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  1. Hi Liz and Graham The CP3 appeared to have a rear door. Cheers Bas
  2. Bas

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Hi Tony I started with ATZs and the almost identical tyre is now known as All Terrain Deegan 38. Deegan is/was an off-road racer who used MT tyres. The Cruiser has ATZs on the front and 38s on the rear, all with similar mileage/wear of course, and the ATV has ATZs all round. I have heard the claim about MTs and Coopers and it appears MT is one of the Cooper Tyre company's many brands. Bas
  3. Bas

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    What about Mickey Thompsons? Have been using them for 10 years, had good mileage, the ones I have used are quiet, good in the wet and readily available. Bas
  4. Bas

    Van Service

    Melbourne Trailers at Chelsea Heights is the Australian Dexter agents and are recommended. Bas
  5. Bas

    Water issue

    As well as the latches, it could be the seal on the boot doors, and there is a small drain hole in the bottom edge of each door. I replaced the seals with a better product than the original (Bunnings has a huge range), put a small piece of fine plastic pipe into the holes (don't push in far), and at Kedron's suggestion, filled the gaps around the latches with a heavy grease. I used wheel bearing grease as it has a high melting point. It ain't pretty but it works! Bas
  6. I have six 16x8 Toyota steel rims which were on my ATV, which are suitable for and have the same offset as IFS 100 series Landcruisers. The rims are in good condition. I could add a photo but steel rims are steel rims!! No reasonable offer for the six rims will be refused. Bas
  7. Bas

    Working on roof of ATV

    Hi Mike Tony nailed it pretty well. While at Elliott Heads a few years ago we had a/c problems and the fellow from Bundy that came out to resolve the problem, used a sheet of thick ply to spread his weight while removing the a/c cover and working on the unit. I have since used a sheet of ply when necessary to get on top of the van. Bas
  8. Bas


    Karen The IE/Chrome thing is something which I experience from time to time. I will have been using IE for years and then for no obvious reason it will not open a certain site. Regards Barry
  9. Bas

    Get 'F'

    I made 6 but not sure that the genius bit is appropriate.
  10. "That there is little fan noise and it comes on only momentarily"......... is almost enough motivation alone to changeover.
  11. Bas

    Vitrifrigo fan running continuously

    Chris, I agree it is unlikely the gas level as the Fridge Whisperer checked our gas level when he replaced our fan and thermostat. The fridge had to be removed from the cavity it sits in (he needed assistance from me to do this) but fortunately the work could be carried out in the van. When the fridge was reinstalled, he needed to check how well it was cooling for a few hours so we went for a drive and a bite to eat. I will be interested to hear what the diagnosis is with your fridge. Barry
  12. Bas

    Chev Silverado-Lost Turbo Boost in limp mode

    Came across this recently, and it could be of interest to some. Although the test was conducted in Sth Africa, diesel with 10 ppm Sulphur was used, and that is now the standard there, as it is in many parts of the world. Cheers Bas www.fuelexpert.co.za/2-stroke-oil-in-diesel-technical-study.php
  13. Bas

    Vitrifrigo fan running continuously

    Several years ago, our fan stopped working although the fridge worked but not as well. We took the van to the Fridge Whisperer at Caboolture and the fan was replaced as an internal wire had corroded. The thermostat was also replaced. The fan runs almost continuously now even when it is cold weather although not sure if the compressor does also. Have spoken to the FW about it and he is puzzled why it is the case. The fridge performs very well so have adopted the policy of "don't trouble trouble til trouble troubles you"!! Bas
  14. Bas


    Hi I use Castrol LMM which is Molybdenum Disulphide. It must be good because it sticks to your hands really well. On rough dirt roads, I grease the suspension at least as frequently as 2000 kms. That may seem an overkill to some but not according to Vehicle Components. Bas
  15. Bas

    Fridge fans

    However, not all vans are equipped with a service door for the fridge. They only have a vent and there would be no benefit in removing it.