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  1. Hi Fieldsie. We are going to Tassie on the 27th January next year. We booked & paid for our trip on 27th February this year at a cost of $1039 We are driving a Chev Silverado towing a 18'6 (inside) TE with an extended draw bar, as we are over length(14.30 mtrs.) we had to trick the booking computer,we decided to go over as day trippers which has saved a considerable amount of money. As yet we have not booked a return trip but will be flying back to Brissie Easter week for G/Daughters 18th. As we have unlimited time our return will be determined by weather etc. Happy safe travelling. Sue
  2. Hello to all. We are looking into ways of improving our internet reception when out in the back woods. We came across an article about the G Spotter antenna (www.broadbandantennas.com) & were wondering if anyone knows anything about them. Safe travelling. Sue.
  3. Hello All. Last year we purchased from Bunnings a Solar/Sensor/Security light, there were several to choose from. We have mounted it at the back door of our house, it is not brilliant, it at least shows the way to where the key lock is. Safe travelling. Sue.
  4. Hi All. We have a 07-08 2500 8 cylinder Silverado towing an 18.6 T.E. Have just received our rego renewal for $1092.90 if paid by due date. Our vehicle is registered for private use it was registered for commercial( we have bobcat etc.) but found it to too expensive to drive through toll gates/ gateway etc. Graham recently fitted the Hitch Easy which we brought from a company in Melbourne, we brought 2( 1 for someone else) & paid $845 no delivery. The van seems to connect/tow easier not that we have done many miles since fitting. We have looked into having the van upgraded to 4 ton, by an engineer but have decided to leave it registered at 3.5ton. When we brought our Chev we didn't require a LR Lisence the new chev's are heavier & now require that lisence. Hopefully this will answer some of the questions. Safe Travelling. Sue.
  5. Hello All. We have the 2500 Silverado, which we drive on a C class lisence. Does your Silverado have dual wheels. Best Wishes. Sue
  6. Merry Christmas to all KOG'ers May Santa be nice to you all. Happy safe travels,lets all gather in 2011. Best Wishes. Graham & Sue.
  7. Pretty astonising information. Remember back to when we wanted to clean pennies, we would put them in a dish of Coke( rot gut they used to call it). The only way to drink Coke if with additives,the alcoholic type namely Rum, Scotch, Burbourn what ever is your choice. Best Wishes. Sue.
  8. Hi All, When we had our Discovery and we were going to The Top End towing a Camp-o-matic off road camper, I went to a local supplier of Persplex with the pattern of back window of car, he cut persplex to pattern, I then purchased HEAVY DUTY velcro dots which I stuck to back window 3-4 inches apart, these worked well none came off but the dirt would get between two layers but was easily removed and cleaned,when we came home I removed the persplex , leaving dots on car. I found dots worked better than longer strips. Best wishes. Sue. Happy safe travellling.
  9. Hello to all KOG'ers Would someone please tell me where to purchase the alfoil type reflective sun shields? We went away last week, with the car parked in the sun all day it got very hot inside. Happy safe travelling. Kind Regards. Sue.
  10. Hello to all KOG'ers. Graham & I would like to wish you all a happy healthy prosperous 2009. We're hoping to be able to attend KOG gatherings in 2009. Saturday 3rd January for a week, we are heading to Lake Coolmunda near Inglewood if any one is near there, they are more than welcome. We camp along the dam not in the caravan park. Look for a Blue Chev and a T.E. Safe travelling. Sue & Graham.
  11. Webby. Thankyou for your assistance once again. Regards. Sue. Happy safe travelling to all.
  12. Webby, Please be advised we have a new email address as of todays date 15th October,2008. Similar but different. grahamsuesmith@bigpond.com Thank you . Sue Smith.
  13. Hi to all KOG'ers. Graham and I would like to say thankyou to you all for a great weekend, Di & Bob did a great job, we certainly enjoyed ourselves, and found you all to be very welcoming and friendly to newcomers. Hopefully we will be able to attend more gatherings in the future. Best Wishes. Safe happy travelling. Graham & Sue Smith.
  14. Hi to all KOG members. We picked up our Top Ender on Monday. ordered on 26-6-07. and received on 16-06-08, unfortunately it was not ready before the show, but as we had plans for the long week-end (mothers 85 birthday), was not an issue not being ready. Good things are worth waiting for. Ben did the hand over knows his stuff, as we have never had a van before can't remember half of what he told us, I asked for the video and was told it is in the pipeline ...next project apparently. Will have to rely on friends who have vans to fill in the gaps for us, trial and error.....fun times ahead. Was poked and prodded by the family, and grand kids last night, the grand kids have opened all door drawers etc many times, have decided where they are sleeping etc, begging to come tripping with us at the first opportunity reminding us school holidays are very close. Some friends with a pop top Jayco,were here yesterday and have decided what they will have in and under their next van. The oldest Daughter and Husband have a 26 ft Spaceland, their 3 kids reckon Nan & Pop's van is pretty cool. Other friends with a York will be here tonight, bringing bottle of Champs to christen van. We will have a chance on week-end to work everything out. Will probably arrange Kitchen drawers etc and rest of van and will change everything around first trip out. We are going to Kenilworth next month with the group. That will be a good test for both T.E. and Chev ute which we haven't done many K's in, due to that elusive gold lotto. We will be leaving home on Thursday 3 July(advantage of being self contained camp anywhere), to take the Chev to dealership in Gympie, for adjustment, on Friday morning, and then on to Kenilworth. Happy safe travelling. Sue. Wanna-B.
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