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  1. How silly is Robert. Although the sound is annoying my main beef was that I could not get any program information (EPG). I discovered that the date was wrong, set at Jan 2010, no wonder it could not find any EPG. Made a change in settings to automatically update the time and all is now well.
  2. Any recommendations for a 12 volt TV? In Mid-2015 we purchased a Teac (LEV24A1FHD) TV and have never been happy with it. Can’t get any program information, and the sound is terrible. Time to change.
  3. Robert & Jane Jones will arrive Wed 6th & depart Sunday 10th, will be at AGM & the dinner. Thank you
  4. We are considering a trip over Barrington Tops in November, from Gloucester to Scone, taking our ATV towed by a 100 series. Any information on the road and points of interest would be appreciated
  5. Following a number of favourable comments about insurance through Ken Tame & Associates we have joined CMCA as associate members and had a very competitive quote for our ATV and 100 series cruiser. The policy wording looks good to us with a number of benefits not currently included by other insurers we have investigated. For agreed value insurance of our five yo ATV they require a valuation, has anyone any suggestions where this can be obtained in the Brisbane area, maybe Kedron themselves? The tow vehicle is at market value. Robert & Jane
  6. Following a number of favourable comments about insurance through Ken Tame & Associates we have joined CMCA as associate members and had a very competitive quote for our ATV and 100 series cruiser. The policy wording looks good to us with a number of benefits not currently included by other insurers we have investigated. For agreed value insurance of our five yo ATV they require a valuation, has anyone any suggestions where this can be obtained in the Brisbane area, maybe Kedron themselves? The tow vehicle is at market value. Robert & Jane
  7. Hi Richard and Celeste. In answer to your query, yes, we went to Nhulunbuy in June 2009 to visit Jane’s son, and three grandchildren. It was about 700k from Katherine, and 600k of gravel road. There is a road across the top but we understand it is rugged. We got a permit from the Northern Land Council (NLC) in Katherine which cost nothing (surprise) and was good for one day; we took that to mean 24 hrs and spent one night camped on the track. The permit was to travel the road only, no permit was required for the Nhulunbuy lease area but other areas do require a separate permit, your daughter should be able to advise you on this. When applying for the permit we did not tell them we were taking a caravan but saw a notice in the office that vans were not allowed on the track. We were not sure if that meant vans were forbidden or just that the road was not suitable. Often we have come across advice not to take a van over a particular road which would be correct if one was towing a Jayco. So we played it cool and went to the Katherine Visitors Centre who rang the police. They said they did not know and suggested ringing one of the communities on the road. We did and were told no problem, so we went. The day we were to drive back the garage had run out of fuel so we had to wait half a day till the barge from Darwin arrived with fuel. While waiting we were approached by someone from the NLC who questioned us saying vans were not allowed. Apparently they don’t want people camping in the area, we told them we had stayed with Jane’s son. We told them we had a permit and permission from the community, they said don’t do it again. Watch the fuel situation. Our average speed was 60 to 80 kph, high fuel consumption. We filled both tanks in our 100 series Cruiser, took two jerry cans and a five litre container. We ran each tank down till the engine started to splutter, used the spare supplies, and just made it with the warning light flashing. The road was not good, but we have been on worse. It depends on the weather and if it has been graded. We did suffer damage on the return trip, a broken rear window in the Cruiser and smashed steps on the van as well as some dust intrusion, which is another story in itself. The crossings were not real bad, the worst was the Goyder, see photo, fairly easy really, but of course it depends on the amount of rain. For one of our more difficult crossing in the gulf country see the following link. />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzN21B-AALA&feature=player_embedded While in Nhulunbuy we made inquiries about catching the barge (Perkins Shipping) back, but the cost was prohibitive. Hope this helps Robert & Jane Jones
