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  1. Called into the Mother Ship

    Hi Karen and Paul' As you probably recall we have a 21FT ATV2 that we took delivery of May 2009. We absolutely love it having added Sat TV an extra panel, Grey water tank and God knows what else. When we took delivery the Tare was 2,930 so we could just keep the ATM under 3,500 kg.The last few times we put it over a weigh bridge we were about 3,700 kg so after a lot of deliberation and because we love our Keddy so much we decided rather than buy a lighter van we would buy a Chevy Silverado to tow it with rather than our 200 Series Cruiser. Again we compromised and had Performax down grade the GVM to 4,495 kg from 4,540 kg this meant we could both drive it and tow the van with a standard license. With a suspension rated at 4,000 kg we had the boys at kedron replate our van to 3,990 kg. All was then great and we really enjoyed our last trip earlier this year covering over 10,000 km. Back at our Retirement village we began to feel the end of the road was no longer something years ahead so we decided being north of 70 years of age we should have a last Hurrah and upgrade. Having experienced the fantastic Kedron service we didn't even consider another manufacturer so we visited Paul at the Display Yard. The AT now only comes as 21Ft and is designated an AT5 . We once again checked out the Top Enders and thought we didn't need the extra weight. Our ATV along with several others have traveled the Great Central Road Gibb River Road, the Tanami and birdsville tracks and have performed as well as the Top Enders. The AT5 was a no brainer for us. Like Nev we wanted a bit more space at the table but everything else suited us perfectly. We think weight will again be a problem in the future. Anyway enjoy your kedron they are brilliant !
  2. Get 'F'

    I got 5
  3. Silverado Transmission

    Hi Leon Ours is an OTC OBD 11 & ABS. Also has 3208 on the back. Was given to us by Performax last September when we took delivery of our Silverado. Had occasion to use it February when we had a Stabiltrak problem message. Enabled us to fix it straight away.
  4. Fridge fans

    We do the same as Tony. Has worked for us for 8 years
  5. Landcruiser 200 Series or Silverado

    Yep Andrew. Great on the LIGHT side with our 200 Series. No airbags and no problems for 7 years. Perhaps we are a bit timid, only sticking to the tame roads such as Great Central Road, Gibb River, Birdsville, etc. Tojo forever for us LOL. John
  6. Have I got he right Vehicle?

    Hi Petdav30, We bought our new 21Ft External ATV2 (2,930 tare) and successfully towed it with our 100 Series turbo diesel with upgraded suspension until December 2010 albeit we were short on power on many occasions. We then bought a new 200 series twin turbo diesel to which we fitted airbags only and towed it on quite a few iconic roads including the Birdsville track, Oodnadatta track, Gibb River road, Outback Way, out to Carawine Gorge and the usual WA parks such as Karrajini etc. We are usually right on the 3,500kg limit and the vehicle towed it hassle free. Crossed the Nullarbor a couple of times on cruise control at the speed limit 110kph I think, passed semi's safely with more than enough power. In August 2014 we upgraded our vehicle to a new 200 series VX twin turbo diesel and kept it standard , no airbags or other upgrades. We are yet to do much off road stuff but the van sits and tows perfectly. Yes we always need to be weight conscious particularly as we have added an Oyster sat dish and an extra solar panel. Quite a few of the KOGGERS have upgraded to Silverado's, Eff trucks etc. and we probably would too if living full time in the van but IMO you will have no problems with your 200 series without upgrades with an XC3. The 200 series is by far the vehicle of choice by relatively heavy van owners such as Kedrons and Bushtrackers. I would suggest firstly tow the van with your vehicle standard before spending lots of dollars on upgrades that are IMO unnecessary unless you are intending to "Do a GallBoys". Good Luck and looking forward to meeting you down the road somewhere.
  7. We Was Brung Up Proper!

    Ain't that the truth
  8. Sandover Highway

    Hi Colin, This info is so out of date as to be virtually useless but we did it with a camper trailer in 2006. For what it's worth it was then really easy going and wouldn't have presented any problems for a Kedron. No doubt others will be able to provide more current stuff.
  9. Security Door Handle

    Thanks everyone. I'm sure it will now be no problem when I get to tackle it again tomorrow. Safe Travels.
  10. Security Door Handle

    Our outside security door handle has finally broken after 6 years. I know this is a common problem and has been discussed before but I need help fitting the replacement. I have the new Camec part but can't work outhow to remove the old one to fit it. I removed the two screws and the bottom of the unit came loose but not the top and I can't see what is holding it. Can someone please help. Thanks
  11. Auto Satellite Dish

    Hi Bryan, Our SatKing box is mounted in a cupboard over the washing up drain tray. I bought a TV Infared remote target with 3 metre lead from Satplus 7/100 Sugar Road Maroochydore 07 5443 5513 for $24. I stuck it under the cupboard above the washing up draining tray and it works fine from the table, bed and even outside through a window.
  12. Top Ender GVM Upgrade

    Hi Colin No doubt it will all turn out good in the end. Safe travels to you, Gayleen, and the pups
  13. Top Ender GVM Upgrade

    Geez Colin Life seems pretty cruisy in a Cruiser LOL Best Regards John
  14. Landcruiser 200 Series or Silverado

    Jeez Colin Me Too! But have you seen a photo of her lately? Even worse than we look....
  15. Dust ingress

    Michael Thanks for nothing is not a really great response to someone who is trying to point you in the right direction to answer your query. That is not the KOGGERS way!