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Sandover Highway

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Hello Everyone,

I am thinking of driving the Sandover Highway with the TE attached in May next year. I am doing some research but there is little available. I have searched both this and the Members Forum. Nothing. Anyone been there? All advice will be appreciated. BTW, I will be travelling east to west as I want to do the Tanami as well.



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Hi Colin,

This info is so out of date as to be virtually useless but we did it with a camper trailer in 2006. For what it's worth it was then really easy going and wouldn't have presented any problems for a Kedron. No doubt others will be able to provide more current stuff.

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Here is a start...... you probably have already seen this?

Sandover Highway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Sandover Highway is an outback unsealed track in the Northern Territory between the Plenty Highway north of Alice Springs and the Northern ...

The Sandover Highway | Central NT Travel Stories | NT ...

www.mynrma.com.au › ... › NT Holiday Ideas › Central NT

Access is 68km north of Alice Springs along the Stuart Highway to the Plenty Highway turnoff, then a further 27km down the Plenty to the Sandover Highway ...

Sandover and Plenty Highways - Outback Travel Australia


Property access roads from Camooweal, Mt Isa and Boulia lead to Lake Nash, which is the eastern end of the Sandover Highway. Our suggested west-running ...

Australian 4x4 Travel - Sandover Highway


Sandover Highway Maps Guides and 4wd Tag Along Information.

Re: The Road from Mount Isa to Alice Springs via Sandover ...

www.tripadvisor.com.au › ... › Australia › Australia Travel Forum

Aug 9, 2009 - Gahmoc, the Sandover is a heavy duty 4WD adventure. ... to discourage you some more - australian-4x4.com.au/the-sandover-highway-a…

Photo Gallery of the Sandover Highway, NT - ABC Alice ...


Oct 26, 2009 - The Sandover Highway is one of the more remote roads in the Northern Territory.

The Sandover Highway. 27 Oct 2009. Rural Online ... - ABC


Oct 27, 2009 - The Sandover Highway may be no more than a very long dirt track, but there are plenty of yarns and landscapes to investigate across its 560 ...

Road Condition Website


1 Barkly Highway; 2 Calvert Road; 3 Kurundi Road; 4 Kurundi Road; 5 Kurundi ... 7 Newcastle Waters Road; 8 Ranken Road; 9 Sandover Highway; 10 Stuart ...

NT - Road Report website


Grove Hill Road, Between Stuart Highway Intersection and Mount Wells Road At Grove Hill ... Sandover Highway, Between Ammaroo and Queensland Border ...

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Thanks Mayzee and Tony,

I have Googled all this stuff, some of it is good especially the ABC stuff but I cannot find anything on camp spots etc etc. However, it is one I want to travel as it is remote and "it is there'! Talking to the lady at one of trhe stores she said "You can just stop and camp anywhere". Sounds good to me.

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