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  1. Another upgrade started

    Upgrade complete and it didn't bring down the website - bonus. If you have any problems please contact me
  2. Another upgrade started

    Another security update has been started. I normally wouldn't do them so close together but a few members are having problems and I am hoping this sorts it out for them.
  3. Clean up - removing sold items

    Done, thank you for advising me
  4. A minor catastrophe averted

    Will do. Have been discussing that this item should need maintenance but you know us Tony, not particularly mechanically minded.
  5. Welcome to our group. You might want to put a query into our "For Sale" section. People who have previously wanted a van have put queries in there. I have recently tidied this area up so only items from 2016 onwards that haven't sold are still visible. Click on the ones still there and have a look at how they set them out and put in basically what you have done above. Different people look in different areas so it doesn't hurt to have it in twice. You will find the people from Kedron great for after sales service.
  6. A minor catastrophe averted

    Tony could you say that all again but in English. I sort of got it. We have had our van for 4 years and have never changed a filter?
  7. Clean up - removing sold items

    Will do
  8. Entry has been removed

  9. Clean up - removing sold items

    Everything prior to 2015 has been removed. Anything not a van has been deleted. Any van sales have been moved to superseded posts unless they weren't informative or had no pictures in them. If you have anything in 2016 that needs to be deleted (sold) please advise me so I can use the above criteria to "file" the add. This should make it easier when using the search engine. Thanks
  10. Clean up - removing sold items

    If you have a sold item could you bring it to my attention please. I am currently going through clicking on topic and having to read if they are sold. Will go a whole lot quicker if I knew which ones could be removed. Many thanks
  11. Heather can this be removed from the "sale" site as being Sold or is it still a work in progress
  12. Upgrade started

    Pardon, it is showing on my computer?
  13. Upgrade started

    Well crossed fingers the upgrade has gone through and we only went down for a couple of hours before I got my big stick out. Have been pushing buttons madly and things seem to be going alright. If i can just get them to remove the banner we should be fine.
  14. Upgrade started

    I have run out of options but to upgrade the site (again). They put in software patches and I hold out as long as I can as we seem to have problems and everyone of these grades. Have my fingers crossed this goes better than the last time
  15. A trip report

    Pity it wasn't there a few years ago when we went. I have however told his lordship to add it to our list of places to visit when we got back in a couple of years time.