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    KINGSLEY GROVE ESTATE 49 Stuart Valley Drive, Goodger - Kingaroy Qld Come join us for a relaxing weekend overlooking the vineyard. There are no camping fees. You only pay for your wine purchase and Saturday night dinner (both optional) If you will be arriving after 5pm, please let me know as they close the gates. Alternate arrangements can be made. Jo and Simon, the owners will do Gourmet pizzas and Salads for us on Saturday night for $20p/person We can have a campfire, Simon will provide wood at a cost to us or we can bring our own. There is no power available, that should not be a problem for us. The area is still in drought so come with full water tanks. The closest dump point is in Kingaroy approximately 10kms north, good idea to arrive with an empty cassette. Pets are welcome, the usual rules apply. Plenty to see and do, visit the Bunya Mountains or Kingaroy. Unfortunately there will be no Kingaroy Speedway that weekend. Apologies to the Rev Heads. We stayed here overnight last January on our way south and it is a very pleasant free camp. Check Wiki Camp for their reviews. Hope to see and meet new members and catch up with everyone. Feel free to phone me 0428997096 for any information Cheers, Sandra and Clive NAME DINNER SATURDAY NIGHT Sandra and Clive Yes
  2. The site went down yesterday and I had to get it rolled back to Thursday 4th of July when I knew it was working correctly. If you input any information onto the site it will have been lost. Apologies but at least we are up and running again. Webmaster
  3. At the AGM in November 2019, we will be seeking nominations to fill the important role of Secretary/Treasurer of the Kedron Owners Group INC. Mike has published information re the position in the Financial Members section. So don't be shy, have a look and help your club stay active and relevant.
  4. Looks like the worst is over and the site should work faster now. Any problems contact me. Thanks
  5. We are attempting an upgrade and have been advised the site will crash until we can get it right. Hopefully this will only be a day or two at worst. Sorry for the inconvenience caused
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    Save the Date The KOG Christmas Gathering & AGM at Kilkivan Bush Camp, Rossmore Road Kilkivan was a huge success in 2018. Plan to be there and help celebrate another wonderful year in 2019. Information will be posted later in the year as they come to hand.
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    RV'S FOR DROUGHT RELIEF Long Weekend of 25th - 28th January 2019 Caravan Fundraising Muster SHOWGROUND TEXAS (Qld) on the other side of the river it is NSW All funds raised by collection or donated to the Texas Lions Club are for distribution to local farmers as the Club sees fit. For more information or to RSVP, please join our FB Page RV's for the Drought or phone Christine on 0400 738 768 Powered sites $50 per van per night (Tax Deductible)
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    Hi , Noel & Bev Evo would like invite you to join us at Bendeela Reserve 14th-17th Feb 2019 Bendeela Road Kangaroo Valley NSW Camps 9 NSW 579 GPS 34 44 21 S 150 28 15 E This is a free camp- Generators OK Good drinking water available There are toilets & a dump point Sorry no pets & no fires allowed This will be just a relaxing few days near the river , swimming fishing , kayaking Plenty of area - no limit on numbers Saturday night for those interested we will have dinner at the Kangaroo Valley Pub (The Friendly Inn) For updates check out the Financial Members area - Gathering and Trip forum
  9. New folder is now open. Can I suggest that each place start a new topic so they don't get lost and so that people can find them easier. Old info hasn't been brought forward as a lot of it is 8 years old.
  10. Due to the interest at the 2018 KOG AGM and Gathering a new folder has been opened specifically for this information. As most of the old thread/names were very dated I have not presumed peoples hospitality and moved them forward. If they would like to add themselves please feel free.
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    Talks have been arranged with Kedron Enerdrive Springs Solar Performax International ARB Tyreright Overland Touring Solutions Blaze Air and Jandowae Lions Club
  12. Bought time you got a new joke. Love it
  13. Paul and I did go up this weekend to Pindar. Due to work we drove up without "Q" (the kedron) as we only had sat and sun, 1100km round trip from here. Felt funny staying in accom overnight. The flowers were great. On the sides of the dirt roads and carpets of them at Coalstream. Wreath flowers at Pindar were great. Heat is starting up so if you want to go and see them you had better hurry. Reckon they have a good week left and after that they will start shows signs of dying.
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    President Tony has put the current information in the Financial members section called "Registration - 2018 AGM & Christmas Gathering. Check there for up to date information and register your interest.
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    Group so far Paul and Karen Chris
  16. Welcome Grant and family. Keep checking back for updates on interesting things that KOG members do. Cheers Webmaster
  17. Yes hope to go back again. Spent three months there in 2014 but needed more time. Didn't get down the west coast as there had been a landslide and the road was blocked.
  18. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Watch this space as we fill it full of fun things to do.
  20. For this first round, up to 2 photos per member showing Kedrons and their owners in interesting places or doing unusual things. Include your name and a short title to go on the website banner. Photos could be of great free camping spots, or places of interest you parked your Kedron. You can use your imagination. Please load the photos to this folder at email size (no larger than 500kb please). Just means you have to reduce the size of the photo so that we don't overload the site. Photos change regularly and so a big thank you to anyone who enters. Entries close 12th of July. Enjoy Karen Slater Webmaster
  21. We aim to please

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      your a worry.  where are you at present, still in tassie

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      Stay safe you two!

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    Van Service

    In Product information and services I have just pined the national register we started. If anyone has someone to add please do so. Remember these are not people Kedron directly endorses just people Kedron Owners Group member have found reliable.
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