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  1. Hi All,

    We picked up our new baby 'Sunset Dreams' on 01/04/16, no April fools jokes please. XC3 21' Tare 2885kg & GVM 3500kg. For those interested, there are photos on the www.kedroncaravans.com  & Kedron Facebook web sites. The team at Kedron made the day very enjoyable. Lisa handling the greeting & paperwork. Glen, who had done the initial photo shoot, gave us a walk round & general introduction to our new baby. Followed by more photos. Graham giving us a walk through the revamped production line & a sneak peek of the latest Top Ender, with a couple of new tweeks (already sold), very nice. Then running us through the familiarisation process. Mark setting the rig up & putting us through the test drive with some very helpful hints & information. After some initial trepidation on my part, I haden't towed a rig this size for 'decades'. And a few hail Mary's from the 'hand break' (Janice), we set off. The rig towed like a dream on the way home, hopefully I did not hold up traffic too much. Although I must say the 200 towed the van effortlessly.


    We would like to thank all those who contributed to our decision making process with helpful input.


    We are looking forward to getting out there & meeting the rest of the Kedron family.


    Safe travels

    Roly & Janice


  2. Hi petdav30, We have just picked up our new XC3 21' with a plastic tub on the front. I will admit that we have not caravaned for decades & are relearning the art of stocking the van. At the moment we are setting up for our first trip & I am finding that several items have already found their home in the tub. As suggested by others above, I am trying to keep this to lighter items so as not to overdo the ball weight. Plus I still have to find a home for my outboard, looking like it will have to go on the back. I have no doubt that you will get some very helpful advice on this forum, as we did. We hope your wait for the new van is bearable, it gave us time to firm up our options. As you no doubt have already found out, the team at Kedron are very helpful. May I suggest that you make a list of all your extras & email them to Graham who we found to be very helpful, but has a lot on his plate as you will find out. He does appreciate it if you try to have as many of your questions in one or two emails. Regards & happy planning Roly & Janice
  3. Hi Taka, I am sorry that I have not replied before now but things have been a bit hectic of late. Just bought a second hand LC200 & in the process of selling up & organising a move to Bundy. Getting the ducks in line for a early retirement next year . Thanks for the feedback on the ARB twin A/C unit. I think I will go with the ABR unit & fit it up as previously suggested. We still have until March next year until our rig will be built but the time is flying by so fast that we wonder if we will have finalised our wish/need list before then . Time will tell. Regards Roly
  4. Hi John, Good topic, I will be watching to see which way you go. Our van is due March 2016 (21' XC3) & we were thinking of going 300Ah LiFePO4. Looking @ prices between 200Ah & 300Ah I was a bit confused as to why per Ah is dearer. I would have thought cheaper . This could be that I haven't done enough research yet . David I will send you a E-Mail to take you up on your offer, Thanks. Cheers Roly
  5. Thanks Barry, I will check it out. Appreciate the feedback. Cheers Roly
  6. Thanks for that Merv, I will go the same way. Cheers Roly
  7. I was wondering if anyone had wired their air compressor for an Anderson plug. Is this a viable thing to do or not. Regards Roly
  8. We have always carried an ABR compressor. Check out their web site, great backup service and an Aussie Company. I looked at ARB compressors, and although they are a good unit I found them very expensive for what they claimed. www.sidewinder.com.au Derek Bester @ ABR [Affordable Batteries & Radiators] www.sidewinder.com.au (not to be confused with ARB) gets my tick also as a supplier of good gear at sensible prices, not that I have had to, but I believe his warranty backup/service is something that other companies are envious of. The dealings I have had with him have always been very prompt & courteous. Thanks for that Merv & Tony, I had read that they were a reputable dealer & that the sidewinder was a good unit at a reasonable price. Good to hear further positives. ARB are very good.. i have tig'd the appropriate fittings into an old aluminium fire extinguisher & use it as an air tank..stops the compressor cycling all the time & gives you a good supply to use the squirty nozzle. i have 2 hoes that snap together to reach the van wheels Thanks Danny. I went to my local ARB dealer & looked at the ARB-CKMTP12 in the carry case with tank & accessories, nice unit. 12KGS & about $830 ouch. Would fit into my drawer ok but the weight & smoking wallet scared me a bit . Don't get me wrong guys, I really do believe in " You get what you pay for ". I just think that some of the "better" units are over priced & that maybe some of the more reasonably priced units aren't as rubbish as some think. That's why I'm asking you guys who have been there, I really do appreciate the feedback. Was also wondering what the though was on receiver tanks, good to have or not. Vendor: Cheers Roly Condition:
  9. Thanks for the thread Tony, I will check it out. regards Roly
  10. Sorry Tony the Gremlins got into my mind & posted before finishing. Hope edit clarifies. Regards Roly
  11. Hi all, I was looking to buy a air compressor for touring. Our hope is to be able to visit as many places as our rig will allow, LC200 GXL/XC3 21' (caravan due to be built March 2016). I was thinking that I would require something in the order of a duel compressor 100% cycle type unit to inflate the eight 285/65R17 116H AT22's on the tug & planned for the rig. As I put experience before hype, I was hoping that the forum members could advise the best way to go. Regards Roly
  12. I was surfing the web & came across this web page on solar panel instillations & performance. Thought some others might find it useful.https://handybobsolar.wordpress.com/the-rv-battery-charging-puzzle-2/ Many minds make light work Regards
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