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  1. Conversion table[3][4][5] Gas mark Fahrenheit Celsius Descriptive 1⁄4 225° 107° Very Slow/Very Low 1⁄2 250° 121° Very Slow/Very Low 1 275° 135° Slow/Low 2 300° 149° Slow/Low 3 325° 163° Moderately Slow/Warm 4 350° 177° Moderate/Medium 5 375° 191° Moderate/Moderately Hot 6 400° 204° Moderately Hot 7 425° 218° Hot 8 450° 232° Hot/Very Hot 9 475° 246° Very Hot 10[5] (omitted in most tables) 520° 270° Extremely Hot
  2. Very nice! Hope to see you on the road or at a gathering soon.
  3. Hi Maddy & Steve, Welcome to KOG. There should be logon details in your welcome package, can you have someone forward it onto you? Maybe (ex) Sec/Tres Mike or (new) Sec/Tres Bill will see this and respond. Enjoy your travel & travel safe Tony
  4. Thank you all for your kind words, yes it took a lot of organisation, but hey I believe it all came together OK and everyone had a great informative experience. Seeing as no one put their hand up for ‘my job’, I’m happy to do it again. Planning has already started for next years gathering, it will be back again at Kilkivan Bush Camp & Caravan Park. Proposed dates 2nd - 8th November 2020 please make a note of these dates in your diary! More news, about this gathering March/April 2020. Wishing all members the safest and happiest Christmas period. Travel safe, Tony & Annie H.
  5. LOL 1st world problems. I believe Altech is a brand to stay away from....no first hand knowledge but hear say. https://www.ebay.com.au/i/264463358807?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-139619-5960-0&mkcid=2&itemid=264463358807&targetid=468509324789&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1000383&poi=&campaignid=6472417655&mkgroupid=79014238073&rlsatarget=aud-692203741102:pla-468509324789&abcId=1141716&merchantid=119070265&gclid=CjwKCAjw9L_tBRBXEiwAOWVVCQl8ohTXgdyF9xNYkCzq8oH6Ze9aIFQtXPakH4sPQm95BzoiebbHXBoCaq8QAvD_BwE Shop around you should get one for around $260
  6. Hi Gayle, Your on the list now.....looking forward to meeting you both! Cheers & travel safe, Tony.
  7. Hi Katrina, Welcome to KOG. I'm sure you will find lots of info on these pages, any questions don't hesitate to ask! Cheers Tony
  8. Hi Jodie & Matthew, Very reluctantly withdrawing your names from the list of attendees @ Kilkivan. We can fully understand the plight you are in, and the stresses you must be going through, if only it was as simple as doing a rain dance. Stay strong, stay safe & may rain fall soon & steadily! Wishing you and your family all the best for Christmas 🎄 Tony H
  9. Hi Anthony, In recent times the most ‘southern’ gatherings have been held in the NSW Shoalhaven area (Bendeela). Members Noel & Bev Everingham have been leading this gathering for a few years now and doing a great job. Unfortunately I can’t recall in recent history a gathering being held any further south on the eastern or central part of the mainland. WA members Karen & Paul Slater did hold a gathering in country WA earlier this year. To hold a Kedron Owners Group gathering, you have to be a 'financial member of the group’ ....to hold the gathering under the KOG ‘banner’. Doing this entitles you to Public Liability cover. We would welcome you to the group, subject to very modest requirements (Kedron Caravan ownership) then you could hold a gathering in your desired area, it could be promoted on the Trips & Gatherings page of this website. Whilst we, KOG are trying to increase our following and membership, we acknowledge the presence of the Facebook page ‘Kedron Caravan Owners’ (KCO). Kedron Owners Group (KOG) & the Kedron Caravan Owners (KCO) have NO direct affiliation in ANY way other than we do have the common goal of the promotion of the Kedron Caravans product. I do believe that KOG & KCO have a healthy working relationship, whilst remaining two very separate groups. I am currently organising the upcoming KOG, AGM & Christmas Gathering to be held at Kilkivan 6 - 10 November. With the relationship KOG has with KCO, I have been able to promote this gathering to non KOG members on the Facebook KCO page, which has been successful. Anthony, not knowing where you reside, I’m assuming you are in SA or Vic? this definitely does not stop you applying for membership to KOG, then you could/can hold gatherings (under the KOG banner) anywhere you wish to and having the ‘security’ of Public Liability Insurance. I appreciate and understand that you may be geographically hampered to attend gatherings which.....yes, unfortunately are mainly held in the eastern states. BUT, I welcome your enthusiasm with your enquiry! Hopefully you will join KOG and be an active member, holding gatherings in your geographic area. Looking forward to meeting you on the road one day or at a KOG gathering! Our Vice President, Chris Martins lives in the Barossa area, Im very confident see will see this post and make contact with you! Travel safe, Tony H President KOG
  10. Hi and welcome Brian & Raelene, The more the merrier. I will add your names to the attendees list shortly, all I ask is that you contact Kilkivan Bush Camp & advise of your dietary requirements. Looking forward to meeting you both. Cheers & travel safe Tony
