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  1. Hi Chris, Ourselves and two other couples are looking at going over to Kangaroo Is. in March. I rang Sealink and they wanted $780.00 to take our ATV and Landcruiser ute over so we looked at other options. We got a five night stay in one of the lighthouse cottages plus return trips for two vehicles for $700.00 per couple and they through in a couple of extras. It may pay to check out a deal. Barry
  2. Thanks everyone I'll give the Honda another try before I part with some more dollars
  3. Hi Merv, You could be right, I will have a look under one and check if the pads are removable. Thanks Barry
  4. Hi Fellow Kedron owners, We are looking at replacing our Honda 2.0kva generator because it won't run the air con when it's hot (39 degrees+). I have been looking at the Genquip 3300 and it is just a fraction too tall to fit in the gen box in the van. The box opening height is 470mm and the generator is 475mm,it may only be 5mm difference but it is enough to stop it going in. I read on another topic that someone cut the handles off the generator, this is a bit to radical for me they a heavy enough with handles to carry around. Any advice anyone can give me on how to get the generator to fit in neatly would be a help as I don't want to butcher the box to make it fit. I believe these generators are becoming popular with caravaners because they can run the air con, washing machine, battery charger etc. all at the same time. A report(good or bad) on the generator if you have one would be very helpful as well. Thanks Barry Askew
  5. Hi Barramundi. We picked up our new (and first caravan) 21' external ATV (layout 15) in mid August and have done 9000k's in it so far including about 3000k's on dirt. It's fitted with four solar panels (never run out of power), 1800 watt inverter (ideal for charging lap tops, phones etc.), diesel heater (very nice on a -4 degrees morning), front loader washing machine (works well) 3x100 litre water tanks, LED lights throughout. LIKES; Very comfortable van for extended free camping, tows like a dream behind our chipped up V8 LC ute even on the dirt and very rough roads (Cordillo Downs Farm Rd) Dislikes/problems: 2KVA Honda doesn't run the air con when it's 39 degrees (B....r, new Yamaha 2400 on the way), some dust inside but we think we have fixed it, Kedron are very helpful. What would we change? Nothing, we're very happy with the van and can't wait to getaway on our next trip. Extended free camping is great and that is where the van comes into it's own. If you like them single beds give you more usable floor space (for getting changed etc.). Down side, less cuddles. Up side, harder for the wife to belt you when you're snoring. Our reasons for going with this layout was simple, it looked the most practical for us and Kedron said that over half of their vans are this layout. The advice we were given before we purchased the van was layouts are a personal choice, what suits me may not suit you. Have a look around, you will soon get a feel for what you like. We changed our minds on the day we ordered the van, we went there to buy a 20' ATV with a combined shower/toilet then Lisa showed us a 20' ATV like we wanted and a 21' ATV with an ensuite and it made sense to us to go the extra foot. Weights; Our van came in at 2820kg dry. We put the ute and van over the scales west of Dalby and it came in at, front axle 1460kg, rear axle 2040kg the van (both axles) 3320kg. this was with both ute fuel tanks full including the 170 litre rear tank and the three water tanks full and the van loaded up. The inspector wanted to know the vehicle axle weights when towing so out came the owners manual as he wrote down the weights and my rego number. By the book front axle 1480kg, rear axle 2300kg and the van GVM 3500kg. The only thing we didn't do was the tow ball weight but the inspector said we should be OK. Very helpful/friendly bloke, don't know what would have happened if we had of been over? Time marches on and we're all getting older, roughing it for us is free camping out back of beyond with the diesel heater on when it's cold and the air con on when it's hot at night. Enjoying happy hour or sitting around the fire with fellow travellers or by ourselves. We want to rough it in comfort, that's why we bought a Kedron.
  6. Hi All, Thanks everyone for the info on the van weight, sounds like we will have to watch what we pack when we go travelling. I don't think we will have to much of a problem as we are not the type that has to take everything including the kitchen sink with us when they go travelling. It would be nice to have a bit of leeway on the weight, will take the advice about carrying water when we don't need too. When we ordered the van I ordered the 100L drinking water tank as I figured it is easier to fit the bigger tank from new then retro fit one or carry extra water containers. Thanks Richard for the fuel usage report, I had been told that the ute should get around the 18/20 litres per 100k towing a big van and it great to have it confirmed by someone who owns one. I fitted a set of Stratos suspension seats to the ute yesterday, it's a GXL so the new seats bolt strait into the bolt holes for the existing seats. It feels a bit strainge bobing up and down, once I get used to them and get the settings right they should be great. A vast improvement over the original seats and the trim colour matches the interior. Adjustable lumber support will help the old back out no end on long trips. We are going up to Frasier Is. next month so we will give them a workout then. Thanks everyone for the advice and ideas. bazz and Shirl
  7. This is our first time on this forum, my wife and I are new to caravanning but we are looking forward to getting out there and seeing a bit more of Oz the relaxed way.We are expecting delivery of our first van a new Kedron in mid August, there is nothing like jumping in the deep end. The fifteen month wait time fitted in well with our plans and now delivery is getting close we are getting very excited. We live in Brisbane so plan A when we get the van is to do a short trip somewhere for a couple of weeks then take the van back to the factory for a check over then off we go. The van is a 21' ATV with four solar panels, 3x100 litre water tanks, diesel heater and washing machine should see us able to go wherever we want to in this great land. We decided on the ATV for a few reasons, strong enough to do everything we will want it to do, go anywhere we will want to go, all the features we wanted either standard or we have had them fitted and the weight. The tow vehicle has a 3.5 ton tow rating so we wanted to keep a fully loaded van well under that weight. Reading some of the articles on this site it looks like it doesn't take much to overload the whole rig. Our ute weights in at 2950kg with myself and my wife in it and both fuel tanks full (260litres of diesel) so that only leaves us with 550kg to cover the tow ball weight, boat, motor, Engel fridge and a few spares. Our tow vehicle purchased new for this purpose is a 2009 V8td Landcruiser ute (air bag model)fitted with steel tray, diff lockers, 3" exhurst, Dobbinsons 2" lift 300kg springs, soon to be fitted Air Bag Man air bags and a few other bits. No chip, we thought we would wait and see now it pulls before chipping it (any comments?). Can anyone out there answer a couple of questions for me, What is the weight of your 21' ATV empty (dry). I'm hoping it is just under 2700kg. Anyone with a 79 series V8td ute/wagon towing a van like ours, What is the fuel usage? litres per 100k's Has anyone fitted a set of Stratos suspension seats to their vehicle and what do they think of them. The ute seats are a bit ordinary to say the least. Any advice/ideas we would love to hear them. Thanks for your time Barry and Shirley
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