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  1. my appologies it was a cradle that is used which is then connected to the aerial the cradle is portable and can also be attached in the car if you have an aerial on the car. so sorry for leading you astray
  2. thanks for the info I had decided to go with plan but after seeing your comments Ian and Sue I want to go back and check out prepaid again. I had a look at the iphone at telstra today and they showed me the connections for the aerial in the van and how it can be connected to the car. I am just obsorbing the info for me not sure I want to go that way. I like the idea of changing sim cards from new to old phone if needed that could work. have thought about sat phone mainly for emergencies but have been told if in trouble dial 000 anyway even though you have no bars, as it automatically find sat connection for you and the covers 99.9% of Auss. I asked a telstra dealer about it and was informed that that was correct. So long as we can get help if needed is all that matters. let me know if this is true or has been tested do I need to have full coverage if this is so. I would be very plsed to hear from more seasoned travellors. tahnks to all.
  3. thanks Gary and Kay I have already spoken with Brett at Wincom but there is no port in the iphones or the like to connect the patch lead and he said there was no other way to connect to the aerial outlet. He can do the connection for the prepaid to the aerial so I will be seeing him when we go up to collect the van.
  4. Hi thanks for the input I have blue tooth connected to the cruser so at the moment am leaning towards iphone or something similar after comments of Ian and Sue's son sounds impressive and defiantely it will be telstra. I have thought of prepaid but have been told it is very expensive best to have a plan. I have however gone with prepaid internet. telstra have a deal $120 for 10gb over 12months. I like this idea as I pay only for what I use and am not in a hurry to use it. I think it will be alot cheaper then on a plan. Time will only tell if I am wrong I will just transfer to plan later. still open to other suggestions.
  5. Hi new on the block we are waiting on our new Kedron hoping it will be ready Christmas week. This is our first van so lots to learn. Need help we are considering buying one of the smart phones but have since found out they do not have a patch led conection for nextg arerial on the van. I would like info from anyone who has a smart phone or can offer help about coverage around Auss. have been told only telstra provides phones with this connection and they are not the new smart phones. we were told samsung smart phones had the best coverage but no connection, input would be appreciated. Leno & Denise
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