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  1. Hi all Just enquiring if anyone has fitted these new HV winegard antennas to their vans and if it has improved their tv service. Looking to upgrading our antenna would appreciate any feedback. Since posting this we have discovered a JACK digital HD antenna, Suit Winegard lifter and Round Mast so now we are investigating this antenna it looks robust, smaller more compact and less wind resistance on the van and considerably cheaper. Has anyone used this antenna? Cheers
  2. Graham & Sue Had the same problem we went to a directional Antenna - 22dBi 850MHz Telstra Next G 3G Yagi Grid Antenna (MB08YG22FM) Cost $140.80 From City Technology www.citytechnology.com.au What a difference it made Vince & Angie
  3. bullfighter


    Hi We have a 200 series and recently replaced the tyres with b f Goodrich 285/70R17 (ALL-Terrains) have had no problems with them we have just travelled through Hells Gate to King Ash Bay at Borrolooa Nt over some heavy corrugations about 500 kl of dirt we have had no problems with scrubbing also have met others on the way with same tyres would have no problems recommend these tyres
  4. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has purchases a steel ABR bullbar for 200 series as I have a 12 lb Ironman Winch which I would like to fit to it but not sure as they recommend Warne winches and ABR will not give us an answer. Would also appreciate any advice about the steel ABR Bullbar. Cheers Vince
  5. Thank you for your reply, as we are looking at the BG goodridge your comments have been very helpful.
  6. Tony Thanks for your reply we have been advised that this tyres BF Goodridge 285/70r17 do scrap due to the size have you had any problems. Cheers Vince & Angie
  7. Hi We have just upgrade our Landcruiser 100 series to the 200 series Wagon to suit our 19 ft Topender Kedron. We are looking to replace the tyres with BF Goodridge 285/70r17 can anyone assist us, not sure about these any feed back would be appreciated. Cheers Vince & Angie
  8. Hi, Just wondering where the location for the country music is in WA and what date as we are wondering around WA.
  9. Hi all thanks for the replies on the hot water systems looks like we also will take the chance and have the gas /elect fitted although Kedron have advised against it. We pick up our 19ft TE in august 08 looking foward to it. Vince & Angie
  10. Would appreciate and feedback on gas/240 volt hot water systems as the topender vans are only fitted with gas only. Vince & Angie
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