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  1. Michael J


    Tku Webby, Don't want to make the same mistake twice;)) Will check my financials, and of course the archives.......... MJ
  2. Hi Colin, Tks, I was thinking along the same lines but Ted has added another part to the equation. Guess I will probably try the easy fix first..;(( Our planned trip for this year will test it... MJ
  3. Michael J


    Good evening peoples, We have returned from our initial trip, and very happy indeed with everything encountered..........boy you should have seen the 3-4metre croc we shared the river with for 4days; ))))) Anyway, we stopped at Clermont, QLD, for a few days and tried our had at gold prospecting. What a buzz, we hired the Mine Lab detector and spent a full day wandering around the designated prospecting area. Yes we did find a tiny piece of gold (salted??? maybe, maybe not) I guess it was just enough to make us think, could we combine our love for travel in the van and our love for the outback and maybe, just maybe find a small 3kg nugget to offset costs>>>> Have any, are there any KOGGERS out there that combine the two, and more to the point is it worth while. Perhaps someone would care to share where they prospect (guess that's a silly question eh )) Just food for thought, comments ????? Rgds MJ
  4. Hi Chris, See email. Rgds MJ
  5. Hi Barry, Your idea of pressurising the van indeed has heaps of merit. I too have seen campers/small vans that have been pressurised. Most, if not all, have been home made and appear to work well. Guess it is about cost v benefit to the manufacturer. Must say that the amount of dust in our van was minimal considering where we went. Like most things in life I guess, gotta put up with some small inconveniences to enjoy the majority of what life has to offer.. Regards MJ
  6. G'day Ted and Hermy, Tks for taking the time to reply with a heap of good information. Your comments regarding the catches on drawers and cupboards was most interesting. I have spent a heap of time adjusting and tightening all the catches since we got back. Looks like I need to make some alterations too;((( I am about to spend time under the van with a view to finding any holes that may let dust in and you comments make for a great starting base. Yep, was dusty and corrugated but about what I expected and yes the van lived up to our expectations. Kind regards and have a great year travelling. MJ
  7. Good evening to all Kedron peoples, and anyone else reading. After posting a somewhat inciting initial post, and honestly it was not my intention to do so, we are back from our first sojourn in our Kedron and, for what it is worth, would like to put ‘pen to paper’ regarding our trip. Travelled from South Australia to Broken Hill initially, just to reminisce as we lived there for 5 years. The CP as you approach BH from Adelaide is just adequate –IMHO Anyway we toodled off to WCA but decided to turn left towards Tilpa and Louth instead of viewing the WCA historic buildings. Tremendous history on this track and we had a ball…quite a bit of dust too. Without boring youse lot, we made our way via devious means, to Brisbane to get the van serviced……………and it was done with minimum of fuss, and a great deal of care. I had expected nothing less to be honest. Another good reason to choose a Kedron. Sapphires found at Sapphire and gold found at Clermont………good stories attached to both experiences. Long story short, we tracked up to Undala and then across the Savannah Way through to Karumba. Turned around and made our way to Adels Grove –via an odd night or two;)) We had intended to go West, but circumstances have put that trip off until next year…anyway we took the dirt track direct from Adels Grove to Camooweal. It was mainly tar until Glendambo, when we turned right and travelled down the dirt to Wirrulla. We then turned to Ceduna and then followed the coast road to Whyalla, visiting all the little bays on the way…….and fishing of course!! Stayed with mum at Whyalla for a couple of days and then travelled back home. To summarise…an enormous experience. Our van more than lived up to our expectations. It was a tad rough in places, we lost two Kedron hub caps and one off the F250. The corrugations were so rough in places that we sheared off a spot light from the bull bar. We also lost the anderson plug from the F250 to the caravan…….just ripped off;(( Anyway, for those that have stayed with us thus far, 10,000+kms, heaps of dirt/corrugated/dusty roads. The F250 took it all in its stride and returned good figures too. Good caravan parks, some not so good but heaps of good free camping areas……….met some magnificent people too (have stayed in touch with a beaut couple –on the road full time, and with a ‘Bushtracker”) Anyway peoples, again my apologies for my initial post. I will add that dust was not a problem. We used air conditioner pads between the flyscreen and outer door, also between the doors on the fridge and the water heater. All good. Hardly a spec of dust in the van, Gill was more than impressed, me too. Did have problems with the drawer catches vibrating loose, guess a touch of ‘lock-tight’ will fix it.. If I can provide any info at all that may be of interest please let me know. At this time we are planning for a trip from SA up to Darwin then across the West (GRR and Kimberly) –plus some gold detecting as an aside…….)))))) OH yessss bring it on… Regards MJ
  8. 'Evening John, I replied about 30 mins ago but it has vanished....Oh dear.. Anyway, to paraphrase what I wrote.... I was concerned about dust getting into the van through the drivers side vents for the water heater and the fridge. On reflection, the water heater area would not/should not be a problem however I thought that the fridge, being on 12v and 24x7 could suffer if ventilation was compromised...hence my initial post. I have sourced some A/C filter and made up sections to fit the vents when we are on dusty/dusty roads. Guess it is just a matter of taking them out every night and washing then replacing in the morning. Trial and error I guess. Will advise here if successful or not when we get back;))) Thank your for your time Cheers Michael
  9. It would seem that I have upset many of the KOG by my comments to Pete and Mayzee re dust ingress. Out of order, yes. Certainly not designed to inflame, however what is done cannot be undone. My sincere apologies to all KOGGERS that took offence. I had indeed checked the archives, and like most forums they contain some relevant information and some that is quite old. Not what I wanted though. As a newcomer to this forum I guess I was looking for a tad of communication and interaction. Not to be told on the first post to check the archives. I have re-read the post and concede that my comments were not what would have been considered acceptable. Sorry guys.. But I still love my Kedron.. -and Pete and Mayzee I owe you a beer. Michael J
  10. Thank you Colin for your time and information. With luck a nice Barra will be forthcoming too. Camps 7 is proving to be very useful, we are looking forward to this trip, should be good. Safe travels Michael
  11. Hi Pete, Two questions from a new Kedron owner..."any problems if I seal around the fridge and water heater vents on dusty roads"? Fairly simple. Check the archives you say. You do not know if I have, and give me some credit please. As you have helped people for the past 10 years then why not me? Would it not be easy to answer my questions......and then, maybe pointed me to the archives?? I do not know you Pete, and you are probably a very nice guy, but if I ask a fairly simple question on this forum please do not give me a hard time. End of story..I have a very good Kedron van and am very happy with it. I have joined the KOG forum site for general info and shared comadarie (spelling) If you need really need an apology it is all yours, please accept it as such. I just hope that you are not representative of all KOGGERS. safe travels Michael
  12. Have just checked out Robinson River and Adels Grove....both look heaps good......... thanks Southy.. rgds Michael
  13. Thank you Pete. It really does not take too much time to answer a newcomers questions. Only two, should I seal up the fridge vents and should I seal up the water heater vents.....sigh!! never mind. Take care and travel safe Michael
  14. thank you Vagrant, not being familiar with this particular hitch, is there a possibility of the van leaving the tow vehicle?? rgds Michael
  15. Think about your reply then Mayzee
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