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  1. Selling a used XC3 Kedron

    Hullo Wayne. Welcome to the Group. We have been down the same track of selling a Kedron, and buying a new Kedron. My advice, for what it's worth, is to post your details in the 'for sale' section of the forum. Please include a brief history of the van i.e is it under cover, where has it been etc, also a description and features of your van etc, and importantly as many photos as you can. I guess the most important thing is to post a realistic price on it.........if you were a buyer, what would you prepared to pay for it. I know it's not easy, but don't let sentiment get in the way!!!! Wayne, I hope this helps in some small way to achieve your objective. All the best. Peter
  2. Where are you right now?

    With a lot of other Kedrons
  3. Where are you right now?

    Hi Chris I know where we'll be next weekend !!!!!!!!!!! All the best to you both. Cheers. Peter & Margaret.
  4. 2002/03 ATV for sale

    Hi Grant & Carol That looks like a nice and tidy Kedron. All the best for your sale, and congratulations in ungrading. Cheers Peter
  5. E Power 400ah lifepo4 battery

    Hi Paul and Belinda Given the option, I would go for the biggest system, ie the 400 amp system, you can afford. The reason we didn't go with EV Power is the distance from Brisbane. There is no use spending big money on a system that 'might do' compared to a lithium battery system what 'will do'. Considering your family of six, go for system more than what your current needs are (children grow and does their screen time) and what you can afford. I feel that if you go with a 300 amp system system, and with a family of 6, you maybe at the limits of the system, and that would defeat the object of want you want to achieve. The simple fact is, the more power you have, the more you use, and with a family of 6 you would more than the two of us. The Enerdrive people do put out a good system, that is why Kedron are using it. Why not contact Springers Solar at Capalaba for a quote, Cheers Peter
  6. E Power 400ah lifepo4 battery

    Hi there Paul We recently replaced our 5 year old AGM batteries in our ATV for two. I am writing this so you can compare lithium battery systems so that when the time comes you make an informed decision that suits your needs. We replaced our 3 AGM 120 watt batteries with 4 Victron 90 watt lithium batteries. We also replaced the original Kedron installed AC battery charger with a Enerdrive 60 watt charger suited for lithium batteries. We also replaced the original 25 amp Redarc DC to DC charger with a Victron buck boost 50 amp DC to DC charger. Plus some other components to link the whole thing together to form a 'system'. We kept the original roof mounted solar system (130 watt panels x 4, plus a 80 watt panel). Out of $10 grand, I had just enough change to buy a burger and coffee at Maccas!!!!!!!!!! Our usage I similar to what Chris has said. We opt for unpowered sites, and use our 1800 watt Zantrex pure sine wave inverter to supply 240 volt throughout the van. We use the toaster, electric jug etc. one night we even used our electric blankets all night. However, we do monitor our battery status daily or several times a day. The 50 amp DC to DC charger is the key to success because it charges the batteries with a quick regulated charge. And with 600 watts of solar, we never seem to run out of power. We used Springer Solar here in Brisbane to do the work, and are very happy with the work they did. From what I see on different forums and from comments others have made, Terry at T1 has a very good reputation. Paul, whatever lithium battery system you choose, if it has the capacity you need and has a bit in reserve, caravanning is so much easier. Good luck Peter
  7. Silverado Transmission

    Hi Colin Does it come with or without sugar. LOL. Cheers mate. Pete
  8. Hi Cathy and Greg. I remember when we were part of the Kedron group that did the Great Central Road in 2013, and that Greg was suffering from back pain.......the roads weren't that bad!!!!! I also remember talking to Cathy at the AGM in Canungra about taking on the Vice President's position. A position you took to heart and which you did a great job. If you can turn up at a nearby KOG gathering for the day, or even a few hours, it would be great to see you both. It must have been big decision to stop caravanning and put your rig on the market. Margaret and I wish you both the very best that the future holds. Pete
  9. GVM and tow upgrades

    Hi Stu. How did you go with the shackles. Also, can you lower the tail gate fully with the van attached, or does top of the hitch on the van cause any restriction. Cheers Pete
  10. Caravan GVM upgrade (chains)

    Tony, have a look at the data plate. The ATM reads 3500kg. Looks like they have the Lovell braked towing capacity upgrade, but I suggest their ATM upgrade was/ still is 'work in progress' when they made the decision to sell. If Chris and Lynn have made the decision to sell their rig due to health reasons, Margaret and I wish them all the very best and hope everything goes OK. Pete
  11. GVM and tow upgrades

    Great work Stu. Well done. Pete
  12. GVM and tow upgrades

    The contributors to this discussion have or are addressing the 'weight' issues of their Kedrons and tow vehicles; and rightly so. I would like to think we can respect the opinion of all the contributors in this discussion. They have, after doing their own research to suit their individual situation regarding the 'weight' issue, and have or are doing are something about it, and within their budget. They should be congratulated for being pro-active on this issue. We will be upgrading the ATM of our Kedron ATV for two to about 3750kg. Our view is similar too Chris, we don't want to load the van up to a 4000kg limit or to 3750kg for that matter, but only to have a couple of hundred kilo in reserve should we slightly exceed the existing 3500kg ATM. Pete
  13. Hi Hannah and the family. Decisions, decisions!!!!!!!! If all 3 Kedrons are well looked after, any of them will take you where you want to go, within reason and common sence. The 2012 ATV would be my choice. Weight is an issue for all caravanners, particularly for those of us with off-road vans, beit a Kedron or whatever. Quite a few owners have gone down the path of getting their vans replated and have an ATM in excess of the normal 3500kg capacity. With your Landcruiser, Lovell Springs have a GVM upgrade to 3800kg, and a braked towing capacity increase to 4000kg. Considering the age of the vans you mention, their unknown history and build status, if you want to get the Kedron replated, I suggest you contact the factory before you purchase it to see if it can be done. There is a lot to consider when purchasing a caravan and preparing to travel. The weight issue is definitely something to consider. Particularly considering all the 'stuff' the 4 of you need to pack in the van for a year long trip, and the extra 'stuff' you will probably collect along the way. But it can be done, and that's part of the fun. It's great you are considering a gap year to travel this beautiful country and to go off exploring those many special places this country has to offer. All the best, and happy and safe travels. Peter
  14. Solar Controller

    Hi Rick That PL40 is on its way via Express Post. You will have to sign for it. Please let me know when you receive it. Suggest you change it over at night or cover your solar panels if it's a day time job. Write down the settings on your old controller so that it is easy to program the new one. Merry Christmas to you and Lea. Cheers Pete
  15. Solar Controller

    Hi Rick What model Plasmatronics solar controller do you have. I have a new PL40 that I had as a spare for our first Kedron but never had to use it. I could send it to you, no charge. Might get you out of trouble. Cheers Pete