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  1. Tasmania here we come!

    Tony, I am heartened to hear about the cream bun research. You are the only one I can bank on!
  2. Tasmania here we come!

    In the morning, hopefully bright and early, we launch onto our latest trip. This time we plan to be away from home about five months, and we are including Tasmania for four months of that time. We will take nearly a week to travel from home in the Barossa Valley (SA) and reach Melbourne. Then we go over to Devonport on the ferry on 21 March. Although we have been to Tasmania before, we have never taken the van. It is a bit scary to consider getting the van down to that wharf but I am sure we will manage it OK. If any of you see us, please say hello!
  3. Where are you right now?

    Sandra, what a lovely place that looks! And the photo on the ferry (a selfie yet!) is classic.
  4. software update

    I have directed the Webmaster’s attention to this matter, bigaxe. Hopefully she can quickly resolve any issues for you.
  5. Jonathan and Becky, if you have any questions about the forum just yell out and one of us will be happy to help. chris
  6. Where are you right now?

    OK, right now we are at another special spot. It is called Lake Ratzcastle, 12 kms South of the small (as in very small) town of Goroke, Victoria. This is the Wimmera which is full of lakes and water reserves. Of course, in dry years they are not all full of water. But this is a good year and our Lake is full to the brim. S36 48 42 E141 27 55 It is a lovely quiet spot, with flushing toilets, a tap and a hot shower. Donation is requested. And it would be very bad form not to pay a fee for such special surroundings. Here we are.
  7. How good to see another new owner on the site! I know you will have many happy hours travelling with the van. And if you see another Kedron van out and about, stop and say hello. It is a big happy family. Chris
  8. Where are you right now?

    Ah yes, that looks pretty special too. I wish we could be there with you for the gathering. Have fun, everyone. chris
  9. Where are you right now?

    We are now in a really special place. The small town of Moyston, Victoria, has a Recreation Reserve in which they provide power and water sites for $10 a night. The Reserve is quite lovely and has a heap of sporting facilities like a tennis court, netball court, cricket, football oval and a boules court. While there is not much in the town (a small general store and cafe) it is right on the doorstep of the Grampians. Here we are, under the pine trees
  10. Where are you right now?

    I hope the weather is being kind? Where to from there.
  11. Welcome to the Kedron family Jono and Becky! We are also in SA. We are up in the Barossa Valley...It would be great to catch up when you get back. Of course, we are away right now too, in Victoria and on our way back home in a week or two. chris
  12. An interesting day yesterday

    Get outta here with all that “Tasmania in Summer” talk. 😁. Make sure you post regular trip reports.
  13. An interesting day yesterday

    Yes, Maldon is another spot I could happily live. The old buildings....the lovely countryside! We will go look at Butts Reserve.
  14. An interesting day yesterday

    Any correlation between the Castlemaine Rock and dentistry...? We have been here a few times before and absolutely love the area. I would happily live here. We drove out to Mt Alexandra and looked at the two camp sites out there, but realised they will not be too good in the hot weather which is coming You were lucky to be born here.
  15. An interesting day yesterday

    We love it here. It is a fascinating area.