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  1. Generally, three way fridges are not more efficient in the tropics and high heat. There will be differing opinions on this but over the years I have seen too many informed comments from people on the topic indicating there to be a problem with the three way fridges - even the tropical rated fridges. Kedron will have made the decision to stick with the 12volt fridges for a reason.
  2. E Power 400ah lifepo4 battery

    As John and Jo have commented, the price will depend on what you currently have in place. Terry was able to set the system up with our current charger and Inverter, as well as some other minor items. It took a few days but he would not have been working on it all the time....I think he rests a bit between bouts of work! This is not cheap, you understand. You will probably be looking at over $7000, depending on the size of system. BUT you save money by having this system installed. For example: We don’t elect to use powered sites at parks very often, choosing cheaper non-powered. We can freecamp indefinitely if we choose, topping up water in various ways away from caravan parks We use less gas as we are using the electric kettle, toaster and coffee machine rather than the gas cooktop. One 9kg gas bottle last about five months. We only stay at a caravan park if we are sightseeing for a few days or visiting nearby friends. I much prefer the freedom of a spot on a river or up a gorge somewhere than crammed into caravan parks.
  3. E Power 400ah lifepo4 battery

    Our experience is with Enerdrive batteries so I hope the following advice is relevant. We have a 520ah set up, installed here in SA by T1Lithium, a national 'guru' of Lithium. It is nothing short of a miracle. Previously we had an array of 4 x 120ah AGM batteries, and our solar is 4 x 120 watts on top of the van, a 100watt portable panel and two x 100 ahs on the roof of the car. The car panels run the Engel in the car through a dedicated AGM battery. You can opt for a 'drop in' system or a system such as ours which has the capability of being tweaked if a cell dies or any other problem occurs. The drop in system will not allow for any tweaking by a novice. Well, that is my limited understanding of the situation. The advantage of lithium is that it re-charges much more efficiently than AGMs and can be discharged toa much lower level. Ours is set to discharge to no more than 15% of the total capacity. If we took so much out of the batteries that only 15% remained, the system cuts itself off to prevent any damage to the batteries. The other advantage is the weight saving. We saved 70kgs of weight. Feel free to ask further questions. Chris
  4. I would not be concerned about a warranty expiring as the Kedron factory is exceedingly helpful regardless of the age of a van. Someone recently reported of buying a second hand 10 year old Kedron and it needed a problem to be addressed. The factory said they were more than willing to fix the issue; unfortunately the owner lived 1000kms or so away from the factory and was not too happy to drive that far. But we once lived in Darwin when our van had an issue and Kedron had a local repairer who was able to do the work at Kedron's expense. You will find the Galls to be very helpful, but of course you need to approach them in a friendly and agreeable manner, as I have no doubt you will.
  5. A minor catastrophe averted

    Tony, As said earlier, when we get home we will check if there is a filter on that particular tank. (Since we got van Kedron are using a different tank). At present the fuel is running freely through the line to the pump and in the two months since we made the change running well. The filter is clean which is good to hear.
  6. A minor catastrophe averted

    Tony, all good advice. Val says he intends to empty the tank when we get home and remove that filter. In the meantime he has installed a new and additional fuel filter after the tap in the line. We're not sure if our model of tank has that filter in the tap but we will check. We do regularly put kero in the tank (I guess metho would have the additional merit of drying out the moisture). Diesel conditioner and injector cleaner are also used every six months or so. He cleaned out the filter and the pump as well which solved the problem at the time. It was dirty... In any event, the problem seems to have disappeared for the time being.
  7. A minor catastrophe averted

    Update. The diesel heater again played up about a month after that first incident. So Val (on advice from another forum) installed an additional filter in the line. That seems to have solved the problem. No more hiccups.
  8. Upgrade started

    Banner has got up and left!
  9. Plenty and Donohue Highways

    Sandra, I look forward to hearing about your trip when the time comes.
  10. Upgrade started

    ??? to cope.

    Thank you for this lovely detailed report Ted and Hermy. It sounds like you are enjoying beautiful scenery in your van. That is what it is all about, of course. Great photos too.

    Those of you with eagle eyes will see I have changed the topic title of this thread to reflect how it has changed into a regular reporting of whereabouts of forumites. As the original poster I reckon this thread has good value as a place where we can hear of current travels and experiences. Right now I am in Alice Springs, at the Big 4 Macdonnell Ranges caravan park, and here until next Wednesday. Then we head South back home to SA. Anyone else around Alice?
  13. Plenty and Donohue Highways

    Well, we have arrived in Alice Springs after completing a crossing of the Donohue and Plenty Highways. It was not too bad overall, given how late in the season it was, but very dusty as you would expect. I have written two trip reports and am putting them up now as we have been offline camping in the West Macdonnell Ranges near Alice Springs. If you enjoy the reports, I would love to hear your feedback Stage 6 August 2017 Carnarvon Gorge to Boulia.pdf Stage 7 August 2017 Boulia to Alice Springs.pdf
  14. We are crossing these Highways in a few days time and wonder if anyone has recent know.edge of the track conditions. We are aware that the Birdsville races will be on soon and there is increased traffic on the road between us and Bedourie as a result. if you see us in the road stop and say hello. We have a gold LC200 series and Top Ender.
  15. Where are we now?

    As some forumites know, we are travelling through QLD and shortly heading over the Donohue and Plenty Highways to Alice. But camped at a fairly remote spot just now, at Swanvale Jumpup (35kms South of Stonehenge) we have caught up with fellow Kedron owners Rod and Sue. We have had contact with them for years through the forum but never met before this. Here we are at Happy Hour tonight.