good onya Kakadu - I see you've taken action

  8. Hi Nev I agree with you I did some homework on this when I first took delivery of my chev and came to the same conclusion re the plumbing so gave it a miss
  9. Hi Rob I had the same problem and put it out on the forum and got a few good answers if you write fuses up in the search bar you may find out more info Regards Kakadu
  10. Hi Colin I fitted my diesel care filter to firewall under bonnet on passenger side I used the mounting bracket that mounted the filler neck of my adblue tank which I removed I will try and post a picture. Also since photo I have changed both fuel filters according to truck computer which was saying I have 25% of use left in them. I never let it go below 25%, but I always keep an eye on the glass bowl on bottom of Diesel Care filter and drain every couple of weeks. Kakadu
  11. Hi Colin Tony is right, I sent diesel care an email and asked them what I needed for my chev which was a filter head and filter and some hose, The length of the hose depends where your original filter is mounted. I mounted the new filter to the firewall. Part number for filter is 31863. Kakadu
  12. Hi to all I can recommend purple, as an ex tanker driver all the drivers used purple on our alloy wheels and fuel tanks and they came up like mirrors and made the truck look smik. If you polished them on a regular basis it was an easy job to do, even had one bloke that would lie on his back and polish underneath his tanks and when asked why he would say that if he ever ran over anybody they would see themselves as he went over them. kakadu
  13. Hi Doug I have kept the 20ins rims on my 2011 silverado and fitted Micky Thompson LT305/22/20 Baga MTZ muds. Last year I damaged a rim up in the Bungle Bungles and had to change it and had no problems fitting it into the spare wheel compartment, 18 & 20ins tires have close to the same diameter because the 18s have a higher sidewall. I am looking at fitting LT285/55/20 BF Goodridge alterains or Micky Thompson ATZ P3. Cheers Kakadu
  14. kakadu

    Stone Stomper

    Hi Brian If you look up hywaytrucks on the net , they have a store in most capital city's also are an online store. I bought 2 flaps from them which were MUDFLAP 455MM X 610MM TRUE BLUE for $39.00 and they do the job and look good to Cheers Kakadu
  15. I think that you will find that the Tundra has a V8 petrol and only 3.5 towing kakadu
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