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  1. Rod

    Enerdrive dc2dc

    Thanks Tony would you have any pictures of your set up That you can post or send to me cheers Rod 0402153916
  2. Rod

    Enerdrive dc2dc

    I have just perched a 40amp dc2dc Enerdrive charger i am going to mount it in the boot next to the charger Has anyone ran cabling threw the drawbar and up into the boot any help or handy tips greatly appreciated cheers Rod
  3. Hi Merv when you installed your lithium batteries from itech did you have to reprogram your solar controller I have a tristar TS60 MPPT i assume you have the same cheers Rod
  4. Rod

    Solar Panel up grade

    Thanks Pete i do like to talk to people who test the products in the field unfortunately not to many reputable organization in newcastle area
  5. Ok thanks merv may be some one else can help me with permanent inverter institution My problem is the pins on the inlet socket will be live when the inverter is on How do I fix this problem cheers Rod
  6. Thanks Merv for the great info With you’re xantrex 1800 inverter did Kedron fit it and wire it in when the van was getting built OR was it fitted later when I fit my inverter i am wondering how to get the wires back inside to a change over switch cheers Rod
  7. Rod

    Solar Panel up grade

    Hi Pete when you up graded your solar Panels to 1040W how many Panels did you use and how did you wire them up Did you have to in stall a second solar regular Are you running a MPPT regular Cheers Rod PS only new to this bear with me ?
  8. Thanks Merv very keen to see how the lithium perform how much solar do you have on the roof is 2 batteries enough for all your needs when I replace mine I think I will do all 3
  9. That is very cheep for 120 lithium how long have you had them and you say my standard charging system will charge them ok do they need to be charged at 14.6v
  10. Is lithium batteries the way to go
  11. Is the Enerdrive combo 60 battery charger 1600 inverter a good product for the ATV cheers Rod
  12. Rod

    Solar Panel up grade

    Thanks for the info my 3 AGM are only 12 months old so I was looking at up grading the solar Panels i found some panels on line 300w i was keen on these because they fit in the mounting bracket all ready on the roof 670 wide cheers Rod
  13. My Kedron is 5 years old it has 3 solar Panel now each one is 135W I am thinking of up grading the Panels what would be the best bang for my buck Any help thanks the system charges 3AGM 120 batteries cheers Rod
  14. Ok thanks for the info not sure what to do just yet enderdrive is a possibility cheers Rod
  15. Sorry new to this i am looking for some one to repair my victron 12v/1600w/70a charger in the Newcastle area
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