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  1. Further to Chris and Val's post; http://www.snopes.com/autos/techno/battery.asp
  2. Hi all, I've read this post with interest as to date I have not made any changes to my number plate but would like to make the following comments; Firstly I spoke to Kedron 3-4 months ago about this problem, they gave me a bracket the same as Jim has installed, but my research has revealed that in QLD at least this fix is more illegal than the problem it is trying to fix. The number plate is clearly obstructed by the spare tyre, in my case by two spare tyres. I will cut and paste below extracts from QLD government web site supporting my theory. This information came from the same page Jim previously posted. https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/registration/numberplate/replace-change/index.html#requirements Legible number plates are essential to ensure accurate identification of vehicles and this is based on a community need to trace stolen vehicles and those vehicles involved in crime and traffic incidents such as red light and speed camera offences. You can be fined if your plate details are not clear due to a drilled hole, cover or a frame or for not replacing damaged or illegible number plates. The characters on a number plate must be visible from 20m away at any point within an arc of 45 degrees from the surface of the plate, above or to either side of the vehicle. Plates must also be not more than 1.3m above ground level. This is shown in the diagrams below. Secondly; Only last week I caught the end of a call on the John Laws radio program where the caller had done what Chris has done, as this program originates from NSW I can only assume the caller originated from that state. In his situation he had changed the position of his primary number plate but replaced the old one with a plate reading "OLD FART". He was pulled over by police, and fined $415.00 and 3 points for having two number plates on the back of his van. He was not happy but was warning listeners of his experience.
  3. Blinky Bill


    Optima yellow top, expensive but good product.
  4. Hi Graham, FYI, I replaced my 230 litre Vitrifrigo last week with another Vitrifrigo, when the old one died just as I was leaving to go away for a few days, plain black $2,200.00 from Camec in Brisbane. Removed doors from existing fridge and took through van door, same with new fridge, removed doors and easily fit through door, also took the opportunity to replace existing 3mm factory wiring with 6mm wire. Whole process took just over an hour. Delighted with new unit, appears more efficient than old one, but perhaps now there is decent wiring its not working so hard. Replacement done ten years to the day of delivery of van. Love the LED light on the new one also. I also previously fitted a switch above the fridge to turn it off and on rather than use the thermostat. In saying that seems such a waste to dump old one so if anyone is chasing parts, tray under freezer was cracked and I was going to replace it but was struggling with the $135.00 price tag, I also have a number of 24 volt festoon bulbs, had trouble getting them so bought half a dozen when I found them. Shelves are in good condition as are doors, they are silver in colour. Would prefer pick up from Gold Coast if anyone interested. John
  5. Wow Tassie, Your comment has made me so very sad My interpretation of the original post is a gentleman who just happens to be a Bushtracker owner has on his own initiative set up a facebook page for all off road van users to contribute and share experiences and ideas, not make comparisons of brands, what type of van you own appears immaterial to this facebook page. It may also be an attempt to dilute the fierce rivalry between off road brands. I had no idea that your thoughts were the ethos of the "Kedron Family" if this is so, I must be adopted, and will hand my membership back immediately and look for a new family. You ask "Why would we"? Well I would think there is a wealth of knowledge and experience amongst the members here that could be shared with other less experienced offroad van users. I also know that I for one don't know everything and there is much I could glean from the input and experiences of other offroad users. Knowledge is power Tassie. Am I really adopted? John
  6. Hi Colin, In Queensland any trailer or caravan with private registration and an ATM of 3,501-10,000kg requires an annual inspection from any approved inspection station, it is not necessary to have that inspection completed at a QLD transport inspection station. The link to QLD Transport Cathy put up confirms this if you scroll down to trailers. I also found a web site for a private inspection company, link attached confirming same. />http://www.mobilesafetyinspections.com.au/index.php?page=certificates-of-inspection Kedron should have advised you of this requirement at the time of the upgrade, I'm not surprised if they didn't though Proof of completed inspection is required to be presented when making payment, which means payment is required to be made at a QLD transport office or by mail, no more internet payments for you now I'm afraid.
  7. Travel Plans for 2014 I have been in many places, but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognises you there. I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my children, friends, family and work. I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore. I have also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go, and I try not to visit there too often. I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm. Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older. One of my favourite places to be is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenalin flowing and pumps up the old heart! At my age I need all the stimuli I can get! I haven't yet been in Continent, and I don't remember what country it is in. Apparently It's an age thing. They tell me it is very wet and damp there.
