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  1. Hi Andrea and Gary. Welcome to the Group, and congratulations on ordering KEDRON caravan. Before you visit the factory, compose a list of questions. You might find many of those will be answered when to go there. I suggest the main thing is to get a firm understanding of the specifications and any extra things you want. Also, ask Graham to send you some photos of the various build stages. Other than that, enjoy the experience and comradeship the Group can offer. All the best. Cheers from Pete
  2. Hi Rod. Thank you for your enquiry. I use Springers Solar at Lawnton for my electrical work. You will find their contact number in a previous post by TonyH. They're the technical experts in this field and have the solutions. Basically, they left the original 5 panels (130watt x4 and 80watt x 1) as they were, and wired the additional panels (100watts x 2 and 80watts x 3) into the 2nd import of the original PL60 solar regulator. Kedron are continually upgrading their caravans, and that includes the electrical/ battery/ solar systems. As a result there are very few caravans exactly the same. Most of us know our own systems, but I dare to say, most of us are not technical experts. Hence, it is sometimes difficult to advise someone else on what to do when we don't know the exact make and model of the components you have compared to those fitted to other caravans. Rod, my advice would be to find a reputable organisation in your local area who can look at your caravan, discuss your needs and come up with an acceptable solution. Cheers from Pete.
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    Hi Sandra and Clive. Congratulations in such a worthy course, and helping to make history in the Outback. Well done. Cheers from Peter and Margaret.
  4. Hi Rod. Is lithium batteries the way to go.................Absolutely. That's why most manufacturers of hi-end caravans are fitting them as standard. However, upgrading from AGM batteries to Lithium batteries can be expensive, so shop around and choose a supplier and a system that suits you. Cheers from Pete.
  5. Hi Rod We went through a similar dilemma last year with our 2012 Kedron ATV for two. After considerable research and discussion we did 2 things. 1. We upgraded the solar system from 600watts to 1040watts, we used every bit of available roof space to put solar panels on. 2. Our 3AGM 120 watt batteries (105kg total weight) were on their last legs, so we opted for 4 Victron lithium 90 watt batteries (48kg total weight), a 50amp DC to DC charger, and a 60amp Enerdrive AC charger. The 360amp AGM system, gave us about 180amps of usable power. The 360amp lithium system gives us about 310amps of usable power. Lithium batteries also charge much faster. Just remember, when adding new fixtures, like solar panels, it's all weight. By opting for the lithium batteries, we saved nearly 60kg in weight. The solar panels we added were less than the weight we saved. Hence, a nett reduction in weight. The end result is fantastic. We don't have to worry about off grid power anymore. We now have 3 very efficient ways (solar, DC and AC) to charge our long lasting (reportable 15years life) batteries. We even use the normal household toaster through the 1800watt inverter. We don't carry a generator anymore, even less weight to worry about. But, all these nice things come at a cost, so shop around. We figure we are adding value to our Kedron, and hopefully, it will be a more 'attractive' item when we eventually sell it. Additionally, we'll never have to replace our batteries again. Cheers from Pete.
  6. Hi Ecoranger. Generators......a much discussed subject during Happy Hour. We carried a Honda 2 around for over 12 years or so, and rarely used it. We can't see any point in running a noisy generator at the free camp somewhere just to run the airconditioner. If it's that hot that we need to run the airconditioner, we go to a town and book a powered site in a caravan park and use their facilities, the pool, camp kitchen, endless power and water etc. As for charging our 360 amp Lithium battery pack, we have 1040 watts of solar, a 50 amp DC to DC charger, and a 60 amp AC charger. Our 1800 watt inverter easily runs our microwave. We usually travel in the cooler months and for 5 to 6 months a year in northern Australia and have not taken our generator with us for a few years now. We are even thinking of selling it. Cheers from Pete.
