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  1. Chris

    Apple Slice

    I have used this recipe for years! It was first made for me by my now departed sister in law. It is simple and delicious. Thanks for sharing it!
  2. Our 11 year old van has done some serious off-road work. Who knows if it is comparable with what others have done, but it includes the Oodnadatta Track 10 times, the full Savannah Way, the Strzelecki eight times, the Gary Junction Road twice, the Plenty from QLd to WA twice, the Flinders numerous times, the Gibb River Road etc. I once estimated it had done a conservative 100,000 kms of corrugations...and has held up beautifully. Except for the four springs which went after the last Plenty Crossing, and Val had to replace them one by one 😁 But we now have a new suspension which will last us out I reckon. Val services the bearings himself as he doesn’t fully trust others to do it properly. And I would hate to suggest ATV42 doesn’t look after his van meticulously. That bloke is obsessive about looking after his van!
  3. Hello and welcome Ian and Lyn. Isn't it just the best feeling, being the new owners of a Kedron van?! There are many happy memories to be made out there travelling. It opens up a whole new world. I hope we meet up with you somewhere sometime. Chris
  4. Ken, this is almost identical work and parts replaced in the suspension. It is heartening to see it is almost the same price! Thanks for advising this information....It will be helpful for others to know approximately how much a full service costs.
  5. We have just had our ten year old Top Ender’ s wheels aligned and suspension serviced, here in Adelaide. (We have a Cruisemaster independent leaf suspension). The suspension service involved replacing bushes and other related stuff. The whole exercise cost quite a bit, mostly because there was 13 hours of labour involved. The overall cost was $3176. How much have others been charged? I have a horrible suspicion that had we taken it to Kedron it would have been cheaper 😄
  6. Chris

    Lithium batteries

    I agree with John completely. Terry from T1Lithium at Mannum is wonderful. We put our system of 520 ah in our van, but on reflection 400 ah would be adequate. People come from all over Australia to see him. His phone is 0414 819 826 I have heard good things about iTech batteries but have no direct knowledge.
  7. Welcome Paul and Betty! The Kedron family is warm and friendly, and the vans are second to none. You are making a great decision to get a Kedron van. where do you live (just a general area, not the address)? There might be others nearby who can help guide any decisions.
  8. Chris

    Wrights Bay, SA

    Well, I am glad to see that you do 😀
  9. Chris

    Wrights Bay, SA

    I think Anthony was unsure if he had a working login.... And clearly he has!
  10. I am with Tony on the size of the inverter. The beauty of lithium is the ability to use an electric kettle or coffee machine etc. A 1000watt inverter will be very limiting. I love being able to use the electric items while off grid, all powered free by the sun.
  11. We are camping at a campground called Wrights Bay, between Kingston and Robe, South Australia. Right now we are camped with fellow Kedronners Anthony and Keera, who thought they would like to check the place out for a later informal gathering. A nice spot, it’s near the beach and has green grass! And lots in the region to see and do!
  12. Every now and then you find a nice camp. This one has loads of space and great views but absolutely no facilities. Right now we are camped here with only one other van, a motorhome. (I am told it gets busy on public holidays and long weekends...). Based on the shores of Lake Alexandrina, there is a lot of birdlife to see, and fisherpeople seem to come out ea day to try their luck. I think the only fish are carp. the nearest town is Milang, about 40 kms, or Goolwa which is the same distance. Anyway, you can see it is lovely.
  13. Thank you for this John and Jo! Always useful to have this information.
  14. We ARE interested! When you have time, whack it into a suitably padded box and mail it to us. I will PM you our email and contact details. This is very good timing.🤗
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