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  1. Van Service

    Hi Paul, Welcome to this forum. If you look in the Public Forum, under the heading ’Product information and Services’ you will find the National Service Directory, although there are only a few entry’s there, there are two for Vic, maybe one of them is geographically close to you. Perhaps after finding a suitable repairer, you to may add to this thread. Looking forward to meeting you down the road! Regards Tony H National Service
  2. Tasmania here we come!

    Hi Chris and Val, Getting on and off the SOT is so easy, wishing you a smooth uneventful crossing! Check the SOT website re quarantine requirements and all will be good. Im still conducting cream bun research....for you, nothing really positive to tell you yet! Travel safe.....looking forward to finally putting a face to a name and voice.
  3. Hi Karen and Paul, Still very happy with my choice of Enerdrive......so happy I have also purchased and fitted an Enerdrive DC2DC charger to charge the batteries whilst driving.....works so well! Again, I have no affiliation with Enerdrive.

    Karen, With a memory topper, do you now go to bed and top up your memories of what you used to do on the bed? Sorry.......the devil made me do it.....lol
  5. Where are you right now?

    Here for the long weekend in Tassie to avoid the ‘hordes’ Second shot, later in the arvo after a short sharp storm ☔️
  6. Where are you right now?

    Hi Peter & Margaret, Enjoy the northern beaches, (Narrabeen and Mona Vale) my old stomping ground....so many memories.......BUT I don’t miss the traffic! We are currently at New Norfolk, just out of Hobart, first slightly damp overcast day in a week or so. Today we went out to Lake Pedder and Strathgordon, the scenery and vistas are amazing here in Tassie, can’t get enough of it.
  7. Blue the dog

    There are are some very clever people....the way they can put words together.......enjoy We pensioned off old Blue the dog when old age got him down We sent him for company to old Grandma in the town But while Granny was elated Blue still craved the great out doors and he would roam the town exploring while old granny did the chores So it was this sunday morning Blue was fossicking about through the paddocks near the township on his normal daily scout When a canine gourmet odour overpowered his sense of smell though his eyesight had diminished his old sniffer still worked well And the sense of his excitement was reposed down by the creek where a sheep had met his maker for the best part of a week For its woolly corpse was spreading and the air was far from fresh from this rancid flyblown carcass with its seething greenish flesh It was a dogs idea of heaven and old Blue, he rubbed and rolled till he ponged just like the sheep did and with ecstasy extolled Then an idea formed within him as he gave a gentle tug and he found the carcass followed like a matted lumpy rug He would take it home for later it should last a week or two if he stored it in his kennel he could keep his prize from view So he gripped the carcass firmly proudly into town he went but his load proved fairly heavy and old Blues energy soon spent And the only shade on offer was the building with the bell and he dragged his prize towards with its flies and feral smell Then the dog and sheep both rested in the front porch of the church old Blue looked up the gangway at the parson on his perch He was revving up the faithful to repent to save their worth and said satan was the culprit for all the rotten things on earth And he roared of fire and brimstone and redemption for the throng up the aisle came satans presence in this godforsaken pong And they all cried “Hallelujah” and they fell as one to pray but by now old Blue was rested and he hadn’t time to stay He proceeded up the roadway with the woolly corpse in tow with a shortcut through the nursing home the quickest way to go Where the matron, in a panic counted heads in mortal fright with a smell like that they’d surely lost a patient through the night And the members at the bowls club lowered all their flags half mast doffed their hats in silence for the funeral going past But old Blue lugged his prize on homewards travelling past the bowling club till he took a breather under the verandah of the pub There old boozing Bill was resting sleeping off the night before to wait the sunday session when they opened up the door When the stench awoke his slumber which was highly on the nose and he thought his pickled body had begun to decompose And he missed the sunday session when he ran home to his wife to proclaim the shock announcement he was off the booze for life Meanwhile Blue could see Gran’s gateway at the far end of the street so he started up the pavement with his ripe and tasty treat But there was movement in the backstreets as the town dogs sniffed in deep they broke chains and climbed high fences for a piece of Blue’s dead sheep And Blue felt the road vibrating from the stamp of canine feet as this pack of thirty mongrels came advancing up the street But he wasn’t into sharing so he sought a quick escape and he spied a nearby building with a door that stood agape Through this door he sought asylum but his presence caused a shriek for he’d chosen the local deli that was run by Nick the greek And Blue shot beneath a table where the sheep and he could hide but the dog pack was relentless and they followed him inside Now the table Blue had chosen was a double booked mistake with the law enforcement sergeant sipping coffee on his break And the sergeant sat bolt upright with a dog between his feet and his eyes began to water from the dead decaying meat Then the sarge leapt up in horror but in his haste he slipped and fell falling down amongst Blue’s mutton with it’s all embracing smell And he lay somewhat bewildered in the gore, flat on his back when the mongrel pack descended in a frenzied dog attack With first thought self- preservation from the rows of teeth he faced the sarge fumbled for his pistol in it’s holster at his waist There were muffled bangs and yelping as random shots rang out and the whine of bouncing bullets off the brickwork all about As he blasted in a panic from beneath the blood and gore a front window and the drink fridge were both added to the score And the cappuccino maker copped a mortal wound and died hissing steam, it levitated falling frothing on it’s side And Nick the greek, the owner grabbed a shotgun in his fright blasting into the confusion of the frantic canine fight At short range it wasn’t pretty dogs were plastered on the wall there was laminex in splinters clouds of dog hair covered all Then the smoke detector whistled with the gunsmoke in the air which set off the sprinkler system and a siren gave a blare And the echoes still were ringing when beneath the dying heap there emerged old Blue, still dragging at the remnants of his sheep It’s head was gone and several legs but it hadn’t lost it’s smell in the armistice that followed Blue decided not to dwell He leapt the fence at Grandma’s for his feet had sprouted wings pure adrenalin propelled him fleeing dogs and guns and things Now old Gran had influenza and had lost her sense of smell with Blues sheep in the garden that was probably just as well And she looked out from her front fence at the town in disarray at the ambulance, police cars and the rspca as well Then the fire brigade rushed past her flashing lights of rosy hue and she hugged the old dog tightly he’d protect her would old Blue You just stay here like a good dog Grandma told him with a frown “ ‘cause you’ve no idea the trouble you can get into in town”
  8. Where are you right now?

