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  1. Van Service

    We have also had our Kedron serviced by Harding Swift. They did a great job. We told them we were going rough and asked them to replace things that might be iffy (as we are not mechanically minded). Only 1 bearing needed replacing. Think there was a list started I will try and track it down and pin it to the top for people to find
  2. Do you have any photos of the van inside or out.  Always a good selling tool so people can actually see what you are talking about

    1. jherron


      Yes I do but cannot upload them as I keep getting the exceed MB message!!

      Have posted a request for help on the support section ' perhaps you may be able to guide me .

      Thanks  John

    2. Wandering Slaters

      Wandering Slaters

      I will do a pretend sale on the site and see what I can work out

    3. Webmaster


      I was able to load a 9.1mb file without problems.  Are they jpeg files you are using.  how many and what size?

  3. Replacement battery charger

    Hi Tony, our omnicharge 12 volt 60 amp looks like it has died (4.5 years old). Spoke to Kedron today they are now using the one you suggest. Rang the guy in perth and he is going to check into this for me. We are going away this weekend but the solar panels are charging the battery just fine as far as we know, free camp so no power anyway. Got on the website to search and see what others thought and did. Cross fingers it isn't the start of age related things dieing on us.
  4. Eyre Bird Observatory - S.A

    We are thinking of going to see the whales in August/September and will pass the Eyre Bird Observatory. Has anyone been with their van. From what I can work out you drive in to the lookout, unhitch and do the last part by 4wd - very steep from what I understand. Just wondering if it is worth the effort?
  5. Kwolyin Campground - Western Australia

    There will be an impromptu gathering at the Kwolyin Campground Saturday March 3rd to Monday 5th of March. Sorry for the short notice but we decided to go and thought why not make it a gathering. This is a free camp and you are able to stay 72 hours. There is a communal BBQ area we could use either Saturday or Sunday night. There is even a real toilet. Lots of fairly flat sites available Address is Bruce Rock-Quairading Rd, Kwolyin W.A Co ordinates 31:55:55.2 S 117:45:36.2E I have previously written a piece about this campground - look in Kedron Camp Spots - Kwolyin Campground - April 2017 You are able to unhook and go for a drive to Kokerbin Rock (not suitable for vans) and there are a couple of picnic tables here. Please make sure you wear suitable footwear if you are going to climb the rock. Please contact us if you are interested. I will put any follow up information on the website as people ask questions.

    Hi Cheryl and Wayne, We lived in our van for two years and now travel for weekends every month and didn't have any problems with our mattress. I did at the beginning put an expensive wool underlay on so that might have helped. We do have a memory topper that I would like to try for when we go back on the road again. Not sure it will make a difference as I have to take the thick wool underlay off to put it on? But worth testing out to see. Stay tuned I will try it one day.
  7. New to KOG and Caravaning

    Hi Craig, Our first van was also a Kedron. We took delivery in July 2013 and went on a tour with other Kedrons who were all very helpful in May 2014. Lots to learn and they were all very encouraging and soon figured out we didn't have a clue. We now help others and pass it forward as other did to us. Enjoy Paul and Karen
  8. An interesting day yesterday

    Yes it is a shame when a well constructed plan goes to hell. Such a pity when you booked so far out. Hope you enjoy your time at Castlemaine.
  9. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

    Annie you really have to send the big fella back to work as he has too much time on his hands. Having said that, we have to admit to having a good laugh from Tony's message. We will be more daring and just wish everyone a safe and happy festive season. May your time be spent enjoying wonderful company and beautiful scenery. Best regards to all. Paul and Karen
  10. Called into the Mother Ship

    Thanks for that. It does help to know the reasoning of others so that you know if you are going down the right road. We are away at present but I think next years project will be to do some pen and paper working on the differences etc. Great to see the new vans in person.
  11. Called into the Mother Ship

    Thanks for that penny. Paul did tell me you went for an ATV I wondered why. We are in a similar position. Lots of thinking to be done
  12. Called into the Mother Ship

    Today Paul and I called into the Kedron display center and spoke to Paul about the Topender 5. Who should pop in for a visit but Glen Gall. My goodness they have made some in roads into these new vans. So many choices my head spun. Fortunately we have time to decide which way to go. Those who recently upgraded what was the selling point that did it for you?
  13. Get you to help me do to this gathering what we did to the KOG christmas party.  Is it just put it in the calendar and put something on events.  I will have to pull the kog calendar out I think, put the other in place and then pull the event clock back into place.

    1. Nev and Penny

      Nev and Penny

      Sure thing, I was able to very simply enter straight into the KOG calendar.



    2. Wandering Slaters

      Wandering Slaters

      Thanks, pulling down the banner tonight and putting in a general one for Christmas.

  14. Camping Spot

    Currently worth $7.95 but worth its weight in Gold. Found many camp sites and avoided others with this. Sometimes you need to read several comments to get a true feel of any particular site. Also has the ability to update and save off line the sites in different or all states so that you can use it when there is no internet. Cheers Paul and Karen
  15. Baileys Grand Tour Of Australia

    When it is time to start planning your WA section give us a yell. We have done around 60,000km in our Kedron and came from Qld but live in Merredin Currently. Enjoy the journey