  8. Hi Bryan, When I first attacked the wheel alignment problem we were on the road full time but have since settled between Bris and the Sunshine Coast. The van had done 50K, much off-road, so after fitting new tyres, bushes, pins and wheel bearings I decided to take the van into Vehicle Components and have them do an alignment. It took a few hours and cost a little over $200. I learnt much, the first thing was they commented that the A Frame Hinge bolts were not tight enough. I explained I had torqued to 105 lbf.ft as per their drawing. They said this was an error and should have read 150 lbf.ft, same as the Rocker Centre bolts. They also said the camber was significantly out and fitted offset bushes to correct it; the new bushes I had fitted were thrown away. My understanding is that the current models are adjustable. All in all I think it was money well spent. From what I learnt, if I purchased a new van I would have the alignment checked first up. I will attach my file again, but it will still have the error I referred to above. My suggestion is that you email Vehicle Components and ask them to email you one. I looked on their website but could not find it. I did find some info on wheel alignments, http://www.vehiclecomponents.com.au/images/CIS_20_-_Cruisemaster_Camber_and_Toe-In_Adjuster.pdf. I don’t know where you are located, but another option in the greater Bris region is John Jamieson (0431109175). He is an ex Vehicle Components employee who now does mobile servicing, I first met him at the Kedron factory where he was doing some work, but note, I have not used him. Hope this helps….Robert Jones 33I 032 - BOLT & NUT TORQUE SETTINGS Rev6.pdf Toe & Camber Adjustment.pdf
  9. Hi Bryan, there have been some complicating factors, including an error in Vehicle Components drawings. We are currently visting Vic and will reply in more detail when we return to QLD in about a week Robert Jones
  10. We always turn the Vitro off at the thermostat in our 4.5 yo ATV. The light does not go out so when not in use we remove the globe. We don’t have a plug, that is not normal for a 12 volt appliance. Maybe there has been a change over the years. Robert & Jane Jones
  11. Hi Gazza, We just completed the job you are talking about, having traveled 50K with much over rough territory. Not only was the silicon coming away but we had some screws falling out and some minor cracking. We were able to remove the whole unit without too much trouble and found that some screws were into only the thin ply sheeting. We did what we could to achieve better fixing, mainly using silicon. Sometimes it is better not to have the fixing too solid as there will always be some flexing. We had previously used Sikaflex-Pro to seal off the gaps in the Dometic window frames to stop insects getting in, while it was successful in stopping the little blighters it tended to discolour after awhile and is a tad unsightly, but better than the bugs getting in. So for the ensuite we used a silicon but can’t remember which one, think it was Fullers brand. One thing to remember is that it is a wet area so whatever you use needs to resist mildew/mould. Different silicons have different adhesion/flexibility characteristics so it is important to use the right one, suggest you do some research on the internet. Time will tell if we have been successful. Robert & Jane
  12. We have decided to have a new skirt made in welded vinyl at ‘Not Just Canvas’ in Caboolture. We thought about relocating the studs but we would also have needed to add length to the ends. We were worried that further shrinkage could occur and our time, effort and money would have been wasted. The people at ‘Not Just Canvas’ said they had been using the silver material for years and generally had no problems except in two cases after which they now recommend welded vinyl. They surmised that there may have been a bad batch of material. Cheers Robert & Jane
  13. The skirt (van annex, not mini) on our four year old ATV has shrunk, it is now about 50mm short in length, so will need to get a new one made! We have only used it about three times during three years on the road full time. Has anyone experienced this, maybe we need to look at an alternative material? Robert & Jane
  14. At the time of starting this thread we really didn’t think there would be so much interest in spare wheel covers, thanks to all. In response to Heather and Kedron308 we again contacted Kedron and insisted that reception confirm with Glenn what the position was. We were told that Kedron used to manufacture the covers themselves (not order in) when they had two upholsterers but now only have one so don’t have the capacity to make them. We have now ordered a new cover through the link Havago supplied. We have gone for plain black at a cost of $69+ $15.45 postage. As Havago said they were most helpful, no detail was too much, thank you. Robert & Jane
