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  1. Hi there Nigel and Myself (Deb) purchased our first caravan ever in July 2015 and made the excellent decision of getting a Kedron Top Ender 3, 20'6"- the one which was actually displayed at the caravan and camping show. We are towing with a 2008 200 series landcruiser which we have decked out at ARB so hopefully we have most of what we need for all situations. We just love it. Our first journey - test run - was a 6 week QLD adventure which has given us the inspiration to go further - so on 1 March we are embarking on a 6 month journey from Brisbane (Bribie Island) for a partial lap of this big country. We are really looking forward to meeting you out on the road - if you see us, please come and say g'day. We have named our van Jupiter 1 - as we are intending to get lost in space!! We started a blog on the first trip and intend to continue as soon as we get back on the road. If you want to know a bit more about us, go to GOOGLE and type in Travelling Hildreths. This web page only works with Google for some reason. There is heaps we still need to know so will appreciate your comments on questions we post on the forum, till then cheers!
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