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Help With Agm Battery Type.

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Hi all, I know there are a lot of posts about AGM batteries, but my 3 year old batteries in my TE may be on the way out. I am still investigating and just want to be prepared just in case I need new ones. We are permanently on the road and would need to replace them quickly.

Yestersday/last night we free camped and in the morning we were down to 79% SOC and the volts were down to 11.2 and got down even further, in the morning, to 10.5v when the alarm symbol came up on the Enerdrive.

We have sometimes been down around 70 to 80% SOC and the volts have remained above 12.2.

Not sure if the batteries are on the way out or not, they are only 3 years old and we don't free camp very often, most of the time we are on 240v power in van parks.

We are in a van park for a few days now so I will monitor the batteries and try them out with the 240v disconnected and see how they hold up.

I have noticed that the "synchronise", on the Enerdrive, has not appeared for quite a while (months) - Is this a problem, I thought that it does a synchronize automatically, without having to do it manually.

I assume 120ah/130ah is ok (currently have 3 x 120ah).

What brands are good, or more maybe which brands should I steer clear of?

Any ideas where I can get them, maybe purchased online?

All ideas and advice appreciated.

Regards and thanks in advance


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