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  1. HI FELLOW Koggers we have placed our van in the "For Sale" section in the hope word of mouth will help it sell. We've modified the van internally so it look even better now. Hope you're all well.
  2. For Sale this neat and tidy ATV. Recently been modified internally with new cafe seating, laminex bench tops, pantry cupboard, new vinyl floor and curtains, 4/120amp AGM batteries, 3/120w solar panels, 25 amp charger, 240lt compressor fridge just serviced, new hot water system, new external shower, 4/60lt water tanks, extended drawbar, Large storage boxes front and back, Hyland hitch, good tyres, full annex. Hayman Reece heavy duty WDH; 22 inch LCD/DVD HD television Roadworthy / Gas certificate available. Reg. till 11/18 Price $38,000 o.n.o Call Kingston on 0466 889626
  3. Hi everyone, know it's been along time but hope everyone is still enjoying their travels. I am trying to find a cover to replace on our 2003 ATV external light. It's 185w x 205h. The original square light had a round flouro in it but replaced the whole light with the same sized LED  many years ago. can't remember where we got it from but we do remember we were told about it by a group member who posted about it who bought it for us. I know it's a very slim chance that the post is still on the site but any help would be appreciated. Deb bought an led strip light not realising the existing light is recessed into the side wall. Do Kedron still place these type of lights in their new vans?  Thanks King & Deb

  4. Ian & Sue I'm with Webby, brilliant, I installed my own SOG. It took me around 3-4 hours to install but that's only due to the fact trying to get large hands into a tight spot to connect the wiring beside the contact was interesting. Got it working and best thing we've ever done. You just have to remember to take the hose off and plug it before you drive off if you haven't emptied it beforehand other wise you can get spillage into the hose & possibly the fan.
  5. Hi Laurie & Helen, What type of work have you got lined up out there. What else is there other than the roadhouse??
  6. Gidhey Rod, (sorry no spell check) yes I will agree with you I'm one for checking the forum most days as the info is informitive (got that word writ?).What do you mean there is not much else to do doesn't Mavis have ways to keep you busy? King.
  7. Deb & I will be at Nindigully on the 28th, not quite New Years Eve but we'll help the economy of The Gully with a meal and a few coldies. King
  8. Hi Rod & Mavis, It's been a few years but am fairly sure we got camp shades to make a couple of awnings for our Coromal.One for the side and one for the front. With the side one I had it made with one end at the angle your awning would be when rolled out with the leg still attached to the van so it could be used either way not just as shown on their site. King.
  9. Why doesn't this surprise me. What's the saying,,, oh yeh! ONLY IN AMERICA.
  10. Doris & Rob, We bought a secondhand van with a combined ensuite so didn't have much choice in the matter but I do agree with webby etc that if I had a choice this is the way we would have gone.Our vanity is mounted opposite the toilet not above, I never use it as with my hands I'd have to wash one finger at a time. It's easier for Deb & I to use the kitchen sink. As far as eveything getting wet our toiletries are in a vanity cupboard and we have a heavy duty rubber mat on the floor with dimples on the bottom of it to keep it off the checker plate. It dries in no time with the water draining away. Hope this helps.
  11. you're a funny man Tony H
  12. Sounds like you may not want to come home.Laurie & Helen may be right if that loo is like the ones in Paris after every use it self cleans. Good idea but the next person has to walk into a wet loo?? Keep enjoying yourselves.
  13. Hi Reg, I've got a 2006 cruiser and had the gas installed about 6 months ago and it was worth every cent also had a 3inch mandrel bend exhaust system installed. I've only had 1 decent trip towing the van and the difference in power going up hills compared to just deisel is very noticable. The big thing I've noticed is the fuel economy driving around town. At the moment I'm averaging between 150-200Klms extra per main tank which takes it up to around 800klms for town driving. That doesn't include the reserve tank. Gas burns about 96% of your diesel compared to the normal 75-80% and is much better for your engine, this is what several installer mentioned to me. The gas tank was installed under the drivers side passenger seat with the exhaust purpose built around it so I still have both tanks. Hope this helps you decide King. :thumbsup:
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