  15. Disappointingly Kedron advised me they no longer supply spare wheel covers. The cover fitted to our 2007 ATV has lasted well, but the cover we bought (Supercheap?) at the same time for our 100 Series has fallen to bits. Thought I’d get one from Kedron but no go. Does anyone know where we can get one that lasts. Robert & Jane
  16. Chris, Had meant to respond to you sooner, but you know how busy you get when retired. Yes we were the people you met at Aspley. Occasionally we travel with a group including friends from Lifestyle Video Productions who make a DVD of the trip for commercial distribution. The DVD’s of the Flinders and Kimberley we lent you were made by them during a trip (we also participated in) as was the Calvert crossing clip. Maybe we will see you on the road again somewhere. Robert & Jane Jones www.lifestylevideos.com.au
  17. Thank you to those that responded to our insurance query, the following feedback may be of some interest. At last renewal our insurer, CIL, increased our premium to $1287.61, decreased the sum insured by 5% and increased the excess from $100 to $200. The previous year MHIA’s quote had been competitive but this year increased it by a whopping 50%, forget them. APIA quoted $1008.16 with an excess of $100. APIA’s policy wording was not quite as good as CIL, mainly they exclude jewellery, but we decided to wear this risk and go with them. Robert & Jane
  18. In response to Rod & Mavis; The Hyland coupling adjusting bolt is made from an allen? head set screw, the head being machined out to form a cup. After uncoupling back in Townsville I found that the head had broken off, but was still in place. I re-coupled, holding the broken piece in place with some grease. Hylands sold us a replacement which turned out to be faulty and caused further problems which are ongoing. I may start a new thread on this in the near future. cheers Robert & Jane
  19. Damage from a late cyclone in April made crossing the top via the Savannah Way somewhat hazardous. We were part of a group that we believe included the first caravans to subsequently cross the Calvert River on 10th June. The group included our ATV, a Trackmaster, T Van and Kimberley Karavan as well single vehicles and a motor bike. You may be interested in the following youtube link which shows the crossing. The single vehicles got through after some under water road building but some quite large boulders had to be moved before the vans could negotiate the winding path through. The only damage we suffered during the trip was breaking the head off the adjusting bolt on the Hyland coupling. Robert & Jane Jones
  20. We were part of the group that crossed the Calvert River that Zolle referred to. We believe that we were the first vans to get through after the April cyclone. The group included our ATV, a Trackmaster, T Van and Kimberley Karavan as well as a motor bike and others. You may be interested in the following Youtube link which shows us crossing. Robert & Jane Jones
  21. Since purchasing our ATV in 2007 we have been insured with CIL with no claims to date. We are also members of the Aust Caravan Club (ACC) who have an arrangement with MHIA, so we got a quote from them which was $200 cheaper. We are wondering if any one has had any experience with either, or any other insurer. It is hard to judge the real value until you have a claim. Robert & Jane
  22. Hi David & Jane The price of $24 we paid was through Ebay. Maybe this was a one off? We have not used their web site, gave it only as a means of identifying the supplier. Robert & Jane Jones
  23. After a problem with an after market locable pin I drilled a standard pin and fitted a padlock, seems to work well. Robert & Jane Jones
  24. Several years ago we had a significant problem with bugs getting in through the Dometic windows. Ashley referred us to Dometic who could not help, said they were not aware of the problem. So I plugged the slots with Sikaflex, see photo. Not the neatest job in the world but we have not had a problem since. Sometimes they become dirty but a wipe over with turps fixes that. Robert & Jane Jones
  25. When comparing prices make sure you are comparing apples with apples. I purchased one via Ebay from Award RV Superstore at Ferntree Gully in Vic for $24 including postage. It was approx 20mm dia compared to the original one of about 15mm, approx 75% more volume. http://www.awardrv.com.au/ Robert & Jane Jones
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