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  1. Selling a used XC3 Kedron

    Give me a yell if you have problems. Photo's are also a big selling point so don't forget to put some in.
  2. Bendeela Reserve - Kangaroo Valley NSW

    Bendeela Rd , Kangaroo Valley NSW Camps 8 NSW 568 Camps 9 NSW 579 GPS 34 44 21 S 150 28 15 E This is a free camp - Generators OK Good drinking water available There are toilets & a dump point Sorry no fires & no pets allowed This will be just a relaxing few days near the river , swimming , fishing , kayaking Plenty of area - no limit on numbers
  3. If you remember when you get to the site for the Christmas party can you send me some photo's.  I can then put them up and rotate them to encourage people for next year.  Thanks

  4. Great idea, you will probably get a few takers on that
  5. Site update

    Site update completed. All looks well and for the second time the site hasn't crashed - thank heavens. Please advise if you are experiencing problems. Onto our service provider re the authenticity certificate that keeps popping up, no resolution as yet. Just had an update they have fixed this problem so all is well.
  6. Site update

    Hold onto that thought, we might need it
  7. Site update

    I am in the process of updating the site. Hopefully this will go smoothly.
  8. Another upgrade started

    Upgrade complete and it didn't bring down the website - bonus. If you have any problems please contact me
  9. Another upgrade started

    Another security update has been started. I normally wouldn't do them so close together but a few members are having problems and I am hoping this sorts it out for them.
  10. Clean up - removing sold items

    Done, thank you for advising me
  11. A minor catastrophe averted

    Will do. Have been discussing that this item should need maintenance but you know us Tony, not particularly mechanically minded.
  12. Welcome to our group. You might want to put a query into our "For Sale" section. People who have previously wanted a van have put queries in there. I have recently tidied this area up so only items from 2016 onwards that haven't sold are still visible. Click on the ones still there and have a look at how they set them out and put in basically what you have done above. Different people look in different areas so it doesn't hurt to have it in twice. You will find the people from Kedron great for after sales service.
  13. A minor catastrophe averted

    Tony could you say that all again but in English. I sort of got it. We have had our van for 4 years and have never changed a filter?
  14. Clean up - removing sold items

    Will do
  15. Entry has been removed