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  1. TonyH

    Hi Jaap,

    If you don't mind, can I please ask why you have withdrawn your van for sale on this site?

    Regards & thanks

    Tony Heat (President)

    0412 415466

    1. Jaap




      Seems to me that I am trying to sell the van to a group of people who already own a Kedron.


      Additionally forum guest Pepper requested photos which I did my best to supply. however there was no response, fair enough, but then I noticed that this same forum guest at the end of August was inquiring about Kedron warranty and said they were picking up a second hand van within 48hrs. Some thing doesn't seem right If you have bought a van why inquire about one which has been for sale for some time and could easily be found on caravan sales


      We would like to upgrade but not at a silly price a bit like your VX Toyota I think


      SO perhaps it is wiser to withdraw the van from this site


      You asked and I gave you my perspective 





    2. TonyH


      Thanks for the reply, wishing you all the best for a quick


      cu down the road


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