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  1. I am going to replace the brake drums, plates etc on my Top Ender. I was planning to book into Cruisemaster (Vehicle Components) in Brisbane. On their website I discovered that they have a network of agents across the nation, including Cairns. Yesterday I visited Torque Tyres and Trailer Spares, one of the two agents in Cairns. To my surprise and delight I discovered that they have all the gear in stock and plenty of it. I have a booking there next Tuesday and I will report on the job they do. I thought that this info might be useful for anyone venturing up this way. Torque Tyres and Trailer Spares 180 Lyons Street CAIRNS QLD 4870 07 4230 0715 admin@etrailer.com.au
  2. Tolley

    Ball Weights

    Top Ender, fully loaded, 300 litres of H2O, full gas bottles, 325kg ball weight.
  3. Tony, thank you for the promo but I am please to say that the opportunity no longer exists as yesterday we accepted an offer from an excellent couple. My thanks to any who were considering putting their hand up. Regards Colin
  4. Hello Koggers, For about 6 weeks late September to early November we have a need for house sitters on our 17 acre property. We could leave the property vacant but we have two pups, both loving toy poodles, who need to be looked after. Oh! And two wild magpies who look to be fed a bit of mince twice a day and return for their singing to you through the window! Very comfortable house and well set up property. No stock other than the poodles, kangaroos, and a variety of birds. Toys include tractor, ride on mower, Triton tipper and so on. We are in NSW but very close to Canberra, Queanbeyan and Bungendore. If you have any interest please PM me. Regards Colin
  5. Hello Sue,

    about 3 years ago you wrote that you had kept a copy of my GCR trip report that I organized in 2014.  Do you still have a copy as due to a hard drive crash I no longer have a copy.



    colin Toll

    1. Ian and Sue

      Ian and Sue

      Hi Colin   I will sit down tonight and look through our old laptop and storage device to see if I can find and access it.  


      Fingers crossed.  



  6. This post will only be of interest to Silverado owners or potential owners. After one month I have the truck back and it is running beautifully. Mark at Tuggeranaong Transmissions did a great job. He started at the bottom of a steep Silverado learning curve but he enjoyed the challenge and he got it done. He was helped greatly by Heath Lawson from PID on the Sunshine Coast and by some of his own contacts in the US.For the technical readers we replaced the LT1000 internal wiring loom, the pressure /pad switch LT1000, and the TCU (programmed up by Heath). All good now. We a planning on departing on our delayed trip on Saturday. Regards Colin
  7. Tony, Steve and Pete, Thanks for all that. I have been talking to Heath Lawson of PID Engineer and he has been helpful. The issue is oil getting out at the rear of the transmission and into the clever bits of that wiring loom. Apparently, my transmission friends tell me, it is a very common problem for may makes of vehicle (apparently especially with Volkswagons). Its all tied up wiyh solenoids, and computers. From my no technical point of view it is just a pain in the arse!! With sugar, Pete! I have captured John Bakker's details....thanks Tony and Steve. Regaqrds Colin
  8. I think this is the part we are waiting for from the USA: Description: HARNESS, WIRING LCT - 3RD GENERATION, G - 7 SOLENOID TYPE (GROUP 1792) Part Type: TCM’S, ECU’S, SHIFT SELCTORS, & WIRING HARNESSE’S Applicable Series: ALLISON LCT 1000/2000/2400 SERIE
  9. An update on the transmission. Down here in the "land of the little necks" aka Canberra, a vehicle the size of a Silverado frightens the hell out of them! Most workshops are not big enough to accommodate them and a hoist big enough to lift 4 tonne is a very rare bird. After a lot of "to and fro-ing" i was placed in the hands of a couple of good outfits. One had a hoist big enough and that is where the vehicle was placed. They were very busy but took my truck in as a favour. Much appreciated. It sat there for days while they cleared a backlog of work. They started work on it last Monday week, 5 June. Of course it was the Queens Birthday long weekend last weekend. Bugger, another day lost. To cut to the chase, we are now waiting on parts from the US that should arrive at weeks end. If the parts fix the problem we should have the vehicle back next week sometime. Hopefully we might be able to start our trip with the caravan on or about Saturday 24 June,
  10. Leon, mine is an AUTEL brand. Google it and you will get a lot od responses. You have to ensure that the scanner is suitable to your make and model. Colin
  11. I am currently experiencing a problem with my Silverado transmission that other Silverado owners might find interesting. The problem is yetbto be fully diagnosed and I will report further when it is sorted. The symptoms I have experienced are: The vehicle may not move forward or back even though D or R is selected on the gear shift. This is intermittent. If forward motion occurs it is in 3rd gear only. PRNDL display may not show up or only a partial display When I scan the system I get the following fault codes. P0700, P0708, P0847, P0872, P0875, P1711 and P1713. These DIC codes MAY suggest the NSBU as the culprit: What is a NSBU switch? - acronym for "Neutral Start Back Up". Sometimes also referred to as a PNP ("Park Neutral Position") switch. Where is the NSBU switch located? - driver's side of the Allison transmission. Once the issue is diagnosed and corrected I will submit another report in this thread. Regards to all Colin - .
  12. I know I have posted on this subject previously. I have just had a few things done at the KEDRON factory and once again the service has been superb. From Robyn in the office to Ashley and his team they were great. Thank you KEDRON. Much appreciated. Colin @ Gayleen
  13. Neville and Kay, Welcome to the dark side. I have had my Chev Silverado since late 2014 and I just love it. 13 L/100 around town, not towing, is normal from my experience. Towing is a relaxing experience and a whole lot safer. Regards Colin
  14. Danno, I have a TE that I purchased new in late 2009. Towed it with a 100 Series 4.2TD. A year or so ago I upgraded to a Chev Silverado. Kedron's are fantastic vans and the after sales service has to be experienced to be believed. Tony H sums it up well in his contribution. We are thinking of buying a new van. When I sit down and draw up a list of all the characteristics I want in a van I find I have just described a Kedron Top Ender! Have I had problems with my van? Not really and the little niggles I experienced were fixed in a flash by Kedron. Danno, you can buy a Kedron with confidence and then sleep soundly at night. Regards Colin
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