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  1. I tested my 2 front water tanks (80 litres each) and am only receiiving 70 litres out of the 160 litres total.Has anybody else had this problem and where should I start to look? p.s there are no leaks. Thankyou.
  2. Thinking of going to Salvador Rosa section of Carnarvon Gorge. National Parks mention it is suitable for off-road camper-vans & trailers. No mention of caravans. Has anyone been there that can advise? Thank you
  3. mickanann


    Thanks, I always try to buy reputable brand ,and now know what to head for .Thanks again to both of you for your time.
  4. mickanann


    I am about to grease recently purchased used van . Which is the best type/brand of grease to use .Any other advice regards greasing would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Merv. Been away. Found blown fuse on negative battery terminal. Problem solved. Thanks again. Mick
  6. solar does not appear to be charging batteries. where should i start to look ? thanks
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