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  1. until
    Watch this space as we fill it full of fun things to do.
  2. For this first round, up to 2 photos per member showing Kedrons and their owners in interesting places or doing unusual things. Include your name and a short title to go on the website banner. Photos could be of great free camping spots, or places of interest you parked your Kedron. You can use your imagination. Please load the photos to this folder at email size (no larger than 500kb please). Just means you have to reduce the size of the photo so that we don't overload the site. Photos change regularly and so a big thank you to anyone who enters. Entries close 12th of July. Enjoy Karen Slater Webmaster
  3. We aim to please

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    2. TonyH


      silly me .....yes it does look great!

    3. Webmaster


      your a worry.  where are you at present, still in tassie

    4. TonyH


      Back home now....till mid November when we will head back down to Newcastle for christmas.

      Stay safe you two!

  4. Webmaster

    Van Service

    In Product information and services I have just pined the national register we started. If anyone has someone to add please do so. Remember these are not people Kedron directly endorses just people Kedron Owners Group member have found reliable.
  5. This would look good on the top banner.  Would you like me to use it giving credit to you?

  6. Webmaster

    Kedron ATV 17foot External, 2001 Poptop

    You got the photos up - excellent
  7. Welcome banner up for this weekends event.  If you would like me to put a photo up on the banner of the vans etc can you please send it to me.  Thanks

  8. Webmaster

    software update

    Mike we have two people with technically the same address which is why it isnt working. We have a bigaxe and an alex. Can you check the paperwork to find out which the member wants to use and we will delete the other. System has allowed it because the first account has a miss spelling of the email address.
  9. Webmaster

    software update

    Upgrade has gone through. That 3 times in a row the site has not collapsed. Yeah. If you experience problems please advise me. I will now see if the problem the newbies are having is gone
  10. Webmaster

    software update

    I had been hoping to hold this off for another couple of weeks but new members are now experiencing problems getting on the website. Hopefully the update will go smoothly. Catch you on the otherside Webmaster
  11. Webmaster

    Selling a used XC3 Kedron

    Give me a yell if you have problems. Photo's are also a big selling point so don't forget to put some in.
  12. Webmaster

    Bendeela Reserve - Kangaroo Valley NSW

    Bendeela Rd , Kangaroo Valley NSW Camps 8 NSW 568 Camps 9 NSW 579 GPS 34 44 21 S 150 28 15 E This is a free camp - Generators OK Good drinking water available There are toilets & a dump point Sorry no fires & no pets allowed This will be just a relaxing few days near the river , swimming , fishing , kayaking Plenty of area - no limit on numbers
  13. If you remember when you get to the site for the Christmas party can you send me some photo's.  I can then put them up and rotate them to encourage people for next year.  Thanks

  14. Great idea, you will probably get a few takers on that
  15. Webmaster

    Site update

    Site update completed. All looks well and for the second time the site hasn't crashed - thank heavens. Please advise if you are experiencing problems. Onto our service provider re the authenticity certificate that keeps popping up, no resolution as yet. Just had an update they have fixed this problem so all is well.