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    Tow vehicle

    Hi Everyone, I have just sold my 200 series Landcruiser and need to upgrade to another tow vehicle. I was thinking about another cruiser with a GVM and brake tow capacity upgrade to 4t through Lovells. However I am in another mind to buy a Chevy Silverado 2500. We tow a 2018 XC5 triple bunk van weighing 2980kg with a ATM of 3750kg. 5 in the family. Could any members here might be able to give some good advice on the pros and cons of both vehicles. Thanking you so much. Regards Paul
  2. Hi Everyone. Thanks very much for your informative replies. To give you a little more information on our circumstances, we are a family of six, We only go to caravan parks when we have too and love free camping. Unfortunately it is a constant struggle with keeping our power up. My wife and I have discussed upgrading to Lithium. I know a bloke is not suppose to stress over the lack of power. But on numerous occasions we have just about walked away due to our frustration and disappointment. Well I bit the bullet and been given a quote from EV Power in WA for 400ah which I thought was reasonable. But my wife Belinda would like me to investigate into the Enerdrive system which is only 300ah. Living on the Gold Coast, Enerdrive are only up the road if anything goes wrong. I would love to talk to Terry but sadly we won't be going down to SA in the near future. Kindest Regards Paul and Belinda
  3. Hi, Would there be any fellow Kedron owners out there be able give me their experiences with this battery and their setup? My wife and I are looking to replace our 3x120ah agms in our 2014 XC3 with lithium possibly using The E Power setup but can't find any feedback. Could anyone please give their feedback. Kindest Regards Paul and Belinda
  4. Hi Ben I'll be interested in the outcome with this one. Our RPD 215 has had a problem since new (van is just a year old) with its performance. Had it back numerous times to waeco/dometic with the same problem you have described. We have been told there's nothing wrong, but when you get high temperatures inside the fridge I think we have a problem. Our compressor continually runs on whatever setting you put it on and the back cooling plate is thick of ice. I hope you can get it sorted out. Regards Paul
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