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  1. That's beaut.....have seen old loos being used before for this purpose, saves the old back also (you don't have to bend so far) really like the idea of hand cleaner!
  2. For our wedding anniversary I bought a map of the world, put it on the wall. I gave my beloved a dart and said “wherever the dart lands we will holiday for 2 weeks!”. Well, now we are camped out near the skirting board in the laundry for a fortnight....
  3. G’day Terry, Very sorry to hear of your dilemma, I also have a Vitrofrigo...12 years old and trouble free (touch wood)! As unlucky as you are to have two fail on you, your very lucky that you have a Kedron and a quick call to Robyn or Ashley (Kedron service) will have you sorted out in no time. Can I please ask you to update your signature, van model & location details....thanking you!
  4. Not that it really gets that cold for that long in Oz, I add about half litre of kerosene to the heater fuel tank....when I think about it. The additive (kero) it is claimed stops the diesel fuel from ‘waxing’ up which would stop the correct operation of the heater. The kero also supposedly breaks down any condensation & any other nasties the tank. The MOST important thing to remember for correct operation of your heater is replacement of the fuel filter ($5 @ Repco/Supercheap) every 12 months regardless of use! Cheers Tony
  5. Hi Bruce, Just had a look at the website....this looks like a top bit of gear. Just spoke to Ryan @ Lyons Air-conditioning in Perth he tells me that Caravan HQ have a van at the Brisbane Caravan Show with one of these units fitted, might have to go to the show now to have a look. Thanks for the tip on this product.......not that my Kedron leaks dust! Tony
  6. Here you go......dont know anything about this actual product, but if Merv uses them I would think he has done some research! https://itechworld.com.au/collections/lithium-batteries
  7. Hi Rod, I like Peter's thinking above......although somewhat expensive (guessing not much change out of 10k)....ALL comes down to how often you use the van and your style of camping. Your van you say is 5 years old, if you are still on your original AGM's (not jinxing you) will be due for replacement 'soonish'. So Peters option above could be considered..... My thoughts are you cannot have enough solar on the roof, in the last 5 years there has been great advancement in panel design & manufacture. Your van probably/possibly has Polycrystalline panels, .....(newer) Monocrystalline panels are slightly more efficient and compatible with the 'polys'. If you are serious about increasing your solar capacity, can I respectively suggest you do some further research on quality panels. (you don't have to replace the existing panels) Not knowing.... your capabilities & resources, panel installation is not that difficult. I have found that Springers Solar to be very good @ Lawnton 07 3889 8898 speak to Matt or Eddie both guru's and won't give you a bum steer!
  8. Ha ha .....an oldie but a good one!
  9. TonyH

    Tow vehicle

    Hi Paul, After owning Toyota's for 26 years, the last three Toyotas were 200 series diesels.......I decided to go to the 'dark side' and purchase 2016 GMC Sierra (from Performax). My ATV just getting heavier, having a bride that wants to carry more & more, I knew even without weighing the combination, I was overweight. The Toyota is/was a fantastic tug and reasonable on fuel consumption as you'd be aware, the only negatives are quick/emergency stops with a fully loaded van wondering if your going to stop. I did not go with a GVM upgrade, but being a mechanic and service my own vehicles I did carry out a brake 'upgrade' slotted, dimpled rotors & performance/heavy duty pads......this did improve braking......at one stage I was considering fitting Tundra calipers front and rear but the cost was prohibitive. The time had come to upgrade..... After driving the F truck, RAM & Chev/GMC I decided on the GMC. I believe I have made the correct choice, fuel consumption (towing) is less than the Toyota (towing).The GMC is my daily drive, yes you have to be aware of its physical size but it doesn't take long to get the feel for its size and it constantly amazes my passengers where I can park/put it. I do miss some of the Toyota creature comforts......keyless entry, rain sensing wipers,Toyotas superior A/cond (Chev/GMG don't have air outlets for the rear passengers) When towing, that is when the American trucks 'shine' seemingly endless torque & KW's to spare, when in 'tow haul' mode the effect of the exhaust brakes is nothing short of mindblowing .....you have total control of the rig. Parts & accessories are readily available from an seemingly endless number of suppliers in the US, (freight can be costly though) delivery of ordered parts depending on freight option is about a week. Fast moving parts for vehicles are (my experience) are easily sourced here in Oz. Am I happy that I went to the dark side......YES! Travel safe PM me if you'd like to have a yarn
  10. Hi David, Welcome to the group! I do believe that the 'only show' that Kedron attend regularly is the Brisbane Caravan & Camping show https://www.caravanqld.com.au/queensland-caravan-shows/ (every June) although they did attend Aquip @ Gunnedah last year and the Country Music Awards in Tamworth, both in conjunction with Toyota. A quick phone call to Leisa @ the Kedron 'Factory' 07 38813383, and your questions will be answered. Travel safe.
  11. Yes, we arrived home a few days ago,.......just about finished unpacking.
  12. Very nice tidy unit.....fingers crossed for a quick sale
  13. G'day Bryan, A good place for all the required bits & pieces is Couplemate in Brisbane. www.couplemate.com.au
  14. Hi Macca, Hi tensile/high sheer load chain used in a GVM upgrade CANNOT be welded as it weakens/lowers the chains ratings. The chain on your van is probably welded on your draw bar (as was mine). The std welded chain is only good enough up to 3500kg's. Have a read of the post 'GVM upgrades' on this forum.
  15. Hi Rod, Until recently we lived in 'The Hunter', but alas I cant suggest a suitable 'repairer' for your Victron. Bearing in mind the cost of labour, transport to and from the repairer and the overall cost of a new charger........it may be more economical to purchase a new charger. My original charger was a Victron 12v/40amp unit......it went 'to god' after about four years. I now have an Enerdrive 12v/60amp charger and I couldn't be more happy with its performance, being able to 'pump out' 60amps instead of 40amps it charges a lot quicker and when occasionally the (unit) cooling fan comes on it is SO much quieter than the previous unit! Don't know if your aware, but Kedron are using Enerdrive charging equipment exclusively on their new vans. http://www.enerdrive.com.au/products/ https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_osacat=0&_odkw=enerdrive+battery+charger&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=enerdrive+battery+charger+60amp&_sacat=0 Hope this helps Cheers
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