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  1. Peppermint

    New Bull On The Farm:I recently spent $2500 on a young Black Angus bull. I put him out with theherd but he just ate grass and wouldn't even look at a cow. I was beginning to suspect he was gay, if that's possible with a bull. Anyhow, I had the vet come have a look at him. He said the bull was very healthy, but possibly a little young, so he gave me some pills to feed him once per day.Holy Cr*p. The bull started to service the cows within two days. All of mycows! He even broke through the fence and bred all my neighbor's cows! He'sbeen breeding just about everything in sight. He's like a machine!"I don't know what the heck was in the pills the vet gave him, but theytaste kinda like peppermint.
  2. A minor catastrophe averted

    Hi Karen & Paul, Great to hear.....you know I wouldn’t give you a ‘bum’ steer!👍
  3. 32 KEV

    I just leave mine in the 12v position, regardless of whether I'm free camping or on power.....works for me.
  4. 32 KEV

    Hi 'Kev' You say you put this in your vehicle.....I presume you mean van ??? You say you purchased this unit second hand....is it faulty? My van is a 2007 ATV and Im on my third charger, 1st Centaur 2nd Zantrax (both were 40 amp) I have just upgraded to a 60amp Enerdrive....it is FANTASTIC!!! So quiet, compared to the original two.....the originals were that noisey I would turn the power OFF (at the circuit breaker) at night as the charger was only inches away from my head making it hard to sleep. My understanding with fan operation is, the higher the load, the more heat is created, and fans will come on. Ambient temp of 4 degrees.....would have some bearing on fan op, buit I suspect original owner of your 'new' charger gave it the flick because it was annoying him also. I would suggest a trip to a competent solar electrician. Sorry I cant be of more help.....please let us know how you get on! Cheers Tony H.
  5. Hi Maureen & Brian, I also would like to echo Chris's comments above, it is disappointing that you have experienced 'failures/shortcomings' with your new Kedron van. I honestly believe you will find that Kedron will sort out your concerns , promptly and with a smile....albeit you probablyay have a frown on your face now......soon it will be smile....yes it would have been better to have a smile from day one. Looking forward to meet you at a gathering or somewhere on the road in this beautiful country. Regards Tony H PS......PM sent
  6. A minor catastrophe averted

    Hi Chris & Val, If Val has installed a 'new & an additional' filter after the the fuel tap......I would think you may have problems! You possibly have a potential blockage/restriction at the fuel tap (yet to be confirmed) by installing an extra filter ( from my understanding) you now have TWO auxiliary filters before the pump......you'll be asking the pump to work VERY hard pulling fuel through two Inline filters AND the (possibly) restricted filter on the fuel tap. I understand and appreciate the value you put on your heater.......just don't want it to fail on you. Stay warm ???
  7. Working on roof of ATV

    Ha ha ....I'd love to belong to the 100kg club.....but that's another story!! Stay safe.
  8. Black marks on shower floor

    Let us know how you go.......
  9. Black marks on shower floor

    Hi John & Lynne, Purple polish is what you need, get 'Step One' which is green colour and is a deoxidising agent then hit it with the purple polish, you will be amazed at the results....as it says on the container 'Caution, results can be addictive'. You can get the product from most auto shops, both bottles will cost you around $50.00 Cheers
  10. A minor catastrophe averted

    Ha ha Karen, At the very least, pour a litre of kero or metho into at a half full tank of fuel!?
  11. Working on roof of ATV

    G'day Big Mike, Bigger Tony here, I recently had the same dilemma. Bearing in mind I'm 6'3" and approaching the wrong side of 120k's?? I got a suitable ladder, asked 'the cook' for an old bedspread or similar, spread this out over the solar panels then on top of the bedspread I placed a piece of 1.2m x1m x 20mm plywood (wouldn't suggest anything less than 20mm as it will flex too much) on top of the solar panel mounting brackets, on my van and probably yours as well the actual panel sits just below the top edge of the mounting bracket. I was then able to carefully get onto the roof and remove the cover for the A/C without any resulting damage to the roof or panels. Whilst I was up there I also removed and cleaned the hatch covers, that made a big difference in the amount of extra light coming into the van. make sure the solar panels are clean also! Would strongly advise that you have an offsider on the ground to assist you if attempt this procedure! I kneeled on the wooden panel whilst I was on the roof......if you don't have back pain now .....you soon will....lol Good luck, stay safe
  12. A minor catastrophe averted

    Hi Chris & Val, There is a filter screen on the fuel tap on the bottom of the tank, remove tap from tank, remove and DISCARD this filter, refit fuel tap. in a suitable/safe location between the tank and the inlet of the pump, install/fit a 'cheap' disposable 'inline fuel filter' available from Supercheap or similar. This filter should be changed every 12 months regardless of usage or when ever you get a load of iffy fuel. Add 1 litre of kero or metho to the fuel tank once a year also it will break down any moisture in the tank and clean the pump (internally) at the same time. I don't think knighthood is good enough for the inventor.....I suggest sainthood....stay safe
  13. Hi all, Just 'bumping' this up..... We have had a fellow member put their hand up for the VP's position....thank you! Still looking for someone to pick up the baton for the 'Presidents' position,....... don't forget it comes with a Platinum Amex Card ? only joking.....lol Stay safe, hopefully you will be attending the AGM @ Murgon!

    'Baroque' pearls very special ! ?
  15. Hi all, Just assisting Roger & June Elliot, by listing there van which they have for sale. Their desire is to get a bigger, different layout van. All relevant info is on the website link below http://www.caravancampingsales.com.au/ reference number SSE-AD-4907128 PS I personally have no association with this sale, just listing this link as a favor for Roger & June!