  11. Good on you Peter, I knew a Brisbane ‘local’ would come to Sue’s rescue. Travel safe.....there are idiots out there.
  12. TonyH

    Tow vehicle

    Hi Anthony, Welcome to KOG.! Yes, I'm an owner of one of those 'big american utes'......you'd be surprised how easy they are to park & how ECONOMICAL they are! Enjoy your travels Cheers Tony H
  13. Sunday 22nd Sept 2019. Greetings all, Should any members who have paid the annual subs (thank you) waiting on receipts or other communications from Sec/Treas Mike Carter.....PLEASE be patient as Mike is currently in a rehabilitation clinic after a serious tractor incident/accident. He is recovering well, at this time......but unable to perform his secretarial & accounting duties at the moment. For those members still to pay their membership renewals, please do so, as you would normally. Receipts will follow, upon Mikes return to the keyboard. Mike is expecting a full recovery & looking forward to seeing you all at Kilkivan. Thanks for your understanding. Cheers Tony. PS. I am still hoping/waiting for applications for the positions of President & Secretary/Treasurer for the AGM @ Kilkivan on the 9th Nov.
  14. Usual disclaimer....I have NO affiliation or financial interest in the company/product below. After hearing about and viewing the news footage...... https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/national/caravan-rollover-when-overtaking-goes-wrong/video/586f7067428749ec875843bdc9266a87 and after an exciting experience, myself, getting a 'sway' up (a few years ago with the 200 series) I came across an ad from a supplier who I occasionally purchase chassis & running gear from....Couplemate (they are in Brisbane). The ad/link..... https://www.couplemate.com.au/caravan-electrical/sway-control/tuson-sway-control/ Tuson are a well respected USA manufacturer of trailer & braking components. A sway controller is something I've had in the back of my mind for some time now and seeing the 'Tuson' name clicked my brain and I purchased one. The sale was made easier as they are on special at the moment, using the coupon discount code SPRING saving 15%. The product arrived in a couple of days, upon inspection it was well packaged, a quality looking product with clear & easy to understand installation/operating instructions. I had a couple of questions re fitment (before installing) I spoke to a rep from Couplemate who answered my questions without hesitation....potentially making the installation process a little easier. Installation (on a lazy sat arvo) was very easy and hassle free.....especially with the original Kedron factory (elec brake) wiring which I was able to use, negating the need of running extra or new wiring to the brake assemblies. (just a couple of reworks to the original and all good) Photos below will 'say' a thousand words......I did deviate slightly from the instructions re positioning of the telltale/diagnostic light for the unit....I mounted it on top of the draw bar away from potential impact damage (see photo) but clearly visible (indicating correct operation) when connecting electrics from van to tug. Instructions suggested fitting light assembly to the front of the van (drivers side) I imagine so it can be seen in the driver's rear view mirror......the green LED is not bright enough to be seen at that distance in daylight, and how often do we tow at night......so were I mounted mine will work for me! I haven't actually towed the van with this unit fitted yet, but with static testing all appears OK.......guess the real test will be if I get the van in a sway condition again....here's hoping I don't, but at least I have this unit to assist me in correcting the situation. Fitting this aid DOES NOT relieve the driver of ANY of his/her obligations to SAFE Driving! Again, I have NO affiliation or financial interest in the company/product. Cheers Tony
  15. Hi Peter, No dramas, ..........wishing the 'bride' a speedy recovery. Travel safe Tony
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