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  1. Have you tried using the remotes that come with the units? we also had some issues when it rained, they automatically came down and wouldn't work again (once sensor dried) so i tried using the remote and they now work again...
  2. Thanks Paul & Karen, hopefully some time down the track I’ll also be able to pay forward my wealth of knowledge too... Regards Craig & Nina
  3. Thanks Tony & Chris, I became a financial member last week thanks to Mike, yes the sites great and way better than Google….we bumped into a couple of Kedron owners coming home and had a great chat, the kids even loved yelling out “look Dad, another Kedron” all the best and thanks Regards Craig (not Greg) :-)
  4. Happy Australia day! and happy birthday for the next 10 years to our family as we took delivery of our new XC3 (bunks) in December 2017, Yes, bit of a luxury to have a kedron as your first Van, they say it takes 3 vans to get it right but I can’t see us improving on what we have already, we're planning our trip around Aus this coming October with the 2 little one (6 &7) and getting a tad excited on the planning etc. so good to read positive comments and experience operators helping out with their advice (unlike others sites) My biggest mistake whilst traveling home to Cairns (3 weeks) from Brisbane was telling all the old buggers that I was new to caravanning!!! (only joking though) I'll leave the rest up to your imagination.... once again, Happy Australian long weekend and all the best Craig, Nina & kids
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