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  1. Am not sure of that lookout camp site, or “the old Great Central Road”. But we did like the Giles Breakaways! I am guessing the ridge top spot was at Redbank Gorge? One of our firm favourites.
  2. I would love to hear more about that loop down to the corner. What previous advice had you received about it? Any special notes, or photos? Thanks for sharing this with us!
  3. We too enjoyed the Mereenie Loop and thought it was a great shortcut. But not for a lesser van 😁 where did you camp in the West Macdonnells? And which camps did you stay at on the GCR?
  4. Thanks Barry! a timely reminder that anyone requiring new covers should get in touch with Gemma (details above).
  5. Let's see how this version goes! CHEAP POWERED SITES - Copy.pdf
  6. I will play with it and repost.
  7. Now, fellow KOGGERS, I do know that our lovely off-road vans do not often stay at powered camp sites. But for those occasions when it is necessary (in bad weather or because you want power to recharge the batteries etc) it can be handy to have access to reasonably priced power. I have compiled a list of sites around Australia which provide power (and generally also water, toilets and showers) for $15 or less a night. A few sites in my list are slightly more, but I think it’s only three which are more than the $15 cut off fee. i have also placed the list on another forum, Caravaners Forum. if you know of others, let me know.CHEAP POWERED SITES.rtf
  8. Thanks so much for this Tony!
  9. You have made a great decision to join the Kedron ‘family’ and you will enjoy travelling in a wonderful van. Let us know which area you live in and perhaps join up with other Kedron owners. chris
  10. A third run is being organised. Hi Members, We are now taking orders for our 3rd run of Custom Light Covers. Please contact me on 0423987478 or gemma@fairlite.com.au to place an order. Hopefully we can collect enough orders for August production... so tell a friend. Thank you in advance.
  11. John and Jo, I also have planning documents for the GCR which includes the URL for permits etc. let me know if you would like them.
  12. In that case, here ‘s my GCR last trip report 😄. Stage 4 September 2018 GCR.pdf
  13. And the winner of the most ergonomic and also most eccentric dump point goes to - Coolalinga CP, in Darwin! Complete with hand washing facilities and paper towels Just installed 😀😀
  14. Have you seen my trip report on the Plenty Highway? Stage 3 August 2018 Plenty Highway.pdf
  15. It seems that Alice Springs, which is generally a busy town at this time of year, is particularly busy this year. In part that is attributed to the forthcoming closure of climbing The Rock at Uluru. I make no comment on the closure of climbing at Uluru, but rather the need to plan ahead if Alice Springs is on the travel agenda. And apparently it will get even busier in the near future... And please, no debate on the merits of climbing The Rock....it will only lead to tears.😁 https://www.alicespringsnews.com.au/201 ... itor-boom/
  16. Mal, see here...http://www.kedronownersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3155-outside-light-covers/
  17. We have had three vitrifrigos and found they performed beautifully in even the hottest conditions... Even in 47 degrees it just kept on chilling the food.
  18. On the sister Facebook site, Gemma has written Hi Kedron Caravan Owners. We are planning a 2nd production run of External Light Covers. If enough orders received in June we will go to production for Despatch end of July 2019. Interested parties may contact me on 0423987478 or gemma@fairlite.com.au thank you in advance - Gemma Borg, Fairlite Plastics Pty Ltd
  19. This post made me laugh! I can imagine how you would feel opening a van to scenes of disaster... I remember in our first van, a Kedron ATV with sliding window over the couch, I left the window open by mistake on the Gibb River Road. Red dust everywhere. But that was MY error, not the van’s.
  20. Those who have ordered the replacement light covers will have received emailed advice from Fairlite to say the orders are being despatched. They also say that : " We will be processing more orders as numbers fill again.. so tell a friend !" So, if you missed out on this round, there will be a further chance to order the covers. Cheers Chris
  21. Karen, I will get Val to put it up here. But I suspect it was a but fiddly. He took Tony’s advice and put a second filter in to solve some problem or other. Probably to keep muck out of the unit? ?
  22. The first production line of lens covers is now closed. Fairlite are however now taking orders for the second production run, but until they have enough orders to make it financially viable , there is no estimate of when that might be. So, if you still need a lens cover (or two) you can still order them from Gemma at Fairlite, but it could take a while. We are extremely grateful to Grant Foster for making all these arrangements on our behalf.
  23. Chris


    What a wonderful thing to be involved in! You will be able to say, in years to come, that you took part in this.
  24. Hi forumites. Some of you may know that Grant Foster on the Kedron Facebook sister site has arranged for replacement external light covers on Kedron vans to be made by a firm called Fairlite Plastics. This is a special run and may not be available in future. While the orders were to be placed by today at the latest, I have spoken to Fairlite Plastics (Gemma) and she advised that provided she receives requests as soon as possible, but within the next week, she should be able to accommodate the request. I have only just noticed the facebook post on this topic and so apologies for short notice. I know not everyone is a facebook user and so may miss out on this opportunity otherwise. The facebook post says: Price will $62.50 each. Contact Gemma at Fairlite Plastics 0423987478 email mailto:gemma@fairlite.com.au Gemma will arrange your payment, the number of covers you want to order and your postal address. This post has been brought to you as a community service announcement...and the usual caveats apply. We have no affiliation with the company in question etc. Chris
  25. Welcome to the forum Ian. You would be choosing one of Australia’s best vans if you choose a Kedron. The vans are super strong and reliable, and the Gall Boys are such wonderful people to deal with. Let us know how you go with the purchasing of a new van. chris
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