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  1. An interesting day yesterday

    Yes it is a shame when a well constructed plan goes to hell. Such a pity when you booked so far out. Hope you enjoy your time at Castlemaine.
  2. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

    Annie you really have to send the big fella back to work as he has too much time on his hands. Having said that, we have to admit to having a good laugh from Tony's message. We will be more daring and just wish everyone a safe and happy festive season. May your time be spent enjoying wonderful company and beautiful scenery. Best regards to all. Paul and Karen
  3. Called into the Mother Ship

    Thanks for that. It does help to know the reasoning of others so that you know if you are going down the right road. We are away at present but I think next years project will be to do some pen and paper working on the differences etc. Great to see the new vans in person.
  4. Called into the Mother Ship

    Thanks for that penny. Paul did tell me you went for an ATV I wondered why. We are in a similar position. Lots of thinking to be done
  5. Called into the Mother Ship

    Today Paul and I called into the Kedron display center and spoke to Paul about the Topender 5. Who should pop in for a visit but Glen Gall. My goodness they have made some in roads into these new vans. So many choices my head spun. Fortunately we have time to decide which way to go. Those who recently upgraded what was the selling point that did it for you?
  6. Get you to help me do to this gathering what we did to the KOG christmas party.  Is it just put it in the calendar and put something on events.  I will have to pull the kog calendar out I think, put the other in place and then pull the event clock back into place.

    1. Nev and Penny

      Nev and Penny

      Sure thing, I was able to very simply enter straight into the KOG calendar.



    2. Wandering Slaters

      Wandering Slaters

      Thanks, pulling down the banner tonight and putting in a general one for Christmas.

  7. Camping Spot

    Currently worth $7.95 but worth its weight in Gold. Found many camp sites and avoided others with this. Sometimes you need to read several comments to get a true feel of any particular site. Also has the ability to update and save off line the sites in different or all states so that you can use it when there is no internet. Cheers Paul and Karen
  8. Baileys Grand Tour Of Australia

    When it is time to start planning your WA section give us a yell. We have done around 60,000km in our Kedron and came from Qld but live in Merredin Currently. Enjoy the journey
  9. A minor catastrophe averted

    We did as you suggested tony and put the metho in the diesel heater. Made the world of difference. It is now cycling which it just didn't want to do before. Heater is coming up faster.
  10. Black marks on shower floor

    If it is checker plating like on the outside of the van would that aluminium purple and green stuff help? Or would that make it slippery (don't think so). If it is like the black marks you get on the wall perhaps a tennis ball rubbed against it might remove it (works on walls and worth a try).
  11. APOLOGIES!!!

    I am testing the site now. Appears things are running OK. So frustrating but at least it is fixed now
  12. Get 'F'

    Well you had me, I only got 3 even after a couple of tries.
  13. New front page pictures

    But of course
  14. National Caravan Service Directory

    We have used this company a couple of times for our major service and to have some repairs done (not major). They also helped us when we had problems with our batteries. State : Western Australia City / town : Perth - (Beckenham) Business / Contact name : Perth Caravan Repair Centre Address : 1606 Albany Highway, Beckenham Ph: 08 9258 9500 Web site: http://www.caravanrepairs.com.au/ Type of work : Repairs, service Comments : Have used several times for major service and some repair work. Just need to book in advance during peak season.
  15. Siri

    serve you right