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  1. Chris

    Silverado and ATV for Sale

    We are sorry to hear that Leon. But to help you sell the rig, it may help if you put up a link to the Carsales/Caravan sales site.... Alternatively put a few details here, including photos. Photos are always a great help in selling a van. good luck with the sale!
  2. Chris

    Kwolyin Bush Camp WA

    We are at a lovely bush camp about 3 hours East of Perth, WA. It has flushing toilets, a free gas barbecue and stove top and water. Lovely spot. And we were joined by our wonderful friends Karen and Paul Slater from nearby Merredin. Karen is our forum’s hardworking Webmaster...
  3. Chris

    New member

    Hi Barry and Ruth. it is great to see you join the Kedron family. Isn’t it exciting, a new caravan and adventures ahead! Chris
  4. Chris


    There is an interesting discussion on another forum regarding use of drones. It is less about the type of drone and more about the rules around usage of drones. http://caravanersforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=69072 But on a related topic, Kedron owner Danno Bananno has a drone (or three) and is an expert. He posts a lot on the Kedron owner’s Facebook site if you want o look there.
  5. Chris

    WA Wildflowers

  6. Chris

    WA Wildflowers

    An update. The springs have arrived. Hallelujah. They only took 11 days to get to Perth from Brisbane. Val drove down from Merredin to pick them up and got home about 4pm. He was greeted by me saying I thought a fuse had gone on the solar panel system as we had had no power coming in all day from the roof solar panels. So he got out of the car, exhausted, and had to fix the fuse. It never rains but it pours.
  7. Chris

    WA Wildflowers

    And that was good advice about where the mechanic works from...who knows we may need him yet?😄
  8. Chris

    WA Wildflowers

    On Friday we were joined here at our campground near Bencubbin by fellow Kedron owners who live in Merredin. We had never met before except through this forum, but they took pity on us and thought they would come up to keep us company 😍. We have had a wonderful time together, sharing outrageous (and probably mostly true) stories over cups of coffee and cold drinks. So we have decided to go down to Merredin tomorrow, travelling slowly and with Karen and Paul keeping us in front of them in case of any mishaps. Then Val will have a clear run to the city when he needs to pick up the springs. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. It pays to be a Kedron owner 💕
  9. Chris

    Christmas gathering and present

    Ideally it should be related to caravanning but doesn’t have to be. Some good ideas I have seen before have included a led light which adheres to the outside of the van; a lanyard with a key holder so you carry your keys around your neck; any secret key holder which can attach magnetically under the van; have a mug made up with Kedron on it; a lightweight melamine nibbles tray; a knife guard to protect sharp knives in the drawer. Is that helpful?
  10. Chris

    WA Wildflowers

    The new spring (and a second one to replace both sides at the same time as the other is likely to be similarly affected too) has been ordered and being sent from Brisbane to Perth. There are none in WA, as the unit is a strong spring for the rough roads a Kedron is exposed to... Apparently it will take between 2 days to 2 weeks for it to arrive..... In the meantime we are waiting at a nice bushcamp near Bencubbin, a small Wheatbelt town. A couple of Kedron forum members have generously offered their assistance and that is heartwarming. Thanks to Karen Slater and John Geling!
  11. Chris

    WA Wildflowers

    Well, our plans are changed. We are at a camp near Bencubbin and on Saturday discovered we have a broken spring on the van. The van can continue to travel (carefully and cautiously) but we first need to source a replacement spring. Val will make some calls shortly to numbers given to us by friends, and see where we go from there. I suspect we need to take it to Merredin for repairs or to get the part.
  12. A fundraising caravan muster for drought relief is being held on 29 September to 1 October. The organisers have provided our group with a flyer which they have asked us to distribute to our members in the hope that they may be interested in attending one of the events. Given the enormity of the drought and its impact, this is a worthwhile initiative. The flyer is below.
  13. Chris

    WA Wildflowers

    I think they are up at the wildflowers right now! But we will be seeing them at a Kedron gathering at Mangowine, early October.
  14. Chris

    WA Wildflowers

    We are now headed for the WA wildflowers region near Geraldton. Right now we are at Karalee Rocks and headed for Merredin then North to Mingenew. I understand the flowers are the best they have been for many years, and we need to see them before the end of the month, when it starts to get hotter. Anyone else around where we are at the same time?
  15. Chris

    Plenty Highway Road report

    Very funny...but Alice Springs had cream buns. I had some there, does that count?