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  1. Another innovative design by KEDRON. Yours won't come out and ours fell out until I repaired it Blueheeler
  2. To all Travellers passing through the South Burnett. WONDAI now has a new Free Camp located approximately 50 metres down from the WONDAI HOTEL. New toilets and showers. $2.00 cost for shower. Dump point directly opposite the WONDAI HOTEL near old Railway station. Shops, Post Office, BQLD and IGA are all handy. Regards, Alan & Rhonda King.
  3. Bryan, Talk to Kedron they may have some 2nd hand struts or direct you to what you can do to repair them. Also I didn't think Dometic supplied direct to the public. I have had past dealings with them where they tried to touch me up on price and wouldn't supply direct to me also. Regards, Kingy. P.S. Try CARAVAN PLUS on the internet.They have helped me with many savings on purchases.
  4. Hi Guys, Some comments may be said in jest or tongue and cheek God knows I have been guilty of it,but it should be brought to everyone's attention that these comments have been placed in the PUBLIC FORUM on the KEDRON site. Solicitors and do Gooders work hand in hand. Regards, Kingy.
  5. Hi Rod & Jen, How long has it been since you change your under sink filter? They can block up without warning or it could be an air lock as Merv stated. Cheers, Kingy
  6. Hi Danny & Sue, I have a Doran 360 system on the F250 and the Topender. It was supplied by LMS systems in Brisbane. It hasn't faulted to date. It can monitor up to 22 wheels and you can also purchase anti theft parts for the sensors. Cheers, Kingy and Rhonda.
  7. Hi Steve & Kez, I appreciate your reply regarding this matter but, during the coarse of the conversation at Kedron that detail wasn't conveyed to me. Unfortuneatly there are some people's promises I take with a grain of salt. Past experiences you know. I suppose also the re-rating would be done at another cost again to us. Another $350+ I would imagine. Am I right. Cheers
  8. Hi Everyone, While at The Factory today, I spoke to Tom regarding re-rating of our 21'6 Topender. He said it can be done but only to 3990kg at a cost of $350. Van must be taken to the factory for inspection by Tom. He also said and showed the following information on the Transport site on his computer." Once Van has been re rated to 3990kg, the van can only be towed by a vehicle with the same rating. Therefore Landcruiser would be illegal and only a vehicle F250 or Chevey can tow van. Also if Van is rated at 3990 and registered in Qld, it has to be put over the pit every year before it's Rego can be paid and processed. Also if you re-rate your Caravan, have fun trying to sell it. As stated above, van can only be sold to someone with the correct tow vehicle. If you fail to disclose this to the purchaser, you as a seller, will be held accountable - BE WARNED. Cheers.
  9. Blueheeler

    April Trip

    Hi Tony & Leone, They recommend not to take caravans up to Blackdown Tableland National Park and I would adhere to that advice.Tracks are very narrow. We went there many years ago with a camper trailer. There were about 26 camp sites at Minmosa Creek and very small(Tents & Camper trailers). Hope this helps. Regards, Alan & Rhonda.
  10. Hi 32Kev, I just replaced our leaf springs(BLUE MAX) on the 21'6 Topender(6 year old).It brought the height back up 2". I also installed a 2" lift kit into the F250 to marry up with it all. It tracks and travells 110% better than from when I purchased the Kedron. I wouldn't have springs reset as the will only sag again. I would only have new ones, maybe with an extra leaf, but that's up to the individual and what weight they are carring. I purchased all my springs from "SUSPENSION SUPPLIES AUSTRALIA" and they are in Northgate, Brisbane. 07-33703200 you can ask for NATHAN POIANI. He's a young bloke and very pleasent and helpful to deal with. They will also frieght them to you if you require them and nominate a fitter if they have a outlet near you. Regards, Blueheeler
  11. Hi Feildsie, Sounds like the thermostat has failed. If the fridge is more than 5 years old I would regas it also to be on the safe side. Cheers, Blueheeler.
  12. To all Members, It is a good site as you have all stated. But someone needs to nominate for Vice President or the site may be no more. To all you people who have voiced your opinions to how the club has been run or should be, now's the time to step to the plate. I would still be there, but my health had played a part in my leaving the position and we want to try and travell as much as possible for now. Kingy.
  13. Blueheeler


    Hi Phil, Bob and Grace went for the Waeco 215lt I think, and haven't looked back. They didn't like the Engels very much. Apparently they were very noisy. :confused1: I suppose someone will correct if I'm wrong. Cheers, Kingy.
  14. Hi everyone, I like Greg have a 6 ton McHitch and have never had a problem with connecting the truck to the van. With the Hyland coupling, I always had minor trouble. It was always just enough to cause some grief. Now, no problems and no bars. It tracks true and no sway. Regards, Kingy.
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