    Are members of KOG group?? Please get your membership hat on........safe travels!
  9. Chevrolet Silverado

    Hi Bryan, Were you able to source the seal kit locally? If so, name of supplier and cost if possible please? My vehicle is still under warranty, so I’m not going to delete the original filter (which is a bit of a bugger to change) at this stage. Being a common rail design motor (as is yours) the fuel must be ‘cleaner than clean’. I have added an additional filter assembly (see photo) as a pre filter to the factory unit......this works for me. It has a clear bowl on it to check for any water in the system. When and if I do upgrade my filtration, I will probably fit an adapter plate to the existing filter head and fit a CAT IR-0750 which is available from the DMAX store for a little over AU$100. The CAT filters are two micron (same as AC Deleo -factory). The CAT filters are very common, easy to source and a fraction of the price of AC Delco. Last thing in the world, I’m trying to convey to you..... is tell you what to do with YOUR OWN truck! But to me, in your case fitting a Fass type pump is an overkill for what you are trying to achieve. One thing to to consider/remember is with the Fass type system setup the filters hang lower than the chassis rail and could possibly be prone to stone or other debris damage, flicked up from the N/S front wheel. Cheers and keen to hear of your progress! Tony
  10. Chevrolet Silverado

    Ha ha, just add a bit more confusion....... on American forums I seem to remember reading about your symptoms Bryan, the seal on the primer unit on top of the fuel filter does leak (vacuum) causing the problems you are alluding to. I believe there is a service kit available to remedy this, Possibly (only) available from the US. Do you have any reputable diesel workshops in your vicinity that could assist? I personally.....just have a problem with you investing in a lift (Fass) pump and installation and still having the same problem. Following up on Steve’s comments above.....to me ( for what it’s worth) your problem is not electrical .....as you can reprime the system and all is OK Please let us know of your progress. Cheers
  11. Chevrolet Silverado

    Hi Bryan, Viewing US websites changing/adding a Fass fuel pump seems to be a very common ‘upgrade’. Are you personally experiencing fuel starvation problems? My truck is 6/15 built with the LML engine, to date I don’t believe I have encountered fuel supply problems, my engine is 100% stock other than an ECU remap, which definitely has has increased kw’s and torque, but I’m not experiencing flat spots or hunting normally associated with lack of fuel. What are your reasons for the Fass ‘upgrade’? I have had very good support and assistance from www.dmaxstore.com Very interested to hear of your reasons. Cheers and beers Tony
  12. Sorry about that Craig, call you anything.....but not late for dinner Cheers Tony
  13. Hi Greg, Nina and ankle biters, Welcome to the Kedron Owners Group, lots of information on this site. i believe you will find us a friendly who are keen to share the Kedron experience and caravanning generally. Do consider becoming a full financial member, there is a lot more info there reserved for full membership. If there is something you can’t find or aren’t sure about......please ask, we don’t bite....hard! Looking forward to meeting you on the road or a gathering one day soon. Regards Tony H (president)
  14. Just as a follow up to Pete’s post above......it’s not really necessary to ‘book, as such’ into Pine Rivers Showground @ Lawton (on Gympie Rd.....just past Supercheap Autoparts) Just turn up and Helen or Eric (caretakers, lovely couple) will look after you their contact number is zero four five nine 023346 Cheers Tony
  15. Hi Jono & Becky, Welcome to the Kedron fraternity, you are going to be so happy with your new van! Dont know when your going to arrive in Brisbane..... but you would be more than welcome at the Australia Day gathering @ Kalbar....even without a van.....drop in and say hi..... you will be blowen away, Im sure with the friendship and hospitality of fellow Kedron owners! Hoping to meet you on the road one day!