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  1. Thanks Darryl, We will fit one before we leave for Tassie. Bob & Di
  2. Hi All, We are thinking of adding a general purpose external water filter to clean the water going in to our tanks. Has anyone done any research on the different types? We are looking at the B.E.S.T. unit (nice & compact) but haven't found any feedback on it. Thanks Di & Bob
  3. Hi All, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Townsville. We are on our way south from Cairns after 2 months (quite warm up here) heading to Tassie in February. Have a happy & safe 2009. Di & Bob
  4. Great rig Neil, who did the work for you on the tray? Di & Bob
  5. Hi All, If you need to have any work done on your LPG gas setup in your van, I can thoroughly recommend a fellow KOG member Mark Lewis who recently fitted our van with BBQ points at the front & rear of our van to allow us to run our BBQ from the main gas bottles to save carrying an extra bottle. Although we probably took a bit longer because of the continuous chatting, cups of coffee etc, the job was professional and at a good price. Marks contact details are Matabeem Enterprises [matabeem@bigpond.com] Tel: Brisbane 3285 4664 Bob & Di.
  6. Hi Sue, Congratulations on your new van and, yes, we can still remember picking up our van (our first) and the nervous first trip up the highway. We will catch up at Kenilworth and I am sure the group will be able to answer a lot of your questions. Di & Bob
  7. Please note that the map in the Kenilworth Gathering site shows a road from Nambour through Mapleton to Kenilworth as an option. The road from Mapleton to Kenilworth is not suitable for carvans (even Kedrons!) so it is recommended that you use the Eumundi - Kenilworth from the highway or the Maleny - Kenilworth which is a little steeper. Di & Bob
  8. Just to let everyone know, I had some work done on our van yesterday at the factory and the after sales service was good as ever. They have obviously caught up on the back log after the run up to the Sydney and Brisbane shows plus the workload from the hail storms previously. I gave them a couple of days notice and, as usual, nothing was too much trouble. They now have Louie coming in 3 days a week (he has 30+ years experience in everything caravanning) and it seems that is making a big difference to their workload. As usual, I would recommend anyone wanting work done to allow a little lead time and book in about a week ahead if possible. Di & Bob
  9. Hi Arthur, We also use the Telstra Bigpond Next G and have fitted an external aerial to the van - works well and we also use this for business. The Next G coverage is probably the most extensive across Aus and the USB modem (sold by Telstra shops) seems fairly reliable. We sourced our Next G aerial from Matt Colgrave WinCom [mailto:matt@wincom.com.au], unit 4 31 Kenworth Place Brendale mob: 0411704381. Kedron may have stock of his aerials as they fit them to new vans. Di & Bob
  10. The Christmas in July gathering has been posted so please come and join us for a "white" Christmas (probably frost!) celebration 4th - 7th July at Kenilworth. Details provided on the Gatherings page. Di & Bob
  11. Hi Mark & Bernadette, A great weekend despite the weather; for those of us who stayed on, the following days were fantastic. Thanks for all of your hard work. Di & Bob
  12. Thanks for your replies, we went ahead and bought one - happy with it so far and it does fold up to a small package & is fairly light. Bob & Di
  13. Good point; it is available from TJM - I will see if they will unpack one. Bob & Di
  14. Has anybody had any experience with the CGear matting? By the looks of the advertising it seems ideal, light weight, dust proof etc. Bob & Di
  15. Hi Garry & Judy, Welcome to the KOG family. We purchased our 18'6" ATV December 2004 and have mostly lived in the van ever since. I have checked with the boss and she assures me we have no problems with mould or mildew around the shower edge. I cannot comment on the Cruisemaster suspension as we have the beam axles and have had absolutely no problems and we have no hesitation in tackling the roughest roads. The door knob/latches also have never given us any issues providing, as Kimbo mentions, they are properly latched. Overall, I cannot speak highly enough about the Gall family and their after sales service - probably the best I have ever experienced. So with a great van that holds/increases its value, excellent service and the fantastic friends we have made through KOG, we will (eventually) be lining up for an upgrade to another Kedron. Regards, Di & Bob ATV547
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