  7. Hi David and Liz. Welcome to the Group. Yes, there are a lot of 200 series Landcruisers towing Kedrons, and we are one of them. If you were to ask Glen and the boys, they would probably confirm it is the most popular tow vehicle. There is also a good number of Silverado's and GMC's out there towing Kedrons Toyota has a huge dealer/ support network across Australia. Last year for example we had our 200 series (our daily drive) serviced in Brisbane, Kunnanara, and Townsville. Their service network and reliability is one of the reasons we have had 7 Landcruisers since 1980!!!!!! However, the 200 series has one major drawback when it comes to towing, and that's its payload, about 645kg. If you were to have a ball weight of about 320kg with the Kedron fully loaded, plus full fuel, and maybe a set of drawers, plus you and Liz, the chances are you will exceed its GVM of 3350kg. Similarly, with your Kedron CX-5 fully loaded for an extended trip away, you will have to be careful not to exceed the vans ATM of 3500kg. Over the last 16 years of owning 2 Kedrons, we have learnt to be very 'minimalistic' when we travel. We have also done 2 important things: A. Before we took delivery of our second 200 series in 2017, we had the Lovell's GVM upgrade to 3800kg. And also the Lovell's Braked Towing Capacity (BTC) upgrade to 4000kg. B. Kedron has also upgraded our caravan ATM to 3990kg. It would be silly to load everything up to these new capacities. But now we have a big safety margin on both the 200 series and our Kedron ATV for two. There has also been quite a bit written on the KOG forum on this subject. After all, whatever we drive and tow, we are all trying to do the right thing when it comes to vehicle and caravan weights, and being legal. Cheers from Peter and Margaret.?
  8. Hi Tony. Hope you empty it first.... You might save on postage. LOL Pete
  9. Hi Bas. Thank you for following this up. I'm certainly glad we got our 2017 Landcruiser 200 series GVM and BTC upgraded by Lovell's prior to registration. It's nice to be completely legal and also underweight. Cheers. Peter
  10. Hi Chris. Have a nice trip along these 2 remote 'highways'. We did them in May. As usual in these areas, you'll find lots of corrugations, bulldust, sand, gravel, dirt, and even a bit of bitumen. Oh, and of course, the idiots who drive too fast and don't slow down. Diesel at Tobermorey was $2.25/ litre. Enjoy the journey and travel safe. Peter.
  11. ATV42

    A new trip away!

    Hi Chris. Hope you both have a great time, and safe travels. Regards to you both. Peter & Margaret.
  12. Hi Ernst. We have just done the same treks. The 3 treks you mentioned are all a bit different. You may need to adjust your tyre pressure to suit. Several times we re-adjusted to suit the conditions ie the corrugations, stones, rocks, bulldust etc. In general, we ran our ATV for two at 30psi. Our 200 series Landcruiser at 28psi front and 32 psi at back. We had no tyre problems, all good. Just be flexible and be prepared to adjust your tyre pressures to suit your rig. What suited us, may not suit you.. All the best, and enjoy the journey; we certantly did. Peter
  13. Hi Vulcan Exciting times ahead. As a suggestion, and as I've mentioned to other new owners, stay a day or so at the Lawnton Showgrounds. It's only a few kilometres from the factory. It will give you the opportunity to 'try everything out', and if it doesn't work or if you don't understand at particular system, it's an easy trip back to Kedron. All the best with your new rig, and safe travels. Peter
  14. Hi Jaap. Unless you really want/need a ute, and if you already own a 200 series Landcruiser, why not upgrade your current vehicle to suit. Many 200 series owners, including us, have gone down the path of getting the Lovell Springs upgrade to a 3800kg GVM and a braked towing capacity (BTC) of 4000kg. We also went down the path of considering an Silverado or GMC. However, our vehicle is our 'daily drive' so, since we live in suburbia, the 200 series Landcruiser was our best option because it's more user friendly around the city. If we were full time on the road, we would have chosen the Silverado or GMC; it's all a compromise to what suits your needs. There is plenty of assessable information on this subject on this and other forums to research, so I will not go into the details here. Cheers Peter
  15. Hi Kevin Yes, weight is definitely an issue with caravans, regardless of manufacturer. I agree with Zolle, have the Tare Weight checked. Also, since you have a 200 series Landcruiser to tow it with, have you thought of having the ATM increased to 3300kg or even 3500kg by Kedron before you take delivery. That would give you a great payload and may prevent any weight issues in the future; we all tend to load our caravans up a bit and thus the weight increases and increases. Cheers Pete