  8. M.I.G.M. Engineering Unit 7/2-10 Hallam South Rd, Hallam, VIC 3803 Phone(03) 9702 4730 migmengineering.com.au
  9. Hi all, For those of you that like your toys, like I do, found in my local Repco store today "Towsafe Trailer Ball Weight Scales" on special in their current catalogue for $59.00 a 25% discount of rrp. Bad news is sale finishes this Wednesday 15th January. John
  10. Hi Ronnie, I'm no expert on Toyota's, however your question jogged my memory of extensive research I did two years ago when I was having a similar problem with my patrol. Your 1998 80 series would appear to one of the last 80 series manufactured with the 100 series being released March 1998, the 80 series has a braked towing capacity of 2500kg with the 100 series being upgraded to 3500kg. You are going to be hard pressed to even get a cross country that will fit within the limitations of the towing capacity of your 80 series. It may be prudent to look at your vehicle upgrade sooner rather than later. I solved the problem with a suspension, wheel and tyre upgrade, which specked the vehicle comparitivly to a 4.2 GU patrol which has a 3500kg towing capacity, then had the vehicle re-engineered to 3500kg. I have made this process sound very simple, but it wasnt. I doubt you would be lucky enough to be able to do the same as there are considerable differences between the 80 and 100 series. Regards, John
  11. Hi Alan, I had the same problem last year while travelling from Birdsville to Innamincka, I solved the problem by removing the tongue from the lock and placing 2 small washers between the cupboard and the tongue under each screw and resetting to a perfect fit when the draw is closed with no movement, problem appears solved with no further broken locks since then, similarly with the fridge, I got an old plaastic hotel room card, cut it to the shape of the lock and packed the lock out from the door, in this case required two layers but solved the problem of needing to strap the fridge door closed while in transit. I have subsequently gone through and changed all the drawers the same way. Seems from the factory the tongue only just catches the top of the lock placing to much stress on the lock in harsher conditions and the adjustment of the tongue to the lock seemed to have a small amount of slop, allowing drawer movement wile in transit. Hope this helps. Regards, John
  12. Hi John & Anne, I have an Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro hand held satellite phone on pre-paid. I purchased from www.satphonesonline.com a Gold Coast company. You cannot visit a showroom for these guys, apparently because of their military contracts and security. Their web site is quite comprehensive; you will find all the information on plans and costs, they also do iridium plans as well. Hope this helps. Regards, John
  13. Hi All, I am in a similar situation to many of you having just purchased the new Apple i4s. I use the phone as both a modem for internet access and a phone, previousy I had an HTC desire with a spare case that had a patch lead glued to it and I just changed the case as desired. This was very effective. My research for an Apple alternative has lead me to a web site that has a few alternatives, I imagine this is what Glen has installed. I have attached a link and my options are between No.s 6,7 & 8 looking left to right that appear on this page. Just click on them for further details. Hope this helps. John P.S. I also carry a satelite phone for emergencies but find when I use it my callers become frustrated by the delay. />http://www.mobileextras.com.au/ProductList/tabid/64/ProductID/2005/CategoryID/63/Default.aspx
  14. Hi Phil, Earlier this year I had the GVM of my GQ Patrol increased from 2,500kg to 3,500kg, I spoke to about 15 engineers who told me the GVM was set by the manufacturer and was unable to be increased. Not being prepared to take no for an answer I persevered and Jan at Kedron put me onto Lindsay Stone, who I had contacted a few years earlier on another matter and he never got back to me. He is very hard to contact but persevere, it is worth the wait and the several calls you will make before you get to speak to him. He is very knowledgable, I don’t know if there are any differenced between the states, I am sure there will be, but he will be able to advise you on that. He is situated in Townsville. His details are; Living Stone Automotive Lindsay Stone Telephone: (07)47748807 Facsimile: (07)47748807 E-Mail: lkstone@aapt.net.au Regards, John
  15. Hi Guys, Thought I would add my bit here, I purchased Webby and Anne's cross country, selling a 22' onroad van with full ensuite and swivel toilet for the Kedron. I know it is an individual decision, but having enjoyed the full ensuite in the previous van its the only thing I miss. But if I had not had it in the past I doubt that I would miss it. The swivel toilet was quite sturdy, but wasn't necessary in the other van because of the ample space. If I were to order a new van in the future I would without a doubt order the full ensuite, regardless of the additional expense, but I would wait for reclining massage toilet option to be released :-). It may or may not make the van a more saleable item in the future, but, you don't ever miss what you have never had. John
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