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  1. A minor catastrophe averted

    We did as you suggested tony and put the metho in the diesel heater. Made the world of difference. It is now cycling which it just didn't want to do before. Heater is coming up faster.
  2. Black marks on shower floor

    If it is checker plating like on the outside of the van would that aluminium purple and green stuff help? Or would that make it slippery (don't think so). If it is like the black marks you get on the wall perhaps a tennis ball rubbed against it might remove it (works on walls and worth a try).

    I am testing the site now. Appears things are running OK. So frustrating but at least it is fixed now
  4. Get 'F'

    Well you had me, I only got 3 even after a couple of tries.
  5. New front page pictures

    But of course
  6. National Caravan Service Directory

    We have used this company a couple of times for our major service and to have some repairs done (not major). They also helped us when we had problems with our batteries. State : Western Australia City / town : Perth - (Beckenham) Business / Contact name : Perth Caravan Repair Centre Address : 1606 Albany Highway, Beckenham Ph: 08 9258 9500 Web site: http://www.caravanrepairs.com.au/ Type of work : Repairs, service Comments : Have used several times for major service and some repair work. Just need to book in advance during peak season.
  7. Siri

    serve you right
  8. Chicken Schnitzel caravan style

    For those who have a webber BBQ try this one. You will need the trivet for the second part. You will need Chicken Breast - Halve length wise Bottle Leggo's Napoletana (will make enough for 6) Cheese slices Alfoil tray and silicone baking paper Cook chicken breasts (lid down) until they are just done. Place on plate to rest and drain any juice. Place chicken halves in alfoil tray that has silicone baking paper on bottom to help stop sticking. On top of chicken spoon enough napoletana to cover and place cheese slices or grated cheese on top and put back into Webber on top of trivet. Keep temperature to approx. 180 degrees for approx. 10 minutes or until the cheese melts. If it requires much longer than this turn off gas and let the retained heat melt the cheese or the chicken will over cook. Enjoy
  9. Kedron Caravan Service

    We have been getting our caravan serviced at Perth Caravan Repairs Cannington (08 9258 9500) for a couple of years now. The have done the major service twice and had them investigate when we had battery problem. Very good service, very busy in season so book well in advance if you can. We now live in the country and bring our van down in advance and come back for it a week or two later - no problems. Paul and Karen

    We did this in June 2015 and although the Gibb River Road was good at that time we found the road to Drysdale Station was pretty bad, managed to break the door to the washing machine. Presume it was one bump to many and the washing machine has taped the door and we found it in pieces in the van. Just remember to tighten everything during the trip. Our kitchen tap also came apart (something we had never thought to tighten previously). Worse section was Drysdale to Mitchell Falls. Depends when they grade the road. Might be worth ringing the council to find out. We used our tent whilst at Mitchell Falls after the previous roughness I was glad we did. Even in the car it took us longer than we would have liked but well worth the effort. I have included 3 photos which show the condition of the road. - First section shows the constant corrugations you will find. Moving to the other side of the road offers little relief - Section to Mitchell River shows another section and its condition. Dust to be expected but rocks and corrugation on this section. - Close to end shows the condition as you near the end of the journey, very pretty but also corrugated road is narrow and goes up and down just requires you to be careful so you go at a slower speed.
  11. Spare tyre covers

    We have covers supplied from the following www.4wdwheelcovers.com.au They will do anything you want and we have been extremely happy with their quality. Paul & Karen
  12. leaking Shower hose

    Thanks for all the good advice (even that from Tony H). Sorry to take so long in replying but Paul wanted to see how long he could get away with not showering before he had to get it fixed. All good now - Cheers Paul & Karen
  13. leaking Shower hose

    Hi guys, We lived in our caravan for 2 years and now only using on occasion. I have been running water through all pipes at least once a fortnight. Took the van away this weekend and the shower hose has gone berserk. Water coming out from where the nut is everywhere. We tightened this nut but still coming out. Any ideas before we bite the bullet and get a plumber in. We no longer live near a caravan place so that no longer an option.
  14. Battery Seperation LC 200 Series

    Hi Jim. As a second option I can strongly recommend Steve Smith Automotive 11 Albany Creek Road Aspley for the job at hand. They are mainly auto electricians and we had Steve undertake battery separation and Anderson plug together with installation of our CB on our Landcruiser 200 series. These guys take pride in their work and I believe that years ago they used to undertake the auto electrical work for Kedron Caravans. Regards Paul & Karen
  15. Grease Nipples

    Thanks Peter, Tony and Leon for the information which has been greatly appreciated. Best regards and safe travels. Karen S