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  1. Hello Sue,

    about 3 years ago you wrote that you had kept a copy of my GCR trip report that I organized in 2014.  Do you still have a copy as due to a hard drive crash I no longer have a copy.



    colin Toll

  2. Ours goes in its weber BabyQ bag under the bed. I always clean it before putting away, I guess I should also mention we don't eat meat so not much fat about. ?
  3. Hi all. Our LC200 30th anniversary with 3" lift tows our Keddy with a loaded weight of just a needle under 3tonne at around 20l per 100 kms. Ian works the stats our from our scan gauge and that includes all the stop starts, sitting idling etc. When we are on long runs we can easily do around 17.5. Like Tony, Ian and I have competitions to see which of us can get the lowest fuel consumption for a run. We generally sit between 95 - 100kkph. Cheers Sue
  4. Sounds like exciting times ahead! :-) Two things that I would insist on having in a new Kedron (from the wife point of view) - 1. A SOG on the toilet 2. A diesel heater. I have had Ian retro fit both and am in caravanning heaven now. :-) I am an ex north-west gal and have never acclimatised to much below 20C :-)
  5. Welcome Greg & Mary and congratulations on your decision to purchase a Kedron caravan. It should give you many years of happy memories and when you read through our forum I am sure you will find some of the trips our members have reported upon to inspire you further. I am the non technical partner in our marriage so will leave commenting on your questions to some of our other members who are much more conversant. I will bet you cannot wait until April to get your hands on your new aquistion - do you plan to stay on the mainland and start your journey straight away? When you do make it over to the West coast please look us up as we love meeting other Keddy owners in person. Cheers Sue
  6. Ian replaced ours with an LED globe a year or so ago with no problems. We could finally see in the fridge, a fantastic move.
  7. Hi alll. :-). looking forward to sharing your trip via the forum. We know you will have a fantastic time. We had been looking forward to catching up with some of you on our trip up the east coast but unfortunatley we find ourselves having to make an unexpected trip back to WA. Maybe next year once I am all sorted out again we will catch up. In the meantime travel safely and always with a tailwind. Cheers. Sue
  8. Ian and Sue

    Next Trip

    Hi Chris - Good to read that you were able to hit the road for Brisbane. We hope you aren't getting to wet along the river, we have seen a far bit of rain now and the novelty is starting to wear off for us. :-) We don't mind thought as long as the folks that need rain are receiving it. We are starting to notice that the ground were we are isn't like back home and when it rains it turns to this black stuff, I think you call it MUD! :-) Do have a fantastic trip and please post some of your wonderful photos so that we can all share your adventures. Safe travels Sue & Ian
  9. A note to let our members who maybe being impacted by these terrible bushfires know that we are thinking of you at what must be a really horrible time.
  10. In have had our cafe dinette covers in the machine a few times now with no problems, washed on the regular cycle. They feel tight when replaced but soon "give" and everything is like new again.
  11. I am soooooo jealous. I wish we lived on you side of the big paddock. As usual a wonderful read and love the photos too,. Thanks Rod and Mavis
  12. Sounds useful - will go and check it out. Thanks.
  13. Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year everyone :-) As some already know we had been intending to take off last October for another around Oz trip which was to last at least a year. Unfortunately that has had to be postponed, I can tell you I am really disappointed as Ian had fitted the SOG especially for me! :-) We are still hoping that we can make it over to the next big Geocaching event in SA at Easter but again at the moment even that might not be possible we just have to wait and see how things go with Ian. We can but live in hope that all good things do come to those who wait and I am sure that will be the case for us, at least we are home to look after the garden for the long hot Geraldton summer! :-) Again safe travels and have a wonderful festive season whatever you may be doing. Sue
  14. Love to see the before and after photos Gordon and Chris. Did you change the colors in the van or where they able to match the original with the new?
  15. Our son bought me a dreampot a couple of years back it is the big one with two pots in it. We don't eat meat so have only used it once to cook one of the focaccia recipes in the book and I also tried some chicken breast and veges. It seemed to me that I could cook our usual fare in the more than 25 minutes it took for he pot to boil and do its thing. I was cleaning the pantry the other day and found it and thought about what a waste it is to never use it but I don't want to load it into the van if I aren't going to use it. has anyone else had experience with one? Perhaps someone could suggest where I might be going wrong. Are they best for people who eat meat? I did buy the little loaf tins to go into it but once they arrived I found that you can't put both in at once anyway.
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