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  1. It’s cold in Tasmania today

    I reackon the locals know a thing or two about alpine fuel and it’s additives! We do usually put some kerosene in the tank every now and again but not in a cold climate where the fuel comes already treated.
  2. It’s cold in Tasmania today

    I hope we see you around the traps then. We are here for a further six weeks.
  3. It was a cold morning today....minus 2 in the van before the diesel heater kicked in. I hope we can get the ice off the windscreen before heading to Rick and Lea’s....
  4. Tasmania

    We have finished our first month here in Tasmania and have only just travelled more than a 150km radius from our landing point at Devonport! We do tend to stay in one place and do day trips out and around a region. We dithered trying to decide whether to go West or East but decided West was more sensible given it would be colder there sooner than elsewhere. We have met a few other Kedrons which has been great, including staying with Rick and Lea for a few days, and meeting up with both Tony and Annie Heat and Rob and Jewel. This trip report comes from Stanley, which will feature in the next report. Stage 1 March to April 2018 Tasmania.pdf
  5. In Tasmania!

    We are now staying at a truly lovely national park campground called Narawntapu. It is to the East of Port Sorell, and a bit further to the East of Devonport. There are three separate campgrounds; Springlawn, Springlawn Beach, and Horse yards. The Springlawn site has flushing toilets and showers (showers can be accessed with a disc costing $2 ), dump point, water and power. All this is for the cost of $16 for two people a night plus the usual entry permit. The beach camp sites are $13 a night but have only a drop toilet, dump point and rubbish bins. Our camp site is just lovely.
  6. In Tasmania!

  7. In Tasmania!

    And last night we camped at Old Macs Farm campground, and finally caught up with Tony and Annie! What a great chance to talk about things Kedron and related stuff. It was a privilege to meet such nice folk.
  8. In Tasmania!

    We did spend a night with Rod and Jewel, and Rick and Lee, then we all caught up again for a night a few days later. There was some alcohol involved but not too much. You see, we are all responsible drinkers these days. That, plus the fact we all need to be in bed early
  9. In Tasmania!

    And Rick and Lea are joining us here tomorrow! How good is that?
  10. In Tasmania!

    We arrived in Tasmania a couple of days ago, after a roughing crossing on the Spirit of Tasmania. It has been cool and damp since we arrived, but we expected that. We spent two days at the by-donation camp at Forth, then today moved to the CMCA RV camp at Railton. This is a lovely camp, on nice green grass, and there is a covered shelter where happy hours are held each afternoon, a great innovation. And icing on the cake, we are next door to another Kedron; Rod and Jewel. How good is that! i will be writing a trip report and putting it up in a few weeks.
  11. Tasmania here we come!

    Tony, I am heartened to hear about the cream bun research. You are the only one I can bank on!
  12. Tasmania here we come!

    In the morning, hopefully bright and early, we launch onto our latest trip. This time we plan to be away from home about five months, and we are including Tasmania for four months of that time. We will take nearly a week to travel from home in the Barossa Valley (SA) and reach Melbourne. Then we go over to Devonport on the ferry on 21 March. Although we have been to Tasmania before, we have never taken the van. It is a bit scary to consider getting the van down to that wharf but I am sure we will manage it OK. If any of you see us, please say hello!
  13. Where are you right now?

    Sandra, what a lovely place that looks! And the photo on the ferry (a selfie yet!) is classic.
  14. software update

    I have directed the Webmaster’s attention to this matter, bigaxe. Hopefully she can quickly resolve any issues for you.
  15. Jonathan and Becky, if you have any questions about the forum just yell out and one of us will be happy to help. chris