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  1. GavinandSheree

    Barrington Tops

    Hi Rob I went there years ago on the scone side it was very steep, 1st gear towing a camper trailer.
  2. GavinandSheree

    Kedron 2002 ATV

    Hi Bob, We are the owners of a 2003 ATV and would be happy to assist your friends, bonus being we live in Wollongong, will personal message our mobile to you to pass on to your friends. Cheers Gav
  3. GavinandSheree

    electric brake control

    Thanks everyone for your responses, its appreciated. Regards Gav
  4. GavinandSheree

    electric brake control

    Hi All, looking for opinions/recommendations on Tekonsha and Hayman Reese Electric Brake controllers. Thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, we are asking for some help in voicing concerns over proposed changes by the Sydney Catchment Authority for Bendeela Free Camping Ground at Kangaroo Valley NSW (#551 Camps 7). This area has always been a free camp and enjoyed by many travellers and families over many years including a recent KOG get together. Proposed changes for this site include introducing huge fees to stay (for example per van two people per night $20 and a family of four $30+ per night in peak) Please review the attached link and voice your opinion to the Sydney Catchment Authority. Many thanks Gav and Sheree