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Ian and Jill Brown

Anderson Plug

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Does anyone know where the earth on the Anderson plug (from the tow vehicle) attaches to the van?

Our TE was built in 2007.

My sparkie advised that he could not find contact at the batteries which was causing my dc-dc charger to only

work when the negative was connected to the trailer plug.



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Hi Ian,

I'am no expert in this field but have a CTEK D250S Dual DC to Dc charger fitted to our van. There are 4 terminals Solar in (+), Altenator in (+), All negatives(-), Out to battery positive and any other(+).

So I would suggest that your Anderson negative should be connected to the All negative terminal on the DC to DC and the Anderson positive to the Alternator IN terminal.

The battery negative would be connected to the same all negative terminal and the battery positive would be connected to the output positive (+)terminal.

Ian I hope this info is of some help.

Cheers John

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Hi Ian and Jill,

Have a look at my post, further down the forum, "Hermit" "Anderson plug/battery charging", the comments might help you out.



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