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  1. We aim to please

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    2. TonyH


      silly me .....yes it does look great!

    3. Webmaster


      your a worry.  where are you at present, still in tassie

    4. TonyH


      Back home now....till mid November when we will head back down to Newcastle for christmas.

      Stay safe you two!

  2. New Kedron Owners

    Hi Chris & family, Welcome to the Kedron ‘family’. Looking forward to meeting you on the road one day or at a gathering! Travel safe and keep the shiney side up! Tony H
  3. Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Hi Steve, Out of curiosity what tread pattern do you have. I also will be running 18” wheels, but have a feeling I will go with the Toyo’s. We get home at the end of this week, cu round the bay sometime.
  4. Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Hi Bas, Thanks for the suggestion, what pattern are you using? I will stand corrected, but don’t the MT’s come out of the same factory as Coopers? Cheers
  5. Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Just about to bite the bullet myself, down to two......BFG AT’s or Toyo Opat’s Used both of these, in my Toyota days very happy with the performance and wear. Never bought a Cooper tyre.....just something about them that doesn’t ‘fit’ right with me.....their warranty is one thing tyres must be rotated every 5k and only to be used in suburbia.....lol
  6. Chevrolet Silverado

    Nice installation!
  7. Club 4x4 Insurance

    Hi John & Jo, Suppose in some way, I’m waving the ‘KT flag’.....not that I’m getting ANYTHING from it and I truely respect your choice, BUT can I suggest you really compare apples with apples! Do alternate insurers cover you fully for dirt roads and recovery.......return of caravan after repair.....accomodation in the event of a mishap? There is a lot more.....to be checked when comparing apples with apples 🍎 I’m happy to ‘maybe’ (after checking) pay sometimes...... a premium for (hopefully) peace of mind. Stay safe!
  8. Club 4x4 Insurance

    Hi, Just saw your post on Facebook, GREAT news the insurance company have reversed their decision. Just a suggestion, consider getting a quote from Ken Tame at renewal time! Stay safe
  9. Clearview mirrors

    Hi Greg, PM sent. Cheers, Tony
  10. Club 4x4 Insurance

    Hi Andy, What a s..t fight you have gotten into with an errant cow! Wishing you a less stressful conclusion to the already negative experiences you have already gone through. You only find out how good an insurance company/broker is.......when you have to make a claim! Just asking......if the cow was on the road, can’t you claim against the farmers policy? Stay strong .........fight the bastards.
  11. Clearview mirrors

    Hi John, PM sent Cheers
  12. 2012 Top Ender 21ft For Sale, full ensuite.

    Beautifully presented, a buyer won’t be far away!
  13. Van Service

    Hi Paul, Welcome to this forum. If you look in the Public Forum, under the heading ’Product information and Services’ you will find the National Service Directory, although there are only a few entry’s there, there are two for Vic, maybe one of them is geographically close to you. Perhaps after finding a suitable repairer, you to may add to this thread. Looking forward to meeting you down the road! Regards Tony H National Service
  14. Tasmania here we come!

    Hi Chris and Val, Getting on and off the SOT is so easy, wishing you a smooth uneventful crossing! Check the SOT website re quarantine requirements and all will be good. Im still conducting cream bun research....for you, nothing really positive to tell you yet! Travel safe.....looking forward to finally putting a face to a name and voice.
  15. Hi Karen and Paul, Still very happy with my choice of Enerdrive......so happy I have also purchased and fitted an Enerdrive DC2DC charger to charge the batteries whilst driving.....works so well! Again, I have no affiliation with Enerdrive.