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  1. Hi to all, just a close out on our Battery Issue. We put the van into Tom for a service($650.00) plus!!! i personally will not have this service done again, Tom load tested the batteries and they came up fine. We stayed at Lawnton showgrounds and had an early morning wake up call from the Xantrax alarm showing flat batteries. I walked down to Springers and spoke to an extremely knowledgable and helpful gentleman who explained load tests dont always give a true indication of Deep Cycle batteries We negotiated a deal on Full Rivers batteries for $350.00 each and $50.00 to come to the showgrounds and install and dispose of the old batteries. Tom's best price on Alco batteries was $390.00 each. We have free camped heaps since and the new batteries are working a treat. thanks again for your help on this matter. Safe travels Mark and Simone.
  2. Thanks everyone for your help, we have rung Tom and have booked the van in for a service where we will load check the batteries and replace if necessary.
  3. Hi Guys, Markand Simone here, we have a topender and live in it full time. The van is FOUR years old and it appears now we are having BATTERY problems. We have had no problems to date however, we just left a powered site with the batteries fully charged travelled app. 4 hours with a redarc DC to DC charger topping up the batteries showing 100 percent when we arrived at our free camp. We free camp for months at a time so we have a good idea on usage ran the inside fridge Engel's and lights for a couple of hours off to bed to be woken by Low Battery alarm i am an electrician but i cannot load check the batteries, I am preparing myself for new batteries if required my queries are as follows 1.Has anyone replaced 3x120 amp hour batteries with Kedron recently and what cost were they? 2.Has anyone replaced with Lithium? and do you need to change the Battery Charger when you do, and what cost are they, we are still working and trying to reduce weight in the Topender so we are prepared to spend the extra$$$$$'s. On a positive note we are extremely happy with the Redarc DC to DC charger very compact and works well, will definitely include one in a new van.
  4. Hi all, it is coming up to that dreaded time when we have to renew the insurance on our 21 foot Topender. We are currently insured with C.I.L.the premium is app. $1500 and the Land cruiser Utility is app. $600.00. I have rung the Campervan Motor-home Club of Australia(CMCA)and if we join as Associate members, we are able to insure with their preferred agent Ken Tame from Lumley Insurance, they have roughly quoted a total of $1,600.00 for both utility and van, a saving of $600.00. My question is? has anyone had experience with this company. We have nil complaints with CIL to date and are only looking elsewhere due to the dollars saving. On a lighter note we are currently at Farm Beach Coffin Bay S.A. great spot with plenty of Squid and King George Whiting plus flathead, here till after Easter if anyone is around. Regards Mark and Simone
  5. Hi Russ and Sue We're currently staying at Smoky Bay in the cp. Beaut spot on the beach. Plenty of crabs and fish!!! There are also a couple here with a kayak who have been catching plenty as well. We'll be here until next Wed 11th - then onto a free camp somewhere further down. Cheers Simone and Mark
  6. Hi Russ and Sue We are in Kimba and planning to leave in the next day or so. We're headed for Streaky Bay and plan to follow the coast down and around the peninsular. Hopefully we'll catch up with you somewhere on the way. Cheers Simone and Mark
  7. hi Gary and Kaye,definitely sounds like over inflation, we have BF Goodrich tyres and they are not inflated that high. It may pay to check with Kedron again. Regards Mark and Simone
  8. Hi again,yes we have airbags (firestone dual bellows) as well as heavy duty leaf springs the airbags are good, however you have to monitor the air pressure closely, too much air with the Mchitch and Weight Distrubution bars on is not a good combination on some roads with dips and bumps. Regards Mark and Simone
  9. Hi Rick, we tow the 21 foot Topender with a GXL ute, when you look at the attached photo the clearance from the tray is ample. Do you have a tray that is much lower. also can you send us a photo of the new type of towbar, ours was the old type and I would not reccomend it, regards Mark and Simone
  10. Thanks Rod for your reply, I will be interested to see the results of our weighbridge, when I can modify this towbar to drive it there.
  11. Thanks Phill, we are currently modifying the towbar and will head directly to a weighbridge to confirm weights.
  12. Hi all, has anyone else had any trouble with the Hayman Reese towbar when towing a 21 foot Topender,as you can see by the attached photo we have cracked the weld on the hayman Reese tube attached to the box section of the towbar, this is the tube which houses the tongue. Had this detached fully from the vehicle the van would have dropped on to the road as the Safety Chain shackles are also attached to this section.Relying on the emergency brake to stop momentum. We are mindful of weight as all Kedron Topender owners are being in the High weight zone, the "A" frame has the standard 2 jerry cans filled, 2 x 9kg. Gas Bottles filled,and a trailer mate jack. The boot only has the 3of factory fitted batteries c/w inverter and solar charger and 2x light fold up chairs. Under the bed is the usual clothes ,Dreampot etc. nothing of extreme weight, all my heavy gear rides in tool boxes on the ute.We have the 6 tonne McHitch fitted and run WITHOUT the weight distrubution bars attached, The Cruiser Ute has Airbag suspension and upgraded springs, any clues??. we are currently laid up in a small town and when mobile I will have the whole rig over the weighbridge to prove exact weights. Regards Mark and Simone
  13. Hi Koggers We're on the road, and have been to Arkaroola. We are currently on our way to William Creek. If you're around this way - we'd be glad to share a drink and a chat. Don't be shy!! Cheers Simone and Mark
  14. Hi Pete, we are also travelling around Australia in a topender, before we set off Kedron fitted a next "G" aerial(9db.) on a marine mount to the van. The lead runs down to a single outlet at the dinette table from there we have two patch leads one which plugs directly into the Bigpond Telstra USB internet modem, check that it can accept an external aerial before purchasing,(one megabyte for app. $39.95 per month.)which we find adequate for general emails. A second patch lead we had made can plug in and connects to a mobile phone which we purchased from a Telstra shop for $49-00 dollars that is not a typing error I to found it hard to believe any worthwhile product from a telstra shop would sell for under $50-00. It is a Telstra "T 100" its an outright purchase no plans etc. My sim card fits this phone (an old Nokia) and reception with the 3G aerial is great, if you want to use the Iphone sim you will need to have the little sim card adapter sold new with the Iphone. Good luck Regards Mark and Simone
  15. Hi, we installed the Wingman attachment to our existing Winegard(no tools needed 4 simple push in plugs 5 minutes max) it claims to improve Digital reception we have not been out of the city to test this so far. Regards Mark and Simone
  16. Hi Richard and Celeste We have a 2008 GXL Landcruiser Ute 4.5 V8 with a Beaudesert 3 inch system no muffler and nil chip,( so far) and towing a 21ft Topender which we picked up in July last year.We are curently travelling around Australia working when necessary. We run the ute at maximun load complete with boat, tools and outboard motor etc, the van weighs app. 3500kg loaded. We are not ones to kid ourselves with fuel economy, as we are living the dream and loving this great country, we average 4 kilometres per litre on a standard day sitting on 90 klms in 4th. gear, the best has been 4.5 with a tail wind.We thought it was excessive at first however after talking to fellow travellers with 200 series and F trucks or silverados it is not that bad. I am currently looking at a MODULE as opposed to a chip purely for better economy as the POWER at present is no problem, hope this helps. Regards Mark and Simone
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