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  1. Darryl, Does the 12V fan run continuously or only when the compressor cuts in? Did you draw power from the fridge connections or else where? Regards, Pat
  2. Hi Trever & June, I have booked our 4.2TDi Patrol in for later this month to have a "DieselGas Technologies" LPG conversion done. I will keep you informed of the results. Cheers, Pat
  3. Hi All, Has anybody looked at adding an LPG injecting system to their diesel vehicles. In particular the D-Gas system from EcoGas www.eco-gas.com.au The Dyno figures are impressive, about a 20% increase in power and torque and a 20% drop in diesel use which is taken up by the LPG (Autogas) at half the cost of diesel. Cheers, Pat & Brenda
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