  16. Hi there Geoff & Joy. We went for the Oyster system on our current and previous Kedrons. Never had any problems anywhere in Australia. When we stop for the night, the 1st thing I do is to put the dish up and get a picture. That way we ensure the dish has a clear view of the satellite and no trees etc are in the way. A few times we've had to move a few metres one way or the other. Cheers Peter
  17. Hi Cheryl and Wayne. I don't think Kedron has various innerspring mattresses, it is what is is. We have "personalised" ours by purchasing a quality memmorary foam overlay; certainly works for us. Cheers Peter
  18. Hi Tony. Sydney traffic, we only drive between the school zone tines, 9.30am and 2.30pm. We have been staying at Narrabeen on and off since about 1996, so are pretty used to it, and Sydney, where I spent my teenage years, As for Tassie, we spent about 3 months there in 2008/2009 and didn't see it all; such a wonderful place. Probably going again late this year.......more family. Travel safe Peter
  19. Hi Sandra and Clive. Margaret and I are camped at Lake Liddell, just south of Mussellbrook and on our way to Sydney via the New England Highway. Should arrive mid-afternoon, and will stay at the Narrabeen Lakeside CP at Narrabeen on Sydney's Northern Suburbs. Be there a week or so. We are doing a family thing in Sydney the weekend of the KOG Gathering. Have loads of fun and give our regards. Safe travels. Peter
  20. Hi Jono & Becky I bet you guys are so excited. I checked out the Lawnton Showgrounds a few times last week to see if you were there. We're heading off today, so we can't catch up. However, there are 2 or 3 Kedron's there, so don't be afraid to introduce yourself. I'm sure they will help you out if needed. All the best, and safe travels. Peter
  21. Hi there Jono and Becky. Welcome to the group. How exiting is that, taking delivery of your new Kedron. There is a lot to learn, understand and even to get your head around when taking delivery of your new van. As a suggestion, and if you have a day or two to spare, book into the Lawnton Showground for awhile. The Showground is only a few kilometres from the factory, and it's only about $25/night with power and water. This would be a great place for you to get to know your Kedron and to try all the different systems etc. If you have any problems, it's easy to slip back to the factory to ask questions or get something fixed. We live about 15 minutes from the factory, so I might pop into the Showground and see if I can find a nice shiney Kedron. As for camping, well.............when you have a Kedron, you do it in style. Cheers. Peter
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    Ball Weights

    Hi Paul n Denise. This is a well worn subject around the various forums. However, I am happy to reply to your post. I have a 200 series Landcruiser. Like many other owners, I have the Lovell Springs Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) upgrade to 3800kg and the Lovell's Braked Towing Capacity (BTC) upgrade to 4000kg and a ball weight up to 400kg. The vehicle is clearly plated to these weights, together with a Gross Combined Mass (GCM) plate of 7800kg. I had mine down prior to registration, and thus the upgrades are Federally approved. You can have the upgrades done after initial registration, but you have to have it approved by your state transport authority. I have also had the ATM of our Kedron upgraded to 3990kg and re-plated by the boys at Kedron. Our applicable registration documents show the upgraded capacities. We have no intension to load things up to these upgraded capacities, but we have a nice big safety margin. And yes, we are legal; even our insurance company is happy. Finally, I suggest you contact Lovell Springs and get the info from 'the horses mouth' so the speak. Then contact Kedron or your local state transport approved engineering authority regarding an ATM upgrade. Be aware though, in Queensland, where we live, any trailer, including caravans, with an ATM over 3500kg is classified as a Heavy Trailer (HT) and has to have an annual Certificate of Inspection (COI). Hope this makes things a little clearer, and helps you make an informed decision based on the facts. Cheers Peter
  23. Hi Chris. The caravan park you originally booked in Melbourne, would that be the Discovery Parks one, I think it is also a Big 4. We are booked in there over Easter.........hope we have a better experience!!!!!!!!! Cheers for now. Pete.
  24. Well done John and Jo. It's a teedy process isn't it. But, it's nice to be legal. Recently, our ATV for two had its ATM upgrade to 3990kg done at the factory; the staff at Kedron did a great job. If we are stupid enough to load our Kedron up to the new ATM, we haven't learnt anything !!!!!!!!!!! All the best for Christmas, and safe travels in 2018. Pete
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